Does Celeste Always Come During Meteor Showers in Animal Crossing?

You may have been wondering what Celeste is in Animal Crossing and when she will show up on your Island. Because of other players’ advice, you might think does Celeste only come during meteor showers in Animal Crossing. In this article, we will talk about Celeste and answer this question. 

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What is Celeste in Animal Crossing?

Celeste was first introduced in Animal Crossing: Wild World, where she helps the player create constellations and stargaze. You can find Celeste in the observatory behind Blathers’ house. 

She’ll respond to compliments by asking you to look through the telescope, and you can also find her in the Museum Shop and Exhibition Rooms. 

The game has also incorporated Celeste as an unlockable costume in Super Mario Maker. Visiting Celeste is not as common as visiting other characters. 

What is Meteor Shower in Animal Crossing?

While meteor showers happen randomly, they always occur during the period between 7 PM and 4 AM. When a meteor shower occurs, special meteors will wash up along the coast the following morning. The more stars you collect, the better.

You’ll see a lot of shooting stars during a meteor shower if the weather is clear or partly cloudy. The best time to watch the meteor shower is when Celeste comes to visit you. 

She will teach you how to wish upon shooting stars and give you a DIY recipe to create a Star Wand. You’ll also get a random DIY every day. If you visit Celeste while a meteor shower is happening, she’ll give you a DIY recipe to make it.

When Does Celeste Appear in Animal Crossing?

You might be questioning if Celeste makes regular appearances in the game. Well, she doesn’t appear in the town plaza every day, but she does visit the game at least once a month. Whenever she does appear, she gives you an item, but she can get quite defensive and will often deny that she sleeps on the job. After all, she is the worst sleeper in the game!

Sometimes Celeste appears only on certain days of the week. However, she can appear on a Saturday when there is a concert by KK sliders in town. And Celeste can also appear during a meteor shower if there are other special characters in town.

While you’re playing Animal Crossing, Celeste may appear in the nighttime hours. This is especially true if you’re in a location where there are few buildings, as she often appears when shooting stars are visible in the sky. 

You can also see Celeste during a meteor shower by spotting her on the beach or near Resident Services. Once you spot her, you can talk to her to get her recipe for a Magic Wand. She may also give you a hint on how to get star fragments.

Celeste will appear on the Island after the sun goes down. She will explain Blathers’ relationship with Celeste and will give you information about a meteor shower. 

But it is important to remember that Celeste only appears once per week, and you must upgrade your Resident Services building to get the most out of her visits. A lot of the time, Celeste will not appear if you have a wisp on your Island.

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Does Celeste Always Come During Meteor Showers in Animal Crossing?

If you’re wondering if Celeste always appears during meteor showers in Animal Crossing, you’re not alone. Well, there is a simple answer to this question: No. Celeste can appear during meteor showers on clear nights or partly cloudy ones between 7 PM and 4 AM. 

However, she doesn’t appear during every meteor shower. Her appearance is random in the game. If you visit Celeste during a meteor shower, she will appear in the area, look up, and close her hands. If you wish for 200 stars, you can earn Nook Miles from her.

While we don’t know for sure when Celeste will appear, we can be certain that she will be in the area when meteor showers occur. She may show up during an animal crossing night at least once and sometimes several times a month. 

This makes the stargazing experience all the more rewarding and magical. It’s not too hard to find Celeste. She’ll often appear on clear nights after 7 PM, but you won’t always get a chance to see her.


So does Celeste always come during meteor showers in Animal Crossing? No, she doesn’t appear every time there is a meteor shower. However, there are high chances that she will appear during a meteor shower. 

She can appear randomly in the game. She can appear if you have fewer buildings on your Island or have special characters residing on your Island.

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