Top 7 Best Science Leaders In Civilization 6

Navigating the vast map of Civilization 6 can be like exploring an intricate labyrinth. You’re always looking for that perfect leader who can help your civilization to gain scientific supremacy.

We’ve done our research and have rounded up the top seven science leaders for you. From Seondeok’s technological capabilities to Trajan’s infrastructural brilliance, these leaders will give your civilization an edge in the game.

Whether you’re a long-time player wanting to switch it up or a newbie ready to make your mark, this list will help you strategize better and take control with confidence.

So, let’s get started! It’s time to enter the incredible world of Civ 6 and lead these strong science powerhouses. Grab your controller – let’s go unlock some scientific victories!

1. Seondeok (Korea)

As you make your way through Civilization 6, you’ll find that Seondeok of Korea is an exceptional leader, perfectly suited for a science victory with her unique abilities and strategic approach.

Her scientific aptitude originates from the special Seowon district that replaces the standard campus. This district gives a +4 Science bonus, which increases even further when placed near mountains or hills.

Seondeok’s leadership ability Hwarang also adds a cultural and scientific bonus to cities with appointed governors. This makes her playstyle both tech and culture-focused. Ensure to also promote art and philosophy to balance out the research race.

When it comes to city planning, be thoughtful when placing your Seowons. The adjacency bonuses can really get high if they’re near multiple hills or mountains. And don’t forget, alliances aren’t only good for diplomacy – they can provide substantial boosts to research efforts as well.

When utilizing Seondeok’s tactics, make use of governors to further enhance scientific research. Promoting them will let you take full advantage of the Hwarang ability’s benefits. Also consider forming advantageous alliances; these not only keep rivals at bay but can also provide significant boosts to research efforts.

Recall that winning isn’t only about rushing towards military might or economic dominance; sometimes it’s about having the most advanced technology on hand that leads to victory.

With Seondeok at your side leading Korea in Civilization 6, focusing on early tech advancement is key—leverage those unique abilities for a solid science victory!

2. Saladin (Arabia)

You’ll be absolutely amazed by Saladin’s remarkable capabilities in Arabia, where every sand dune is a potential source of knowledge, and faith takes your nation to unprecedented heights. By carefully placing cities near deserts and deploying Mamluk units for defense, you can create an impenetrable base.

Unique CharacteristicsBenefits
Madrasa (unique building)Offers considerable science boosts
Synergy between Science & FaithPromotes effective resource allocation
Mamluk Units (unique to Saladin)Ensures reliable protection

Saladin’s technique revolves around making the most of the Madrasa for its science advantages while nurturing a harmonious relationship between science and faith. This strategy allows you to fuel your scientific endeavors with your faith output so that each augments the other.

Advanced TacticsOutcome
City Placement near DesertsEnhanced access to resources and boosts from desert tiles
Use of Mamluk UnitsSuperior defense against enemy assaults

The Mamluk units under him provide dependable security against possible threats. These special units heal at the end of each turn, ensuring they’re always prepared to protect your empire.

To be successful as Saladin, you need to keep up with both faith-based development and military capability propelled by his unique Mamluks. Therefore, achieving a science victory isn’t just about being ahead in research; it also requires setting up a strong defensive line.

Nonetheless, don’t forget to utilize religion selectively – it can give you valuable benefits. Use these advantages correctly, and there’s no stopping you from inscribing Saladin’s name on the annals of time as one of the greatest leaders in civilization 6!

3. Gilgamesh (Sumeria)

Let’s explore the world of Sumeria, where Gilgamesh reigns with an iron fist and a sharp intellect. As one of the top science leaders in Civilization 6, he offers a special combination of military power and intellectual advancement.

His early game aggression plan is critical to his success.

Gilgamesh excels at deploying his exclusive units for an energetic early game. His War-Carts are not inhibited by rough terrain or speed restrictions, making them effective instruments for rapid growth and defense.

These units allow you to firmly establish your empire’s borders quickly while keeping potential threats at bay.

Ziggurats, the unique improvement that Gilgamesh brings to the table, provide science bonuses from their placement on river tiles.

This helps you to boost scientific progression alongside your territorial gains quickly. It’s essential to maximize this benefit as much as possible during the early stages of gameplay.

But playing as Gilgamesh isn’t just about warfare; it also involves strategic partnerships which offer shared benefits such as research deals or joint wars against common enemies. These alliances can significantly increase your progress towards scientific victory.

Balancing between warfare and scientific development is essential when playing as Gilgamesh in Civilization 6. While it’s important to keep a robust army for protection and expansion, don’t overlook your civilization’s scientific growth either.

Remember: dominance in the early game can set you up for a powerful late-game performance leading towards a science victory.

So if you’re looking for an interesting mix of combat and intellectual growth within Civilization 6, give Gilgamesh a try! You’ll find that ruling Sumeria requires both strength and intelligence – quite the compelling combination!

4. Robert the Bruce (Scotland)

Venturing into the lush highlands of Scotland, we’re welcomed by the charming Robert the Bruce. His leadership style is comparable to a maestro leading an orchestra, where each city in his kingdom plays its own instrument leading to a symphony of joy and productivity.

With cities humming in blissful harmony, they generate an impressive 20% increase in science and production outputs – a remarkable accomplishment!

So if you see yourself more of a conductor than a soldier, ruling Scotland under Robert’s rule might be your ideal performance.

Now, let’s discuss how to maximize this blissful efficiency. A key strategy is focusing on keeping your cities content.

