Things That Can Stop You From Getting The True Ending In Persona 5 Royal

Persona 5 Royal

Persona 5 Royal; As a dedicated fan of the Persona series, I know the satisfaction of experiencing the true ending after investing countless hours into this captivating world.

Persona 5 Royal is no exception; with its intricate storylines and well-developed characters, reaching that perfect conclusion feels like an accomplishment.

However, getting there isn’t always a walk in the park – sometimes, we may unintentionally make choices or overlook certain aspects that can hinder our chances of attaining that coveted true ending.

In this article, I will dissect the factors that could potentially stop you from achieving your ultimate goal in Persona 5 Royal.

From critical decision points to essential missions and efficient time management to mastering combat strategies, every detail counts when aiming for the best possible outcome.

In a hurry? Here’s a quick & short answer that will help you out!

In Persona 5 Royal, achieving the true ending requires certain actions. Missed deadlines, failing to reach rank 9 with the Counselor Confidant (Dr. Maruki) by November 18th, and not maxing out the Faith (Kasumi) and Justice (Akechi) Confidants can all prevent you from accessing the true ending. Always prioritize these tasks for the best outcome.

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Navigating Critical Decision Points

Persona 5 Royal

As you tread through the labyrinth of choices, beware of the critical decision points that could shroud your journey to reach the ultimate finale in this captivating tale.

Persona 5 Royal is a game where your decisions and relationships matter greatly, and one misstep or oversight can lead to an alternate ending that may leave you feeling unfulfilled.

This intricate web of possibilities adds depth and complexity to the game, making it all the more satisfying when you achieve the true ending. However, navigating these crucial moments requires careful thought and planning.

One key aspect to consider while forging alliances is staying attuned to your confidants’ emotional states and understanding their motivations.

By doing so, you develop stronger bonds with them, which will later impact how specific scenarios unfold in-game.

The game masterfully presents opportunities for players to empathize with its diverse characters by delving into their backstories, allowing us, as players, a sense of belonging within this virtual world.

As we become emotionally invested in these connections, we are inclined towards better decision-making—ultimately guiding us toward that elusive true ending.

As I ventured further into my playthrough of Persona 5 Royal, I discovered that achieving the true ending required building solid relationships and being aware of hidden requirements that must be met before specific deadlines.

Being diligent in completing these tasks ensures progression along the desired path in pursuit of uncovering every secret held within this mesmerizing story.

So fellow gamers, pay close attention as you explore every nook and cranny, make thoughtful choices at critical junctures, and nurture those precious friendships; because it’s through our collective experiences, we find ourselves drawn closer to genuinely experiencing all that Persona 5 Royal has to offer.

Completing Essential Missions

You must accomplish crucial tasks to reach that much sought-after conclusion in the game.

Persona 5 Royal is filled with essential missions and activities that, if not completed or appropriately managed, may hinder my progress toward the true ending.

One of these critical missions is securing a route to each palace’s treasure within the given deadline.

This task requires me to manage my time effectively, balancing daily life activities such as building relationships with confidants and increasing personal stats while delving into the metaverse.

A significant aspect of completing essential missions involves strengthening bonds with key confidants who aid me in achieving the true ending.

Akechi, Kasumi, and Dr. Maruki are three characters whose confidant ranks must be maxed out by specific dates; otherwise, I risk missing out on valuable storyline content and potentially being locked out of the true ending.

To build these relationships effectively, I must prioritize spending time with them over other activities or lesser confidants when necessary.

Persona 5 Royal demands careful planning and strategic decision-making throughout its extensive narrative experience.

It becomes increasingly important for me to stay vigilant about completing essential missions within specified deadlines while nurturing relationships with key characters to unlock every piece of this intricate puzzle.

By doing so, I can advance toward that elusive true ending. This achievement will make all my efforts worthwhile and provide a sense of belonging within this captivating world created by Atlus Studios.

