The Full List Of Confusable Bosses In Persona 5

The Full List Of Confusable Bosses In Persona 5

You’re in a heated battle, your heart pounding and adrenaline pumping. As you face off against one of Persona 5’s notorious bosses.

You finally understand their weakness, and things are moving along swimmingly… Until they perform a trick that throws you for a complete loop.

Things appear the same, but with slight twists that throw you off balance. As if you were standing in front of a funhouse mirror. That’s what it feels like to encounter a confusable boss in Persona 5.

In this article, I’ll be sharing my knowledge of the complete list of confusable bosses in Persona 5. And providing some insightful tips for overcoming these tricky encounters.

We’ll delve into their mechanics, explore strategies tailored for each fight. And help equip you with the tools to triumph over these perplexing opponents.

So gather ’round fellow Phantom Thieves, and let’s dive into this mind-bending world together and come out victorious!

In a hurry? Here’s a quick & short answer that will help you out!

The confusable bosses in Persona 5 include Shadow Madarame (Madarame’s Palace), Shadow Kaneshiro (Kaneshiro’s Palace), Cognitive Wakaba Isshiki (Futaba’s Palace), Shadow Okumura (Okumura’s Palace), and Cognitive Sugimura (Haru’s Awakening). Each boss brings unique challenges requiring effective strategy and team coordination for successful encounters.

Understanding Confusable Boss Mechanics

Now that you’ve grasped these mysterious foes, let’s dive into how their mechanics can keep you on your toes during battle.

Confusable bosses in Persona 5 have unique abilities that can throw off even the most seasoned players.

They might change their weaknesses or resistances, use skills that inflict status ailments.

Or force you to rethink your strategy by targeting specific party members. These dynamic fights require quick thinking and adaptability to come out victorious.

One key aspect to remember when facing confusable bosses is managing your resources wisely.

Since they can alter the course of battle with unpredictable moves, you must conserve your SP (Skill Points) for crucial moments.

And carefully select which abilities and personas to utilize. This may involve switching between characters more frequently than in other battles.

But doing so will ensure that each team member contributes effectively and minimizes vulnerabilities.

As you continue exploring the depths of Persona 5, don’t be discouraged if some boss encounters leave you feeling puzzled or overwhelmed at first.

Embrace the challenge as an opportunity to grow more adept at navigating this complex world and its inhabitants.

By staying observant and adapting your tactics based on what these tricky adversaries throw at you.

There’s no doubt that you’ll emerge more vital than ever before – not just as a player but also as a valued member of the Phantom Thieves community!

Kamoshida’s Castle: Shadow Asmodeus

The Full List Of Confusable Bosses In Persona 5

In Kamoshida’s Castle, you’ll encounter the formidable Shadow Asmodeus, a tricky adversary not to be underestimated!

This boss is none other than the twisted and corrupted version of Suguru Kamoshida himself.

As you know, bosses in Persona 5 have specific vulnerabilities that can be exploited, but some are immune or resistant to specific tactics.

Shadow Asmodeus is no exception; while he can be challenging for first-time players, careful planning. And strategy will allow you to emerge victorious.

When facing off against Shadow Asmodeus, it’s essential to have a solid understanding of his strengths and weaknesses.

This boss is highly resistant to physical attacks and can dish out severe damage with powerful moves such as Gold Medal Spike and Lustful Slurp.

To make matters worse, he can heal himself using Voluntary Submission – talk about an unfair advantage!

But fear not; our confusable friend also has exploitable weaknesses: he’s susceptible to ailments like Confuse and Fear.

Utilizing these status effects through skills like Pulinpa or Evil Touch will make this battle more manageable.

As you continue your journey through Persona 5 and face other confusable bosses on this epic adventure. Remember that knowledge is power when tackling these formidable foes.

Take your time learning their unique abilities, patterns, and susceptibilities – sometimes even employing unconventional strategies – to ultimately take them down with style.

And as you triumph over adversaries like Shadow Asmodeus in Kamoshida’s Castle using well-executed plans.

