How Many Trees Should You Have in Animal Crossing: New Horizon?

Trees in animal crossing are really important. They bear native fruits, which are used for several crafting recipes and trading. But you can also not crowd your entire island with trees. So, exactly how many trees should you have in Animal Crossing: New Horizon? We will discuss the topic in this article.

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What Are Trees in Animal Crossing?

In Animal Crossing: New Horizon, you have a variety of different types of trees to plant. Some of these trees are useful, while others are purely decorative. 

Trees in Animal Crossing New Horizon are divided into six different kinds based on their types. The Fruit Tree, for example, is divided into Apple Trees, Pears, Orange Trees, Cherry Blossom Trees, Palm Coconut Plants, and Peach.

Fruit trees are very important in the game, and they can be sold for money. If you’re looking to make money, you can sell non-native fruit, as well as other items. Fruit trees, however, are more difficult to sell and require digging, which is a good alternative for those who are short on cash. 

 How Many Trees Should You Have in Animal Crossing: New Horizon?

The number of trees you have in an area depends on their density. A seven-by-seven grid can only hold about eight trees. If you want to grow nine trees, you’ll need to stagger the trees by one grid. Trees in a three-by-three grid must be at least three squares apart so that they’re not obstructing your view when you harvest their fruit.

In case you have more than two hundred trees, Isabelle will tell you that your island is too dense and will suggest that you remove them. The number of trees you have is important for your island rating. So, if you want a 5-star rating island, you should have 220 trees. You need 110 grown trees + 10 grown bamboo thickets and 250+ flowers. 

In Animal Crossing: New Horizon, trees have been changed so that they can now drop furniture. You can shake the tree to get the branches, which can be used for DIY recipes. When you hit a tree with an ax, it dispenses three different types of wood. 

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Uses of Trees in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Trees are a key feature in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and they’re important for various reasons. 

Money Tree: The Money Tree is the most useful plant in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Planting this tree is easy: dig up a glowing spot in the ground. There are six money trees in total, and only one of them is native to your shore. You can also sell foreign fruit to earn Bells.

Aside from fruit, trees provide wood for crafting items and can also earn you money. You can harvest wood from trees in Animal Crossing: New Horizon, and there are three types of wood in total. 

When you harvest wood, you can use it to make new items, craft objects, and decorate your town. And, while you’re at it, remember to plant more trees! If you’re not planting enough trees, you’ll run out of resources quickly.

One of the most important functions of trees in Animal Crossing: New Horizon allows you to move them around to create more space in your town. You can plant multiple trees near each other without needing to worry about breaking them. Trees also give your character more strength, so they can help you break rocks!

A tree’s stump is a unique item. A tree stump is a remnant of a tree that’s been cut. Unlike the other kinds of tree stumps, these trees don’t count toward your town’s perfect status. 

However, there are some trees that will produce only stumps, so they’re useful in other ways too. One of them is for seating.

Planting a tree will give you money as fruit! Using a golden shovel to bury Bells will give you access to the money trees. The optimal amount of Bells to plant for money trees is 30,000, but this depends on your skill level. 

Once you’ve planted a tree, you can use it for a variety of tasks, such as gathering items and moving them around.


In Animal Crossing, you can have as many trees as long as they have 9 square spaces. However, you have to maintain the number of trees, which is less than 200. This way, Isabel won’t have issues regarding the number of trees you planted. 

Trees have several types; thus, growing the important specie will result in having good output from the trees. You can buy and sell your trees accordingly

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