Maximizing Confidant Relationships

In the treacherous journey of navigating Persona 5 Royal’s tangled web of relationships, it’s imperative to maximize confidant bonds, for they’ll be the beacon that guides us through the darkest nights and unlocks our full potential.

Establishing and maintaining close connections with characters in the game enhances their abilities and allows you to unlock new skills and foster deeper emotional ties.

But achieving this level of intimacy isn’t more complex than it seems; it takes a keen understanding of each character’s likes, dislikes, and preferences and careful management of time and resources.

The first step towards building these meaningful connections is identifying which confidants impact your gameplay experience most.

Prioritizing certain characters based on their potential contribution can significantly affect your chances of getting the true ending in Persona 5 Royal.

For example, maxing out relationships with Morgana (Magician), Makoto (Priestess), Futaba (Hermit), Akechi (Justice), Kasumi (Faith), and Maruki (Counselor) is essential for unlocking advanced abilities and progressing smoothly through various challenges that await you.

As we delve deeper into these relationships, we must remember that time is our friend and foe.

With limited days at our disposal in Persona 5 Royal, knowing when to allocate precious moments for strengthening confidant bonds can make or break our journey toward self-discovery.

Keep an eye out for opportunities where spending time with specific characters may yield additional benefits, such as bonus points or special events. These little victories will bring us closer to achieving maximum potential while ensuring we stay on course toward a satisfying conclusion to this immersive tale.

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Managing Time Efficiently

Mastering time management’s crucial for squeezing every last drop of potential from our confidence bonds and ultimately conquering the challenges that lie ahead.

Persona 5 Royal is about making intelligent decisions and optimizing the calendar to make the most of each day.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with many activities and events vying for our attention.

Still, a few simple strategies will help us prioritize effectively and ensure we’re always moving toward that true ending.

Firstly, it’s essential to plan our activities around maximizing social stats like Knowledge, Guts, Proficiency, Kindness, and Charm.

These stats play a crucial role in unlocking new confidant relationships or progressing existing ones, and certain story-based events require specific stat levels before we can advance further.

Pay close attention to opportunities that raise multiple social stats simultaneously; these are invaluable time-savers!

Additionally, don’t be afraid to use free evenings for grinding Mementos missions or Palace infiltrations – it’ll save precious daytime hours for Confidants.

Another crucial aspect of managing time efficiently in Persona 5 Royal is prioritizing Confidant interactions over other activities when they become available.

Some confidants have limited availability due to their schedules or story progression, so if there’s an opportunity to hang out with them – take it! Remember that maintaining solid connections with your allies provides emotional support and unlocks powerful abilities that strengthen you in combat.

As you forge deeper bonds with your comrades-in-arms, you’ll find yourself better prepared than ever as you strive towards uncovering the truth behind the shadows engulfing Tokyo – getting closer each day to achieving your ultimate goal: securing the true ending in Persona 5 Royal.

Unlocking the Necessary In-Game Features

Persona 5 Royal

Unlocking the vital in-game features is an absolute game-changer, making your experience in Persona 5 Royal smoother than silk and ensuring you’re on track for that glorious true ending.

To do this, optimizing your Confidant relationships and paying close attention to specific story elements is essential.

A crucial aspect of this involves strengthening bonds with critical characters such as Maruki, Akechi, and Kasumi.

These deep connections will help you in combat by unlocking powerful abilities and serve as a key to accessing the third semester – a critical component of reaching the ultimate fate.

Another valuable feature is the Thieves’ Den, a customizable hideout where you can interact with fellow Phantom Thieves members and enjoy various activities.

Accumulating P Medals through mini-games or completing milestones allows you to purchase items for decorating your den or even unlock unique cutscenes.

By engaging with this hidden gem of content, you’ll immerse yourself in the rich world of Persona 5 Royal while boosting your chances of achieving that coveted true ending. Plus, let’s be honest: who doesn’t want their personalized lair?

