Full List Of Skyrim Followers That Cant Die – Your Ultimate Guide

Skyrim Followers

Have you had enough of living in constant fear that one of your loyal Skyrim allies would perish during your grand adventures?

You’re not alone. Many players find themselves emotionally attached to their followers, and it can be downright heartbreaking when they fall in battle.

Luckily, we’ve got you covered with our ultimate guide to the complete list of Skyrim followers that can’t die!

Say goodbye to reloading save files every time tragedy strikes and embrace the freedom of exploring. Tamriel with an invincible posse by your side.

This comprehensive guide delves into the essential attributes that ensure followers are immortal. How to recruit these unbeatable allies, and even shed light on quests involving these unique individuals.

Imagine taking on dragons, bandits, and all fearsome foes without worrying about your companion’s safety.

It’s a game-changer! Whether you’re new to Skyrim or a seasoned veteran looking for fresh experiences within this beloved world. We provide the knowledge you crave while satisfying your inner desire for unlimited possibilities.

So grab your sword (or spell), and let’s embark on an unforgettable journey with our indestructible friends!

LydiaWhiterun (Dragonsreach)NordWarrior
Aela the HuntressWhiterun (Jorrvaskr)NordWarrior/Archer
FarkasWhiterun (Jorrvaskr)NordWarrior
VilkasWhiterun (Jorrvaskr)NordWarrior
CiceroLoreius FarmImperialAssassin
Mjoll the LionessRiftenNordWarrior
SeranaDimhollow CryptNordVampire/Mage
DerkeethusDarkwater PassArgonianRanger
J’zargoCollege of WinterholdKhajiitMage
Teldryn SeroRaven Rock (after Dragonborn DLC)DunmerSpellsword
FreaSkaal Village (after Dragonborn DLC)NordWarrior/Shaman
Mjoll’s WardogRiftenN/AWar Dog
BarbasFalkreath (during “A Daedra’s Best Friend” quest)N/ADog
IngjardDawnguard Fort (after Dawnguard DLC)NordWarrior
DurakFort Dawnguard (after Dawnguard DLC)OrcWarrior
CelannFort Dawnguard (after Dawnguard DLC)BosmerArcher
IsranFort Dawnguard (after Dawnguard DLC)NordWarrior
Sorine JurardFort Dawnguard (after Dawnguard DLC)NordSpellsword

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Key Takeaways

  • Invincible followers have unique skills, high character levels, and combat behavior, making them valuable allies in Skyrim.
  • The recruitment conditions and quests for invincible followers vary, and completing quests involving them can enhance the gaming experience.
  • Default equipment and gear vary among invincible followers based on class and core skillset.
  • While most invincible followers cannot die, there are certain circumstances where they can become mortal. And some quests may require their death for storyline progression.

Complete List of Skyrim Followers That Can’t Die

Skyrim Followers

You’ll be thrilled to know that a fantastic array of Skyrim followers refuse to ‘kick the bucket.’

These immortal companions are perfect for any adventurer seeking a loyal, trustworthy partner in crime.

Not only do they provide excellent assistance in battle. But you can also count on them to stick around when things get tough.

No more reloading your game every time your favorite companion falls in battle. With these unkillable followers by your side, you’ll experience true freedom as you explore Skyrim’s vast and unforgiving world.

The first follower on our list is Mjoll the Lioness, a mighty warrior found in Riften. She makes for an incredible tank-like ally, offering her services after completing a questline involving her lost sword.

Another steadfast follower is Derkeethus; this adventurous Argonian can’t wait to join you once you rescue him from Darkwater Pass.

Farkas and Vilkas, two of the formidable members from The Companions guild based in Whiterun. Also fall under the category of essential followers; both will pledge their loyalty upon completing specific Companions quests.

Lastly, we have Serena – one of the most well-known characters due to her integral role in Dawnguard DLC’s storyline. With these fearless warriors by your side, nothing will stand between you and ultimate freedom!

Essential Attributes of Invincible Followers

Skyrim Followers

Understanding the essential attributes of invincible followers is crucial, as they can significantly impact your gameplay experience and strategy.