You’ll want to construct amenities like Robert’s special Golf Course which not only promotes happiness but also provides culture and tourism bonuses. These satisfied cities are basically powerhouses that produce science and production at an astonishing rate.

Apart from utilizing contentment, Robert’s reign emphasizes on recruiting Great Scientists and Engineers for added scientific power. Place importance on getting these remarkable people as they can propel you towards technological progress more efficiently than other civilizations.

Finally, remember that peace isn’t always beneficial for Robert the Bruce. Sometimes strategic wars can yield liberating results – literally!

Liberating cities can provide extra boosts of science and production so don’t hesitate from occasional skirmishes when it is advantageous.

Grasping Robert’s strategy requires careful balance between keeping cities delighted, recruiting great people, and understanding when to participate in battle for liberation bonuses. With this approach in your arsenal, victory with Scotland will not just be possible; it’ll feel almost certain!

5. Peter the Great (Russia)

Stepping into the expansive Siberian tundra, we find ourselves under the rule of Peter the Great, a formidable Russian tsar renowned for his strategic acumen and impressive intellect. His talents and tactics will guide us towards an unsurpassed science victory.

Peter’s primary strength lies in his ability to utilize Russia’s Lavra, a unique district that generates Great People points. This way, you can quickly acquire scientists to boost your scientific progress. Not only that, but Peter also gains extra territory whenever a new city is founded – perfect for expanding your empire across the tundra.

Unique Ability: The Grand EmbassyBenefits: Extra Science or Culture from Trade Routes
Unique Unit: CossackBenefit: Stronger than Cavalry and can move after attacking
Unique Infrastructure: LavraBenefit: Generates Great People Points
Leader Ability: The Motherland CallsBenefit: Extra territory when founding cities
Civilization Bonus: Siberian RichesBenefit: Double resources from Tundra tiles

Balancing religious growth with scientific advancement is key under Peter’s reign. While focusing on faith generation might appear counterintuitive in a science-focused game, it works in Russia’s favor thanks to their bonus resources from tundra tiles.

Exploiting this vast land for expansion is another advanced tactic worth considering. With every new city providing additional territories, you’ll have more space for districts and wonders that drive your civilization towards victory.

Do not overlook faith; continue advancing it as well. These two pursuits are not exclusive with Peter—they supplement each other harmoniously on the path to outdoing opponents.

6. Cyrus (Persia)

Just as Peter the Great’s Russia excels in science through religious and cultural expansion, Cyrus of Persia takes a slightly different approach. Your focus here is on leveraging your unique improvements and abilities for scientific advancements, while also keeping a balance with warfare.

Cyrus’s main strength lies in the Pairidaeza, a special improvement that provides culture and gold. This not only boosts your civilization’s scientific output but also strengthens your economy:

  • Constructing Pairidaezas near city centers or commercial hubs to maximize their yield.
  • Ensuring they are adjacent to other districts can allow them to provide additional bonuses.

Combining this with strategic use of trade routes can give you a major advantage in science over other civilizations.

A surprising yet effective method is using Surprise Wars for expansion. With Cyrus leading Persia, Surprise War declarations don’t incur any diplomatic penalty and grant movement bonus to units for the initial turns. This allows you to expand rapidly without worrying about diplomacy too much.

The key here is finding a balance between war for territorial gains and focusing on science advancements. Too much of one or ignoring the other could impede your progress towards victory.

Plus, making good use of the Immortal unit – Persia’s special unit gives an early game advantage. They replace swordsmen but have ranged attacks which make them versatile on the battlefield.

As Cyrus, remember that it isn’t all just about war; trade and culture also play crucial roles. Strategically develop these aspects alongside your military might without losing sight of scientific advancements. The ideal blend will be critical in leading you towards that coveted science victory!

7. Trajan (Rome)

With Trajan at the helm, Rome’s grandeur is reflected in its architecture, military might, and growth capabilities that make it a powerhouse under your command.

Trajan’s abilities give you the power to expand your empire quickly during the early game. His Legion unit allows you to conquer enemy cities to add to your growing empire.

The Baths, a unique building, is instrumental in boosting population growth and science output. It provides extra amenities and housing compared to the Aqueduct it replaces, making it an essential part of city development.

Here’s a glimpse of what Trajan offers:

Unique AbilityEffect
All Roads Lead to RomeFree City Center buildings and trade routes
BathsProvides bonus housing & amenities
Rome’s Unique UnitStrengths
LegionSuperior strength in early-game warfare

Your strategy should focus on constructing city center buildings quickly due to All Roads Lead To Rome ability. This will give each new city an immediate boost, propelling your civilization ahead of others from the start.

Don’t overlook the power of Roman infrastructure either; use it wisely for a science victory! Expand rapidly while furthering scientific advancement using the benefits of Roman Bathhouses.

As you maneuver through this journey with Trajan, remember: fast expansion combined with focused development is key. Utilize his strengths to lead your civilization towards scientific supremacy while not neglecting growth aspects. That’s how you win with Rome – embracing all its glory under Trajan’s leadership!


You’ve traveled with the best, from Seondeok’s scientific mastery in Korea to Trajan’s Roman might. Guide your civilization to greatness under their leadership.

Saladin’s universities, Gilgamesh’s ziggurats, Robert’s Scottish invention, Peter’s Russian chill, and Cyrus’ Persian warmth.

Not just playing a game, you’re making history. So go ahead, map out your path in Civilization 6 with these science leaders taking the lead!

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