Mementos – an ever-changing labyrinth teeming with Shadows – should not be overlooked when aiming for that elusive perfect outcome.

Souvenirs serve as a playground for grinding levels and earning valuable resources; however, their importance extends beyond merely being an XP farm.

As part of progressing through the game’s storylines and Confidants’ quests, specific missions can only be completed within Mementos’ depths – neglecting this could hinder your progress toward obtaining exclusive scenes or interactions necessary for securing the true ending. So make sure to dive into Mementos regularly!

Avoiding Common Mistakes

Don’t let common slip-ups stand between you and the ultimate finale of Persona 5 Royal – we’re here to help you easily navigate those pitfalls!

One major factor that can derail your journey toward the actual ending is failing to manage your time wisely.

Time management is crucial in this game, as there are deadlines for story events and limited opportunities to interact with confidants.

To avoid this mistake, prioritize building relationships with specific confidants who play a significant part in unlocking the true ending, such as Maruki or Kasumi.

Another mistake players often need to pay more attention to their Social Stats. These stats are essential in determining whether specific confidant interactions will be available to you throughout the game.

For example, suppose your Charm stat isn’t-needs higher for a particular confidant interaction.

In that case, it may lock you out of progressing further down that character’s storyline once you’ve improved it.

To ensure smooth sailing towards the true ending, focus on leveling up these attributes early on by engaging in activities like studying at the library or working part-time jobs that boost specific stats.

Lastly, don’t remember to explore Mementos thoroughly. This serves two purposes: clearing requests from your confidants and acquiring powerful Personas through fusion accidents or negotiation tactics.

Some players rush through Mementos without fully exploring its depths; however, this can lead to missed opportunities for growth and ultimately hinder your progress toward achieving Persona 5 Royal’s coveted true ending.

So take your time delving into these mysterious dungeons while strengthening bonds with comrades – both contribute significantly to unlocking all possible endings of this thrilling adventure!

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Mastering Combat Strategies and Tactics

You’ll conquer battles easily and pave the path to the ultimate finale by honing your combat skills and employing clever tactics.

Understanding each character’s strengths and weaknesses is essential for creating a balanced team to handle any challenge.

Experimenting with different party members will help you determine which combinations work best for tackling specific enemy types or situations.

Don’t forget to switch between characters during battles since this gives you direct control over their actions and takes advantage of their unique abilities.

A crucial element in mastering Persona 5 Royal’s combat system is learning how to exploit enemy weaknesses effectively.

This entails using elemental attacks that target an opponent’s vulnerabilities, resulting in boosted damage and potential knockdowns.

When all enemies are knocked down or incapacitated, it triggers a powerful All-Out Attack, dealing massive damage to the entire enemy group.

Additionally, focusing on increasing your confidant relationships with party members will unlock new abilities like Baton Pass, which lets you pass your turn to another character after hitting an enemy’s weak point, further amplifying your battle prowess.

Another essential tactic is managing your resources efficiently throughout each palace dungeon crawl.

This includes conserving SP (Skill Points) using physical attacks when possible and reserving high-cost spells for more challenging foes or boss encounters.

Prioritize healing items for emergencies only; rely on safe rooms and strategic retreats when necessary to recover health and SP without wasting precious consumables.

Lastly, don’t underestimate the fusion power – combining Personas creates vital allies with diverse skill sets that can tip the scales in tough battles.

By keeping these strategies in mind while navigating Persona 5 Royal’s treacherous world, you’ll be better equipped to achieve the true ending reserved for those who’ve mastered every aspect of this captivating journey.


In conclusion, reaching the true ending in Persona 5 Royal is no walk in the park. It takes a masterful blend of strategic planning and thorough completion of missions, relationships, and features – an endeavor for only the most dedicated gamers.

However, you can conquer this epic quest with careful attention to detail and a relentless drive to succeed.

After all, they call it ‘Royal’ for nothing!

So put on your mask and dive into this unforgettable adventure like no tomorrow!

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