Skyrim: Frost’s Location | Find & Return Frost In Skyrim

Have you ever wondered where to find Frost, the amazing horse in Skyrim? Well, look no further! This article is just what you need. We’re going to tell you all about how to locate and return this cool creature back to its rightful owner.

So buckle up, fellow gamers! It’s time for us to dive into the magical world of Skyrim and uncover the secrets behind finding our beloved equine companion.

Not only will we guide you through every step of this thrilling journey, but we’ll also offer some super handy tips along the way.

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Overview Of Frost

Frost is a super cool horse in Skyrim that many players want to have. This special horse has some unique features, which makes it different from other horses you can find in the game.

So why is Frost such a big deal? Well, unlike most horses in Skyrim, Frost is faster and stronger than others. He also has more stamina and health points (HP), making him a great companion for long journeys where frequent battles might happen.

Plus, let’s not forget about his beautiful white coat – he definitely stands out among all those brown horses!

Now that we know what makes Frost so special, it’s time to learn where exactly we can locate him. Our skyrim frost horse guide will help us with that information. To start your journey towards finding Frost, you must first head to Riften stables just outside the city of Riften.

Here’s when things get interesting because getting our hands on this one-of-a-kind steed isn’t as simple as walking up and hopping on.

Before setting off on your quest for Frost, ensure you’re prepared for whatever challenges may lie ahead! Having strong weapons and armor will be helpful during any potential combat situations along the way.

The Quest For Frost

The Quest for Frost is a really cool mission in Skyrim. It’s all about finding and returning a special horse named Frost. The skyrim horse quest starts when you talk to this guy named Louis Letrush. He wants you to help him steal Frost from the Black-Briar Lodge, which sounds like a fun adventure.

To retrieve Frost in Skyrim, first you need to find out where he is. Luckily, Louis will give you some clues on how to do that. You might have to sneak around and be super quiet so no one catches you. But once you figure out the frost-horse location, it’s time to move.

Now comes the exciting part – getting Frost back without being caught. This could be tricky because there are guards everywhere at the Black-Briar Lodge.

Be careful not to get seen, or they’ll try to stop you from taking their precious horse away! If things go well though, soon enough you’ll have Frost by your side and ready to return him safely.

Once you’ve managed to bring Frost back with Louis’ help, both of them can finally breathe a sigh of relief knowing they’re safe again.

Frost’s Home: The Black-Briar Lodge

The Black-Briar Lodge is located in eastern Skyrim, near the city of Riften. Tall trees surround it and has a beautiful view of Lake Honrich. This lodge is owned by Maven Black-Briar, one of the wealthiest people in Riften.

Don’t be fooled by its picturesque surroundings though; there are guards stationed around the perimeter who will attack if they spot an intruder trying to sneak in or steal their prized possession – Frost.

To retrieve Frost from the well-guarded Black-Briar Lodge, you must decide whether you’ll use stealth or force. If you choose to sneak in, make sure that your sneaking skill is high enough so that the guards won’t detect you easily as you move silently through shadows towards Frost’s stable.

On the other hand, if fighting is more your style, prepare yourself for battle against these skilled warriors protecting their master’s property.

So now that we know where to find Frost at his home base within Black-Briar Lodge, let us discuss how we can return him safely after our daring adventure together.

Where Does Frost Return To?

In the game Skyrim, after completing the “Promises to Keep” quest, there are different outcomes depending on what choices you make. Whether you choose to side with Louis Letrush or Sibbi Black-Briar, knowing where Frost returns is essential.

Here’s a quick list of things that can happen when returning Frost:

  • If given back to Louis Letrush:
    • He becomes friendly toward you.
    • You might receive a reward like some gold.
  • If returned to Sibbi Black-Briar:
    • The Black-Briar family may be more inclined to help you in future quests.

Now let’s talk about location. Suppose you decide to give the horse back to Louis Letrush; he’ll be waiting for you outside Riften Stables. Once Frost is safely returned, Louis will ride away from Riften Stables with him.

On the other hand, if you choose Sibbi Black-Briar instead of Louis as the rightful owner, then Frost would end up at his original home – which makes sense since Sibbi is part of the wealthy Black-Briar family who owns fancy stables across Skyrim.

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Frost’s Location After The Quest

Once the “Promises to Keep” quest in Skyrim is finished, and you’ve decided to keep Frost for yourself instead of returning him to his original owner, he’ll become your trusty steed. But sometimes, he might not be where you expect him to be.

Frost’s location can vary depending on several factors. Here’s a simple table outlining some common situations:

SituationFrost’s Location
After completing the quest at Black-Briar LodgeNear Riften Stable or outside Black-Briar Lodge
Fast traveled to another cityOutside that city’s stable (e.g., Whiterun Stable)
Left him somewhere while exploringThe last place where you left him

Remember that if Frost gets lost or stuck somewhere, he may return home by himself eventually. So if you cannot find him immediately, don’t panic. Just give it some time and check back at these locations later on.

Now that you know about finding Frost after the quest and how to make him your permanent horse, let’s discuss troubleshooting any issues related to this topic next.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

Did you know that around 50% of Skyrim players have reported issues with Frost? It’s frustrating when you can’t find or return Frost after putting in so much effort.

Firstly, let’s address a few reasons why Frost might not be where he should be:

  1. Frost doesn’t spawn at all.
  2. Frost goes missing after completing the quest.
  3. Frost dies during the quest.

The good news is there are ways to fix these problems.

If Frost isn’t spawning, try reloading an earlier save point before starting the quest, as it could just be a temporary glitch in the game. If Frost goes missing after finishing “Promises to Keep,” make sure you did not accidentally sell him or park him somewhere else without realizing it – double-check stables and other locations where horses usually gather.

If you discover that poor Frost has died during the quest (which can happen if he gets caught up in battles), there is still hope for resurrection.

You’ll need access to console commands on PC versions of Skyrim, though; sorry, console gamers! Type prid 00097E1E followed by moveto player, then finally use resurrect. This should bring our beloved horse back from the dead and teleport him right next to you!

Now that we’ve covered how to troubleshoot some common issues related to finding and returning Frost, let’s move forward with useful tips for successfully retrieving and keeping your precious equine buddy safe throughout your adventures in Skyrim.

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Tips For Successfully Retrieving And Returning Frost

Being sneaky is an important skill when trying to secure Frost. Sneaking around will help you avoid being seen by enemies who might try to stop you from taking the horse. It’s also helpful if you have a high sneak level in your character skills, making it easier for you to move undetected.

Make sure to stay low and quiet while moving through enemy territory, avoiding any unnecessary confrontations or battles.

Another thing to consider when attempting to obtain Frost is having useful items and equipment. For example, carrying health potions or healing spells will come in handy if you end up getting into fights with bandits or other creatures during your mission.

Additionally, equipping yourself with strong weapons like bows or daggers can make combat easier should it become necessary. Don’t forget about armor too; wearing sturdy gear can protect your character from damage.

To ensure success in retrieving and returning Frost, always keep a close eye on your surroundings and use these stealthy approaches whenever possible. Prepare for unexpected encounters by stocking up on essential supplies like potions and arrows beforehand.


In conclusion, finding and returning Frost in Skyrim can be a fun and rewarding experience. Just imagine how cool it would be to have your own unique horse like Frost, helping you easily travel across the vast lands of Skyrim.

However, follow the tips above and troubleshoot any issues you may face during the quest. Happy adventuring, fellow Dragonborns! May you successfully retrieve Frost and enjoy many epic journeys together.

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