How to Get Villagers to Request Public Works Projects?

Villagers are important characters living on your island. They come in different personality types. Villagers can help you work on your island. So, how do get villagers to request public works projects in Animal Crossing? We will discuss that in this article.

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Villagers in Animal Crossing

In both Animal Crossing, villagers can be interacted with in various ways. The player can approach them, talk to them, or even push them. The villagers will generally respond to these interactions with relative dialogue or requests. Occasionally, villagers will trigger small games or events based on player actions. 

Positive interactions with villagers will foster friendships. They often talk about the events of the previous day or what you’ll be doing on that day. Some have special dialogue for first interactions with the player. Aside from the animal personalities, there are also some personality types to consider when choosing a villager. 

You can encourage random villagers to move to the town in future releases by providing them with a plot of land to sell. In addition, you can encourage villagers to move to another island by encouraging them to do so. They’ll begin the move-in process the next day. To attract the right villagers, you’ll need to have a plot of land that you can sell, as well as a house.

What Are Public Works Projects in Animal Crossing?

In Animal Crossing, players have the ability to construct both classic buildings and specialty items. Public Works Projects are buildings intended to be placed outdoors. They can be obtained from the Nook Stop. 

You can unlock public works projects in the game by talking to villagers. You can also unlock new projects by participating in ceremony celebrations. In some instances, you’ll have special characters attend the ceremonies. To begin with, you can propose a Public Works Project.

After obtaining 100% approval from the Mayor, you can start building public works projects. These projects are similar to the Town Fund projects in City Folk and the Community Projects in Animal Forest. 

These two types of projects allowed you to add new features to your town. In Animal Crossing: New Leaf, there are a lot more Public Works Projects available. In addition to the buildings, players can also create landmarks and buildings.

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How to Get Villagers to Request Public Works Projects?

Talk to the villagers after you have completed a public works project to get them to request another. This way, you can increase your chances of getting other public works to project. 

Talking to villagers repeatedly won’t trigger the request. You need to approach them and act surprised. It may take a few times for the villagers to request a project, but it’s definitely possible. 

Once you have 100% approval for all public works projects in your town, you’ll be able to build them. Public works projects are similar to Community Projects in Animal Forest and Town Fund projects in City Folk. 

In Animal Crossing, you could place landmarks or features in the town, but there are many more options. And the more projects you finish, the more you can customize your town.

Do Villagers Donate to Public Works Projects?

While it’s possible to donate a small amount each day to various projects, the majority of funding must come from the player. Once you’ve donated enough money, the Lloid will be on site all day collecting donations from villagers. 

Once the project is completed, the villagers will celebrate by pulling out party poppers.

Public works projects include things like benches that allow villagers to sit outside. Building projects can be new structures or expansions of existing buildings. To complete a building project, villagers must donate at least 20 items. 

Luckily, Blathers is helpful in locating these projects. They can help you complete public works projects in your town.

When you build a public work project, you will receive a reward in the form of an extra bridge, a windmill, a fountain, a lighthouse, and a gyroid that you can use to decorate the town. These will all make the game easier to complete as a perfect town! 


So to get villagers to request public works projects, you can simply go to them and strike up a conversation. If you are lucky, they will request public works project. You also need to accept donations and pay the majority upfront. 

Additionally, you can also complete tasks and earn points from different characters who will enable you to build public works. 

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