These followers possess unique skills and abilities, character levels, and combat behaviors, which set them apart from other companions in Skyrim.

By understanding these attributes, you will be better equipped to choose the perfect invincible follower for your playstyle, ensuring you and your companion excel in every battle.

Unique Skills & AbilitiesCharacter LevelsCombat Behavior
Powerful spellsHigh-levelAggressive
Exceptional stealthMid-levelDefensive
Robust melee capabilitiesLow-levelSupportive
Skilled archersScalingRanged
Healing magicCustomizableTactical

Remember that each invincible follower also comes with their default equipment and gear. It is essential to familiarize yourself with these items to maximize their efficiency during combat.

Furthermore, some followers belong to specific classes which dictate their core skillset. Understanding these classes will provide further insight into how best to utilize your undying ally.

Embrace the freedom of knowing that no matter what challenges lie ahead in Skyrim’s treacherous landscape, you’ll have a reliable and unstoppable partner by your side throughout your adventures.

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How to Recruit Invincible Followers in Skyrim

Skyrim Followers

Stumbling upon an invincible follower in the vast world of Skyrim can be a game-changing moment, as they’ll provide unwavering support and strength during your epic adventures.

These immortal companions will stand by your side no matter your challenges, allowing you to explore every corner of Tamriel without fear.

However, finding and recruiting these legendary warriors can be daunting if you need help knowing where to begin.

To recruit invincible followers in Skyrim, start by learning about their specific recruitment conditions or quests that need to be completed before they’ll pledge their loyalty to you.

Keep an eye out for NPCs with unique dialogue options or quest markers above their heads, as these often indicate vital steps in obtaining such rare allies.

Be prepared to embark on dangerous missions, solve intricate puzzles, and even make tough moral choices, but rest assured that the rewards will be well worth it.

With an unkillable companion by your side, nothing is stopping you from conquering even the most treacherous dungeons and slaying ferocious beasts as you embrace true freedom in this immersive fantasy realm.

Quests Involving Invincible Followers

Skyrim Followers

Embarking on quests that involve invincible followers can significantly enhance your gaming experience, as they’ll offer invaluable assistance and unmatched resilience during your journey through Tamriel.

These immortal companions will help you in combat and assist with carrying loot, solving puzzles, and providing essential support in various other game aspects.

Identifying quests that involve such followers is an excellent way to ensure smooth progression while minimizing the risk of losing valuable allies.

To help you with this task, take a look at the table below, which lists some popular quests involving invincible followers along with their respective locations and rewards:

Quest NameLocationReward(s)
A Daedra’s Best FriendFalkreathClavicus Vile’s Masque / Rueful Axe
The Black StarShrine of AzuraAzura’s Star / The Black Star
Discerning the TransmundaneSeptimus Signus’ OutpostOghma Infinium
Ill Met by MoonlightFalkreathSavior’s Hide / Ring of Hircine
The Only CurePeryite’s ShrineSpellbreaker

By tackling these quests and having an invincible follower by your side, you can confidently face even the most challenging situations in Skyrim.

Remember that although these characters cannot die, managing their inventory effectively and strategically utilizing their skills during gameplay is crucial.

With these powerful allies at your disposal, you’re one step closer to achieving true freedom within the vast world of Skyrim.

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Can invincible followers become mortal?

You’d be mind-blown to discover that invincible followers can become mortal under certain circumstances!

While these steadfast companions seem to be the ultimate unbreakable force on your adventures within Skyrim. There are moments when their immortality is stripped away.

One such instance is when a quest requires an invincible follower’s death for the storyline progression. In this case, it’s essential to keep an eye on them and ensure they don’t fall victim to stray arrows or vicious beasts lurking around.

Another scenario where an invincible follower may lose their gift of immortality is during certain mods or console command usage.

Some players prefer a more realistic experience and choose to alter game mechanics through modding or commands that remove the immortal status from all followers, even those who were once indestructible!

Be aware that if you dabble in these modifications or commands, you’ll need to weigh up whether having a fully mortal team of companions is worth the added challenge and potential heartache as you traverse the wild landscapes of Skyrim together.

Remember: with great power comes great responsibility. Handle your newfound freedom wisely!

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