Top 10 Best Cross Play Shooter Games In 2024

Top 10 Best Cross Play Shooter Games In 2023

You’re an adrenaline junkie who enjoys playing shooter games. You wish to team up or engage in combat across platforms in 2024.

Lock and load with the top 10 cross-platform shooting games for PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Switch.

Imagine uniting with console-divided buddies to win. Imagine heated firefights where players use their platform-specific talents and strategies.

Cross-play shooting games liberate you to encounter thrilling new adventures. Prepare for tremendous battles as we explore our carefully picked collection of 2024’s most thrilling cross-play shooters!

Important Takeaways

  • Cross play support is a common feature across all the top 10 shooter games listed.
  • Friends may team up across platforms for more varied and inclusive gaming.
  • The games offer a range of modes, allowing players to choose between cooperative PVE and competitive PvP gameplay.
  • Regular updates and new content drops ensure that players have access to fresh and engaging experiences.

1. Call of Duty: Warzone

Top 10 Best Cross Play Shooter Games In 2023

In 2024, CoD: Warzone’s furious gunfights, vast battlefield, and adrenaline-pumping action dominate cross-play.

Everyone can play this wild battle royale on PlayStation, Xbox, or PC. Squad up with friends on any platform and select how to play and who to fight with.

With frequent updates and new content, players are always entertained.

COD: Warzone, a top shooter in 2024, offers unlimited strategy and personalization. You can customize your loadout or pick up weapons from slain adversaries.

Skydiving into Verdansk (or any other new map they’ve thought up) is never boring with over 150 gamers fighting each other.

Teamwork, skill, and freedom rule in Call of Duty: Warzone, so grab your friends and play!

2. Fortnite

Top 10 Best Cross Play Shooter Games In 2023

It’s no surprise that gamers still love Fortnite, a battle royale phenomenon. Its cross-platform interoperability lets you play with friends on consoles, mobile phones, and more, sharing the pleasure of victory.

Fortnite’s ever-changing landscape allows for endless creativity and risk-taking. The vivid, cartoony graphics and eye-catching skins and emotes reveal your unique individuality. Diverse environments with lush forests, deserts, and ice mountains enhance immersion.

Fortnite’s freedom to plan a perfect ambush or build a masterpiece mid-battle is unrivaled.

It updated frequently while keeping fan favorites.

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3. Apex Legends

Top 10 Best Cross Play Shooter Games In 2023

Apex Legends’ fast-paced, team-oriented action keeps fans coming back.

With its broad roster of characters and various powers and playstyles, you’ll continually experiment to find your squad’s greatest combination.

Crossplay lets you play with pals on any platform—PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, or PC—so you can play how and where you want.

Apex Legends’ ping system lets players interact without a microphone. This seamless connection lets you strategize and interact with your colleagues in real time as you attack opposing squads.

Apex Legends and its passionate audience develop with new seasons and map improvements. Join one of 2024’s greatest cross-play shooter games today!

4. Destiny 2

Top 10 Best Cross Play Shooter Games In 2023

Destiny 2’s first-person shooting, expansive stories, and immersive multiplayer will keep you entertained. Since 2017, updates and additions have kept players coming back.

Cross play allows pals on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC to enjoy this compelling world together.

Destiny 2 is unique in three ways:

1) A deep and growing storyline: Explore Destiny 2 and learn about the Traveler and your position as a Guardian.

2) Diverse weapons and abilities: Customize your Guardian with subclasses to learn new talents and use strong weapons that suit your playstyle.

3) Cooperative PvE and competitive PvP modes: work with friends to complete difficult raids or compete in fierce PvP matches.

Destiny 2 lets you explore undiscovered places and communicate with other Guardians around the world.

5. Rainbow Six Siege

Top 10 Best Cross Play Shooter Games In 2023

Rainbow Six Siege’s tactical gameplay and teamwork-focused elements will test your strategies and communication skills as you breach and defend.

The top 10 cross-play shooter games of 2024 feature a broad range of operators with various attributes to suit your playstyle. Siege gives bold attackers and patient defenders infinite strategic possibilities.

Cross-play lets you play tough games with pals on any platform.

Rainbow Six Siege’s beauty lies in its emphasis on freedom: freedom to experiment with different operators, weapons, and gadgets; freedom to collaborate with teammates to devise cunning plans; and freedom to outwit and outmaneuver opponents in thrilling firefights.

Updates and new content keep the game fresh for returning players.

To win this great cross-play shooting game, equip up, join your group, and embrace Rainbow Six Siege’s liberation.

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6. Overwatch

Top 10 Best Cross Play Shooter Games In 2023

Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of Overwatch, where you’ll join forces with a colorful cast of heroes to battle it out in thrilling, fast-paced skirmishes.

