How To Get Truffles In Stardew Valley? – Quick Guide

Struggling to find truffles in Stardew Valley? You’re missing out on a goldmine! Truffles are more than just a rare mushroom; they’re your ticket to hefty profits.

But how do you get these elusive fungi? It’s not as complicated as you might think. We’ll guide you through the process, from pig-rearing to truffle harvesting, without missing a beat.

So, are you ready to turn your farm into a truffle-producing powerhouse? Keep reading, and you’ll find out how simple it can be.

In a hurry? Here’s a quick & short answer that will help you out!

To get truffles in Stardew Valley, you’ll need an adult Pig, which requires a Deluxe Barn. Let your pig roam outside the barn during Spring, Summer, or Fall, and it will find truffles for you. Truffles won’t appear in Winter since pigs stay inside. They can be sold or turned into Truffle Oil using an Oil Maker.

The Role of Pigs in Finding Truffles

Pigs play a crucial role in finding truffles. Once they reach adulthood, which usually takes around ten days, they can start producing goods.

Pigs are unique because they can dig up truffles from the soil during the spring, summer, and fall. However, they won’t work in winter or on rainy days.

The happiness of your pigs also affects their truffle-finding abilities. Content pigs have a higher chance of finding truffles, so it’s important to nourish them daily and let them roam freely. Additionally, having more pigs can increase your chances of finding valuable truffles.

Upgrading your barn is also essential. A deluxe barn can hold up to 12 animals and provides your pigs with extra space to search for truffles.

So, take good care of your pigs, invest in a deluxe barn, and enjoy a consistent supply of truffles as your reward!

Building and Upgrading to a Deluxe Barn

Before you can welcome the truffle-hunting pigs to your farm family, you must first build and upgrade your barn to a deluxe version, symbolizing the expansion of your agricultural empire. Constructing a barn is straightforward, but upgrading it requires some extra steps.

The Deluxe Barn, which houses up to 12 animals including pigs, requires two upgrades from the basic barn.

To upgrade to a Deluxe Barn, ensure that:

  • You’ve already built a Big Barn.
  • You have 550 Wood and 300 Stone in your inventory.
  • You have at least 25,000 gold pieces.

Head over to Robin’s Carpenter Shop with these resources and instruct her to start working on the upgrade. It’ll take her three days of in-game time.

Upon completion of this deluxe upgrade, not only does the capacity increase but also unlocks certain animals for purchase – one being our beloved pigs!

Have no fear; each pig has its own personal feeding trough, so they’re well-fed and content.

Bear in mind: Content pigs are productive truffle finders! So embark on this journey towards building an upgraded barn for them – because more than just sheltering livestock, it’s providing them with their own safe haven!

Raising Pigs: From Purchase to Maturity

Once your Deluxe Barn is ready, it’s time to start pig ownership, going from purchase to maturity with skill and elegance. To do so, go to Marnie’s Ranch where she will happily sell you a pig for 16,000 gold.

It may appear like a large sum, but remember – pigs are excellent truffle hunters!

After you obtain your porcine friend, it’s essential to give it proper care. Feed it regularly by taking it out (if the weather permits) or using the auto-feed system in the barn. Give them a pat now and again to ensure they stay content.

With the passing of time in Stardew Valley, your pig will grow. With 10 days of good care, that little piglet will reach full maturity and begin looking for truffles!

Just leave it outdoors during any season aside from winter and observe as it uncovers these valuable treats right in front of you.

Controlling the power of pigs in Stardew Valley isn’t just about fortune; it’s about wise investment and patient nurturing. With correct attention, you’ll have your own truffle-seeking team working efficiently!

Optimizing Conditions for Truffle Hunting

Mastering the art of truffle hunting with your trusty pigs isn’t just a short stroll; it’s about optimizing conditions to make sure they’re in their best form. Fine-tuning your pig’s environment and care routine will give you a higher chance of finding these coveted fungi.

