How Rare Is Julian in Animal Crossing?

Animal crossing always has updates in the game. The recent one has been Julian. And because each character has its own advantages to the player. So you must be wondering how rare Julian in Animal Crossing is? In this article, we will be telling you all information related to Julian.

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Who is Julian in Animal Crossing?

You’ve probably wondered about Julian in Animal Crossing. Well, this game’s new character is definitely a fan favorite. Known as a unicorn and horse, Julian has a wow factor that makes him stand out among the other Villagers. 

His smug personality and music-making prowess make him a great addition to any villager team. 

The smug Villagers are the most popular villagers, and Julian is no different. He’s a gentleman and gets along with most of them, but his over-inflated ego might cause him to rub up against cranky Villagers. The good news is that you can’t offend Julian because he’s also polite! You can even get along with him if you’re friendly with the other villagers.

A Smug villager is someone who is overly appreciative of their own achievements. Julian in Animal Crossing shares this trait with fellow male villagers and is similar to Colton in nature. Julian always talks about his own achievements, but this doesn’t mean that he’s disrespectful of other people! 

In fact, he enjoys talking about his own achievements and that of others! Just because Julian is smug doesn’t mean he’s overly proud doesn’t mean he’s over-appreciative of his own accomplishments!

Things You Didn’t Know About Julian in Animal Crossing

If you’re not familiar with the character, Julian is a male villager from the Animal Crossing series. He has a unique design and is known for his catchphrase, “glitter.” The game’s main character is also a skilled reader and is considered wild and free-spirited. 

As far as appearance goes, Julian is quite odd, having a horn on his head. Julian also has a strange-looking face, with pink-painted eyelids that are always closed and solid white.

One of the first things you’ll notice about Julian is his voice. He has a unique tone of voice and is often praised by the police in books. 

It’s likely he would have risen to dizzy heights if he had the confidence to say “no” to others, but he never acknowledges the assistance of others. Another thing you may not know about Julian is that he was born with twins – Anne and Dick. 

While Julian’s appearance is quite unique, many fans love his unusual color palette. His face is turquoise with a white horn and a purple eye shadow. His eyes are closed but open when he is surprised or shocked. His short horn on his head suggests he is a unicorn. But Julian is more than just a pretty face. 

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How Rare Is Julian in Animal Crossing?

There are many different kinds of villagers in Animal Crossing, and Julian is one of them. This free-spirited character is often restricted to specific types of Villagers. Julian is thus considered to be a very rare character in Animal Crossing. 

He is based on mythological creatures, just like many other characters that fall under this category. Julian might even be the rarest compared to other rare character categories. This makes him a very important character to have on your island, which is totally worth it. 

So, if you want to collect all the sub-type villagers, Julian will continue to be one of the most difficult characters to own. 

Do You Have High Chances Of Finding Julian in Animal Crossing?

Well, the chances for you to have Julian in Animal Crossing are very low because he is a very rare character. In Animal Crossing, there are only about 31 Julians in the game, assuming that you do not have the Amiibo card for scanning.

So, finding him in a natural way will be very difficult but not impossible. Given that you do have his Amiibo card, then you can get Julian for sure on your island. For this, you will have to go to the town hall and scan your switch.


So Julian is one of the recently introduced characters who are very rare. And there are only 31 Julians in the game; that is how rare is Julian in Animal Crossing. But if you have his Amiibo card, you can get him on your island. He will be a great addition to your island because of his positive personality.

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