What To Do With Dragon Scales – Crafting, Selling & More

Are you tired of staring at that pile of dragon scales collecting dust in the corner of your lair? Well, it’s time to put them to good use! Dragon scales are a highly versatile and valuable material, perfect for crafting unique items or selling on the magical market.

In this article, we’ll explore some creative ideas for turning those shiny treasures into something truly special.

Don’t worry if you’re not an expert blacksmith or alchemist; there’s plenty that can be done with dragon scales even if you’re starting out.

We’ve got tips and tricks for all skill levels so everyone can make the most of their hoarded loot. So let’s dive right in and discover what amazing creations await us using these fantastic materials!

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Crafting Dragonscale Armor

Crafting dragonscale armor is an exciting and rewarding aspect of the game Skyrim. The process requires players to collect dragon scales, which can be obtained by defeating dragons throughout their journey in the vast world of Skyrim.

These unique materials allow skilled blacksmiths to create some of the best light armor available in the game, providing excellent protection without hindering a player’s mobility.

To begin crafting skyrim dragon scale armor, players must first reach a smithing level of 100 and unlock the “Dragon Armor” perk within the Smithing skill tree.

This milestone allows for crafting and improving the quality of dragonscale armor and other dragon-based equipment. Keep in mind that acquiring this perk will necessitate investing time and resources into leveling up your character’s smithing abilities, working with various metals and materials along the way.

The actual crafting process involves using a forge or anvil while having all necessary components in your inventory.

For example, creating a complete set of skyrim dragon scale armor would require numerous dragon scales as well as additional elements like leather strips or iron ingots.

Each piece of armor has its own specific recipe; therefore, gathering enough materials is essential before embarking on your crafting endeavors.

Once crafted, dragonscale armor offers impressive defense ratings compared to other types of light armors found throughout Skyrim. Additionally, its sleek design adds an appealing aesthetic touch to any Dragonborn ready to confront formidable foes across Tamriel.

With these powerful advantages in hand, you’ll undoubtedly want to consider expanding your arsenal even further by incorporating complementary pieces such as weapons or shields made from similar high-quality materials.

Next on our list is how to create effective dragonscale shields for added protection during battles.

Creating Dragonscale Shields

Having just explored the wonders of crafting dragonscale armor, let’s now delve into another exciting and equally valuable creation – dragonscale shields.

These versatile pieces of equipment provide a high level of protection and add an air of majesty to your character as they stride through the battlefields.

The process for creating a dragonscale shield is quite similar to that of making skyrim light armor. It involves collecting dragon scales from defeated dragons and refining them at a smithy.

Dragon scale value plays a crucial role in determining the overall worth of this highly sought-after shield, so it is essential to gather enough scales before attempting this craft. Once you have amassed sufficient materials, head to a skilled blacksmith who can help you forge your own dragonscale shield.

Comparing with other shields available in-game, the dragonscale shield offers superior defense against various forms of attack while remaining relatively lightweight.

This makes it an ideal choice for players looking to maximize both their protective capabilities and mobility during combat. Additionally, its unique design sets it apart from common shields found throughout the land – ensuring that your character stands out on the battlefield.

As we’ve seen, crafting these exceptional items requires dedication and commitment due to the time-consuming nature of gathering resources like dragon scales.

However, by investing such effort into obtaining these rare commodities, you’ll be well-prepared to defend yourself effectively when faced with even the most formidable foes. With all these benefits considered, why not embark upon quests centered around slaying mighty beasts?

Selling Dragon Scales For Profit

Selling dragon scales is like striking gold, as they’re highly sought after in various markets. To maximize your profit when selling these precious items, it’s important to consider a few factors such as the right merchants and smithing perks.

You can turn each one into hefty profits by understanding how to make the most out of every scale.

Firstly, finding the best merchant is crucial for obtaining an excellent price for your dragon scales. Seek out those specializing in high-quality armor or exotic goods because they typically offer better rates than general traders.

Additionally, if you have built a solid reputation with certain merchants or completed tasks for them, they may reward you by offering higher prices on your sales.