Here are four tricks to maximize your truffle output:

  1. Keep them happy: Pigs only produce truffles when they’re content, so regular feeding and petting are essential.
  2. Give them space: Guarantee there is enough outdoor space for your pigs to roam freely as this boosts their chances of sniffing out truffles.
  3. Opt for clear weather: Pigs don’t like rain and won’t go outside, let alone hunt for truffles, during harsh weather.
  4. Patience is key: Bear in mind that pigs won’t start producing truffles until they reach maturity (10 days after purchase).

As you submerge yourself in Stardew Valley’s rural lifestyle, remember that raising and caring for pigs is not a quick money-maker scheme but rather a rewarding journey filled with patience and dedication. Get ready to experience the thrill of finding valuable truffles buried within your farm!

Truffle Appearance: When and Where to Find Them

You’ll feel a rush of excitement as you stumble across the signs of your much-awaited treasure, appearing mysteriously within your farm’s confines, ready to be harvested.

That’s right – we’re talking about truffles! These elusive gems in Stardew Valley can only be found in certain conditions and places.

Truffles are not something that can appear anywhere at any time. They’re actually dug up by pigs that you have on your farm. But don’t expect to see them during winter or inside barns; pigs only find truffles when they’re outside in other seasons.

Here’s a quick breakdown:

Spring, Summer, FallOutside on the Farm

Not only that, remember that truffles won’t appear on tiled or wooden flooring. So keep these spots all-natural for the best chances!

There’s no guaranteed way to finding more truffles other than owning more pigs and providing them with ample space outdoors. The thrill is in their random discovery amidst the routine farming tasks. Embrace this unpredictability and let it fuel your adventurous spirit in Stardew Valley!

Increasing Truffle Production: The Impact of Friendship Levels

Believe it or not, a pig’s affection towards you can significantly influence truffle production. A surprising statistic reveals that for each heart in a pig’s friendship level, the daily chance of finding truffles increases by 10%! Yes, pigs have feelings too in Stardew Valley.

So how do you increase this friendship level? It’s actually pretty straightforward. You just need to interact with your pigs regularly.

Pet them every day and make sure they’re fed and happy. Remember, a neglected pig is less likely to produce truffles.

You also want to keep your pigs outside during good weather as they only find truffles when they’re out on the field.

So check the weather forecast and plan accordingly. If it’s going to rain tomorrow, let your pig outside today!

It’s also worth mentioning that animals with higher mood levels are more likely to produce items at higher qualities so take care of those porkers! Providing them with deluxe feed will also massively boost their moods, which means more high-quality truffles for you.

With these tips in mind, boosting your truffle production should be smooth sailing! Enjoy the rewards of your newfound friendship with your loyal pigs!

Crafting Truffle Oil: An Artisan’s Guide

Once you’ve amassed a good amount of truffles, it’s essential to know how to turn them into high-quality truffle oil, which can significantly boost your farm’s profitability. Truffle oil is an Artisan Good made from the Oil Maker. It takes 6 hours to produce one bottle.

To create your own truffle oil pipeline, follow these steps:

  1. Craft an Oil Maker: The first step! You need an Oil Maker. To build one, you’ll need 50 Slime, 20 Hardwood, and 1 Gold Bar.
  2. Feed Pigs Regularly: Make sure your pigs are well-fed and happy for better truffle production.
  3. Place Truffles in the Oil Maker: Once you’ve gathered the truffles from your pigs, put them in the Oil Maker.

Remember that quality doesn’t matter when making this liquid gold; all truffles will yield regular quality Truffle Oil – so don’t worry if not all your finds are iridium standard!

Truffle oil sells for more than raw truffles and although it requires time investment on top of resources needed for crafting the machine – it’s worth every penny! So embrace your inner artisan and start producing some profitable oils today!


In Stardew Valley, truffle hunting can be an enjoyable activity. Your pigs are essential in finding these elusive delicacies.

To maximize your truffle yield, make sure your Deluxe Barn is in top condition and give your pigs plenty of time to mature.

With a bit of care and attention, your pigs will become great truffle hunters. So take good care of them and soon you’ll be making Truffle Oil like an experienced farmer!

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