How To Get To Eurasia In Warframe?

In Warframe, to get a lot of loot and achieve every mission, players have to go to different places to achieve their missions. Therefore, players also get to play some missions on Earth. The players can access Earth easily and play mars junction and Venus junction. 

Players can access Grineer Forest Tilesets on Earth. Players can use the space around Earth as a playable area and can practice with their mates in that area.

That playable area is present in Empyrean game mode that features Grineer enemies of its own. That is given the name of Earth Proxima. 

After all the missions played on Earth, then comes the Eurasia mission. This mission is extremely terrible and even challenging for experienced players.

Most players get stuck while playing this mission and can’t escape it. Enemies in this mission have levels similar to bosses. Therefore, it is not so easy to defeat them. Players can’t achieve their achievements even with a squad by defeating enemies. 

In the beginning, the level of enemies is low, and you can defeat and kill them by using some techniques, but as you start moving towards your progress, you will have to face more potent and deadlier enemies. 

When a massive group of leveled-up enemies attacks your squad, they will finish you quickly. Players will try again in a different way by using a different strategy, but all in vain. They are so wise to understand the strategies and techniques used against them that they leave the squad in no way and tear them apart. 

One can never pass this mission all alone. The player can never reach their level even with abilities and higher weapons against enemies. Some players also tried playing with random squads to pass this mission, but there was no gain. They can never finish this mission. 

Eurasia’s mission is important to play and pass because it is the opening for other missions. All other missions are blocked because of this mission. Furthermore, the Eurasia mission is locked by the plains of the Eidolon mission.

Players have to face many difficulties. However, there is only one way to get to and pass that mission. To get to that mission, first, you must find a guy named Kenzo. He will ask for a bounty, which you will have to complete for it. 

Once you hand him the bounty assigned to you, he will open a chat option for you. That chat option will start up the questline. After that, you have to go to a woman named Zyra. She will also ask some questions. You have to complete that quest for her. 

Once you complete that quest, you can quickly get to Eurasia. The one way to pass this mission is to have the extreme level of Warframes and weapons with you and a squad with extreme levels and experience. It is the only way to achieve this mission.