Next, take advantage of any smithing perks that are available to you. Some abilities allow for improved negotiations and increased value of crafted items, which can result in greater profits from selling dragon scales.

Furthermore, crafting armor using the scales themselves before selling could potentially fetch even higher prices due to their enhanced armor rating.

As you venture forth with this newfound knowledge, be sure to also explore alternative uses for dragon scales that might yield more lucrative opportunities.

One such opportunity lies in crafting other unique items that harness their magical properties and demand equally impressive prices among collectors and enthusiasts.

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Crafting Other Items With Dragon Scales

Besides crafting weapons and armor, you can create numerous other items using dragon scales. These magical materials possess unique properties that make them suitable for various crafts and purposes.

For instance, you can use dragon scales to enhance the strength and durability of everyday objects such as tools or containers. This adds an exotic touch and improves their usefulness in your daily life.

Another fascinating possibility is creating jewelry with dragon scales. Due to their vibrant colors and natural patterns, these scales serve as magnificent gems when incorporated into necklaces, bracelets, rings, or earrings.

Moreover, since each scale comes from a powerful creature, wearing such jewelry might even grant its owner some form of protection or special abilities based on the type of dragon it originated from.

In addition to weaponry and accessories, you could also consider crafting musical instruments adorned with dragon scales. The mystical nature of these materials may imbue the instrument with enchanting tones that captivate listeners and performers alike.

Imagine playing a flute or harp enhanced by dazzling dragon scales – it would surely become a prized possession among musicians and collectors.

Dragon scale alchemy is another area worth exploring due to its potential benefits as ingredients in potions or elixirs. Alchemists have long sought after rare components like these for their extraordinary effects on health, stamina, magic reserves, or even granting temporary supernatural powers.

With enough practice and experimentation, unlocking the full potential of what dragon scales bring to alchemy could lead to remarkable discoveries. Now that we’ve covered various ways of utilizing these fantastic resources, let’s dive into how they can be used for decorating your home.

Decorating Your Home With Dragon Scales

The acquisition of dragon scales can often lead to an abundance of these magnificent treasures. The possibilities are endless for those who seek a sophisticated and unique approach to incorporating them into their home decor.

One might consider adorning the walls with an elegant display case, housing these impressive artifacts for all to behold. Subtle lighting arrangements around each scale could accentuate their natural beauty, making them conversation pieces and artistic masterpieces.

Another creative option would be to fashion a beautiful centerpiece or chandelier utilizing your collection of dragon scales.

With meticulous attention to detail and careful arrangement, one could create a breathtaking focal point in any room – casting mesmerizing patterns on the ceiling when illuminated by candlelight or ambient light sources.

The enchanting quality that such a piece brings forth will captivate residents and visitors alike.

A more unconventional yet striking way of showcasing your dragon scales would be through the creation of custom furniture pieces adorned with these exquisite materials.

Imagine sitting upon a throne-like chair embellished with intricately placed dragon scales or resting your feet on an ottoman graced by this majestic touch – it would truly make you feel like royalty in your abode.

Moreover, employing skilled artisans to construct these bespoke items will ensure that they become timeless heirlooms passed down from generation to generation.

As we continue exploring the various ways in which one may choose to incorporate dragon scales into their lives, let us delve deeper into another fascinating aspect: harnessing the magical properties within these relics themselves.

They serve as stunning decorative elements and hold great potential for powerful enchantments waiting to be unlocked by those daring enough to tap into their hidden depths. So stay tuned as we embark on this enthralling journey together.

Using Dragon Scales For Enchanting

One of the most intriguing uses for dragon scales is enchanting. These magical items hold immense power, and when properly utilized, they can create some truly awe-inspiring enchanted gear.

As an adventurer, you may have already experimented with fortifying light armor using these precious materials; however, there’s so much more to discover.