Based on insightful observations, know that fellow Phantom Thieves worldwide share in your sense of camaraderie and accomplishment!

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Mad arame’s Museum: Shadow Madarame

Hitting the rewind button to Madarame’s Museum, let’s dive into tackling the artful dodger of deception himself – Shadow Madarame!

This master of manipulation and duplicity can often leave players feeling just as deluded as his in-game victims.

As one of the confusable bosses in Persona 5, he’s a formidable opponent and an enigmatic character that you’ll need to outsmart and overcome.

Navigating through Madarame’s Museum, we’ll face off against his shadow version. Which is comprised of four different paintings representing different aspects: Nose (wind), Eyes (electricity), Mouth (fire), and Ears (ice).

The key to defeating this cunning trickster is targeting each painting strategically. For example, focus on attacking the Eyes with Zio skills or the Mouth with Agi techniques.

Be mindful, though; if you cannot take down all four paintings within two turns, they will regenerate, forcing you back into battle again.

As we inch closer to unmasking Shadow Madarame‘s true nature, remember that patience and strategy are your best friends in this battle.

By understanding his elemental weaknesses and using them against him, victory will be within our grasp.

And while it may seem challenging at first glance – after all, we’ve got an entire museum filled with potential traps and surprises.

Remember that each success brings us one step closer to unraveling the mystery surrounding these confusable bosses in Persona 5.

So keep pushing forward because there’s nothing more satisfying than uncovering what lies beneath their carefully crafted facades!

Kaneshiro’s Bank: Shadow Kaneshiro

The Full List Of Confusable Bosses In Persona 5

As we delve into Kaneshiro’s Bank, we’ll encounter Shadow Kaneshiro, a formidable foe who’ll test our abilities and cunning like never before!

This confusable boss is the twisted manifestation of Junya Kaneshiro, a mobster with immense wealth and power.

He’s not one to mess around; his ruthless tactics and overwhelming strength in battle make him an adversary to be reckoned with.

But fear not, fellow Phantom Thieves! We can conquer this wicked boss together with some valuable insights and strategy.

Shadow Kaneshiro transforms into a massive piggy bank. During the battle – Bael – symbolizing his insatiable greed for money. His attacks consist of elemental magic spells that can hit multiple party members simultaneously.

However, he also has a glaring weakness: Psychic attacks. Exploit this vulnerability using characters like Morgana or Makoto. Who possess powerful Psychic moves to deal significant damage.

Be cautious, though – Shadow Kaneshiro will deploy Piggytron as the fight progresses Which makes him immune to all ailments except the Shock status effect from Electric attacks.

The key to defeating Shadow Kaneshiro lies in adapting our strategies as the fight evolves. When he summons Piggytron.

And begins charging up for its devastating attack March of the Piggy, focus on dealing with Electric damage in hopes of inflicting Shock status and preventing it from havoc upon your team.

Once you’ve got the situation under control, continue exploiting his weaknesses while watching for any new tricks up his sleeve!

By working together as true Phantom Thieves would do – pooling our skills intelligently and supporting each other when needed – victory is within our grasp against this confusable boss in Persona 5!

Futaba’s Pyramid: Cognitive Wakaba Isshiki

Ready to face the haunting depths of Futaba’s Pyramid and confront Cognitive Wakaba Isshiki, a twisted embodiment of Futaba’s dark memories?

As we venture through this eerie labyrinth, be prepared to encounter. Not just one but several confusable bosses that will challenge your wit and strategic skills.

It’s time for us to band together as Phantom Thieves, learn from each other’s strengths, and take down these distortions to set things right!

To make our journey smoother, let’s break down the key aspects we need to tackle:

  • Understanding Cognitive Wakaba Isshiki: Unlike other cognitive beings we’ve faced, this boss isn’t simply an evil version of someone. Instead, she represents Futaba’s guilt and sorrow over her mother’s death.

To truly defeat her, we must understand how she came into existence – by acknowledging Futaba’s self-blame and helping her overcome it.