This popular cross-play shooter game continues to captivate players in 2024 with its unique blend of teamwork, strategy, and exciting gameplay.

As you dive into the action-packed matches, be sure to take advantage of these features that make Overwatch such a captivating experience:

Diverse Heroes:

Choose from over 30 distinct characters, each with their own unique abilities and playstyles. Whether you prefer sniping enemies from afar or getting up close and personal as a tank, there’s a hero for every type of player.

Dynamic Maps:

Battle across multiple exotic locations around the globe, each offering different strategic opportunities for your team to exploit.

Regular Updates:

With regular content updates adding new heroes, maps, and game modes, there’s always something fresh to discover in Overwatch.

As you and your allies win battles, feel the adrenaline. Enjoy switching heroes mid-match to tailor your approach to your team’s needs or the current battle.

Communicate with your friends and use powerful hero skills to unleash devastating combos on your opponents. Gather some buddies (or make new ones), pick your hero(es), and prepare for an unforgettable gaming experience!

7. PUBG: Battlegrounds

Top 10 Best Cross Play Shooter Games In 2023

PUBG: Battlegrounds blends chaotic fighting and strategic survival abilities in a gripping battle royale. As one of 2024’s top cross-play shooting games, you’ll travel difficult terrain, scavenge for weapons and resources, and outwit your opponents to survive.

PUBG’s adrenaline-fueled fighting and freedom to explore massive maps and design your own strategies make it great.

Cross-platform play between PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Stadia enables playing with friends or worldwide opponents easier than ever.

New content is introduced frequently to keep PUBG fresh and engaging. PUBG: Battlegrounds is a thrilling battle royale game that will satisfy your need for adventure and independence.

8. Rogue Company

Top 10 Best Cross Play Shooter Games In 2023

Dive headfirst into Rogue Company and become part of an elite team of mercenaries taking on high-stakes missions. Battle it out in intense third-person shooter action and break free from the monotony of everyday life.

Experience thrilling adventures with friends or strangers online and keep your adrenaline pumping as you strive for victory.

Rogue Company’s crossplay between PC, PlayStation 4/5, Xbox One/Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch is unique. With good friends by your side, you can win any battle, regardless of system.

Demolition (install or defuse bombs), strikeout (destroy foes within a limited amount of lives), extraction (conquer objectives), and more are available.

Unlock new weapons, skins, emotes, sprays, and more as you rise in Rogue Company.

Rogue Company offers a thrilling taste of freedom and addicting gameplay with its captivating blend of strategic teamwork and furious firefights set against a backdrop of covert missions around the world, all connected by cross-platform play.

Enter this fast-paced environment with your controller or keyboard/mouse setup!

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9. War frame

Top 10 Best Cross Play Shooter Games In 2023

In Warframe, you’ll fight through breathtaking sci-fi settings as a formidable biomechanical warrior.

This free-to-play online action game blends shooters and role-playing games to thrill gamers of all skill levels.

Warframe, a top 2024 cross-play shooter, lets you play with pals on PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, and PC. Together, you may fight hordes of monsters around the solar system.

Warframe’s huge universe and thrilling gameplay satisfy your need for freedom. You can personalize your character’s appearance, weaponry, and over 30 “Warframes” with unique capabilities and abilities.

The game’s open-world portions allow you complete tasks or have random encounters in beautiful, alive surroundings. In this amazing realm, you can find elusive creatures or hidden treasures anywhere!

War frame, one of the best cross-play shooter games of 2024, will hook you with its furious action and endless exploration.

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10. Halo Infinite

Top 10 Best Cross Play Shooter Games In 2023

Believe it or not, Halo Infinite’s epic conflicts will have you mastering futuristic weapons and strategic collaboration. This latest Halo game lets you explore a new universe with buddies on any platform.

Cross-play between Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Steam or the Microsoft Store lets you choose how and with whom to enjoy this exhilarating shooter.

Halo Infinite offers everything from the Energy Sword and Battle Rifle to new weaponry that will test your skills. Cooperative gameplay fosters creativity in fighting and camaraderie. Key aspects of this highly anticipated release are listed below:

FeatureDescriptionPlatform Support
CampaignAn expansive story-driven single-player mode set in a breathtaking open-world environment.Xbox One/Series X|S & PC
MultiplayerAction-packed online battles with improved mechanics and customizable loadouts.Cross-play enabled: Xbox One/Series X|S & PC
ForgeA robust map editor that lets players create custom maps and share them with the community.Coming post-launch on all platforms
Graphics & PerformanceNext-gen graphics technology delivering stunning visuals at up to 120 FPS.Optimized for Xbox Series X|S; adjustable settings on PC

Don’t miss out on this exhilarating adventure as Master Chief returns in Halo Infinite! Experience true freedom as you join forces with your friends across different platforms and dive into unforgettable battles together.

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