Let your imagination run wild as you explore various enchantments that could benefit from the potent energy contained within dragon scales. Here are a few ideas to spark your creativity:

  • Elemental Protection: Combine dragon scales with elemental salts to imbue your armor or weapons with resistance against fire, frost, or shock damage.
  • Dragonborn Might: Use dragon scales to enhance your shouts’ potency and duration, making you feel like a true Dragonborn hero.
  • Unbreakable Bonds: Forge unyielding bonds between weapon and wielder by incorporating dragon scales into your gear – imagine never dropping your sword again!
  • Weightless Wonders: Lighten the burden of heavy equipment by crafting it with dragon scales – ideal for those who prefer agility over brute strength.
  • Regenerative Rejuvenation: Weave the life-giving essence of dragons into clothing or jewelry to grant yourself incredible healing powers.

With countless possibilities at your fingertips, experimenting with different combinations of ingredients and enchantments will lead you on a fascinating journey toward discovering new uses for these mystical resources.

Remember that practice makes perfect – so don’t be discouraged if your initial attempts fall short of greatness. Instead, learn from any mistakes and continue refining your technique until you’ve mastered the art of harnessing the magic hidden within each scale.

As you delve deeper into this arcane craft, consider turning dragon scales into potions for even greater versatility and utility in both combat and daily life situations.

The next section will guide you through this alchemical adventure while revealing how these powerful concoctions can make all the difference during critical moments on your journey.

Turning Dragon Scales Into Potions

Like an alchemist concocting a magical elixir, transforming dragon scales into powerful potions can be both rewarding and fascinating. With the right knowledge, ingredients, and techniques, you can harness the mystical properties of these wondrous materials to create potions with various effects.

To begin your journey as a potion-making apprentice, it’s essential to understand which types of dragon scales are best suited for creating specific potions.

Some scales may provide resistance against fire or improve one’s ability to breathe underwater. Others might have healing capabilities that can restore health in times of need. The table below illustrates the correlations between different dragon scale colors and their corresponding potion benefits:

Dragon Scale ColorPotion Benefit
RedPotion of Resist Fire
BluePotion of Waterbreathing
GreenPotion of Cure Wounds

Once you’ve identified the appropriate dragon scales for your desired potion effect, gather additional ingredients needed for each recipe. For example, brewing a Potion of Cure Wounds might require combining green dragon scales with other natural elements such as herbs and enchanted water.

Similarly, crafting a Potion of Resist Fire could involve mixing red dragon scales with heat-resistant minerals or substances like salamander skin or volcanic ash.

As you hone your skills in turning dragon scales into potent potions, remember that practice makes perfect—your first attempts may not yield flawless results but don’t let setbacks discourage you from exploring this enchanting craft further.

As your mastery grows over time, so too will the potency and effectiveness of your magical creations. Now that we’ve covered how to turn those precious dragon scales into life-saving potions; let’s delve deeper into whether selling them is worth considering.

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Should You Sell Dragon Scales?

Now that you’ve discovered the magical potential of dragon scales in potion-making let’s dive into another intriguing aspect: selling these precious items. Deciding whether to sell your dragon scales or not can be a challenging decision for any adventurer.

This section will explore some factors to consider before putting those valuable scales up for sale.

Firstly, weighing the benefits of selling dragon scales against their usefulness in crafting and alchemy is essential. If you have an abundance of dragon scales, selling some could provide a significant financial boost allowing you to purchase better equipment, and rare ingredients, or even train with skilled masters.

However, retaining them for personal use might prove more advantageous if your supply is limited.

Another factor worth considering is market demand and value fluctuation. Dragon scale prices can vary greatly depending on numerous factors like rarity, type of dragon they came from, and location where they’re being sold.

It would be wise to keep an eye on market trends and wait for an opportune moment when their value peaks before deciding to sell them off.

Making a well-informed decision about selling your dragon scales requires careful consideration of your individual needs as an adventurer or crafter.

Assessing how much you rely on potions and crafted goods made from these mystical materials should significantly guide your choice. Keep track of market conditions so that if you do decide to sell them one day, you will receive top dollar for each shimmering scale!


In conclusion, the world of dragon scales is your oyster when it comes to creative and profitable uses. From crafting armor and shields to enchanting objects or brewing potions, there’s a myriad of ways to utilize these magical resources.

Don’t let those precious scales collect dust in your inventory. Dive into the realm of possibilities they offer, whether you decide to sell them for profit or craft something extraordinary. Remember, with great power (and dragon scales) comes endless opportunity.

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