  •  Developing a Strategy: Before rushing headlong into the battle against Cognitive Wakaba Isshiki, it’s vital that we analyze her weaknesses and formulate a plan of attack.

This Sphinx-like creature primarily uses wind-based spells and physical attacks. Hence equipping personas resistant or immune to wind will be advantageous.

Also, remember that our party members have unique abilities suited for different situations – use them wisely!

  •  Supporting Futaba: Since this battle revolves around coming to terms with emotions rather than merely defeating an enemy, our camaraderie plays a significant role here.

By supporting Futaba throughout the fight (and even before), you’ll allow her to gather the courage necessary to face these painful memories head-on.

As a team united by common goals and shared experiences, I believe we can conquer any obstacle blocking our path toward redemption!

With every step forward through this treacherous pyramid filled with her twisted thoughts about herself and her late mother.

Cognitive Wakaba Isshiki included – we will help Futaba regain her true self and find solace. So, fellow Phantom Thieves, let’s face these challenges hand in hand, for this bond of friendship makes us truly unbeatable!

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Tips for Overcoming Confusable Bosses

The Full List Of Confusable Bosses In Persona 5

To triumph over the bewildering adversaries within Persona. We must be armed with effective strategies and keen insights, making our team unstoppable.

Each confusable boss presents unique challenges, but we can ensure victory in even the most brutal battles. By understanding their abilities and exploiting their weaknesses.

One common tactic is to equip our characters with accessories. That protect against confusion or other status ailments, such as ‘Beads’ or ‘Brainwash Guard.’

This way, we can minimize the risk of our party members turning on each other or becoming incapacitated during crucial moments.

Another approach for overcoming these tricky bosses is to focus on buffing and debuffing skills.

Increasing our party members’ attack power, defense, and evasion. Rate or reducing the enemy’s stats similarly gives us an edge during battle.

For example, spells like Tarukaja (raises attack) and Rakunda (lowers defense) can make a significant difference when facing daunting foes; knowledge is power!

Additionally, it helps to identify enemies’ elemental weaknesses through trial-and-error or consulting online guides so we can hit them where it hurts most.

Remember to use those precious items when push comes to shove! Items like Revival Beads for reviving fallen allies and Dekaja Stones.

For removing enemy buffs are invaluable resources that could turn the tide of battle in our favor.

Moreover, prioritizing healing and supporting characters like Morgana or Makoto ensures that our team stays healthy. While dishing out damage efficiently. Remember: united we stand – divided we fall!

Utilizing these tips and maintaining flexibility in our tactics throughout every encounter with confusable bosses in Persona 5. We’ll continue growing stronger together as a group while inching closer toward victory one step at a time!

Adapting Your Strategy for Future Encounters

Now that we’ve gone through some tips for overcoming confusable bosses in Persona 5, it’s time to start thinking about how you can adapt your strategy for future encounters.

As the game progresses, you’ll face more brutal and more complex enemies, so being able to adjust and fine-tune your approach will be crucial in staying ahead of the curve.

One way to do this is by continuously updating and refining your persona roster. Make sure you’re permanently fusing new personas with more vital abilities and resistances as you progress through the game.

It’s also essential to keep a diverse team of personas on hand so that you can quickly switch strategies if a boss seems impervious to one type of attack or ailment.

Remember that experimenting with various combinations during non-boss battles can give you valuable insights into which strategies work best against different enemy types.

Another aspect worth considering is keeping your party members’ up-to-date skills and equipment.

Keep an eye out for powerful new weapons and armor pieces that become available as the story unfolds, as well as skill cards that allow you to customize each character’s move set.

By doing these things consistently throughout the game, you’ll be better prepared for any challenges, ensuring success in all those thrilling boss encounters waiting around every corner!


I can’t express the immense satisfaction I’ve gained from conquering these confusable bosses in Persona 5. It’s like I’ve been touched by the divine knowledge of all things gaming, and it feels fantastic!

But seriously, adapting your strategy for each boss encounter is vital. With some patience and top-notch strategic thinking, you’ll be crushing these bewildering baddies like it’s second nature!

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