How to Ride a Tricycle in Animal Crossing?

The animal crossing has a wide variety of features, and one of them is a tricycle. Many users purchase the tricycle but do not know how to use it. In this article, we will be talking about how to ride a tricycle in Animal Crossing and other facts that will be useful for you.

What is A Tricycle in Animal Crossing?

The tricycle is a houseware item that provides 0.5 development points to your island rating. It can be purchased from the Nook’s Cranny for 1,600 Bells, and you can customize the color by speaking to Cyrus on Harv’s Island. In addition, you can find Tricycles in the homes of Benedict, Biskit, Derwin, Sparro, and Astrid. 

Suppose you have the paid Happy Home Paradise expansion pack. Then you can unlock the tricycle after you complete your requests. There are vacation home requests for designing in Animal Crossing. Vacation home designing requests are asked by ten characters in Animal Crossing. The characters are Al, Biskit, Tangy, Sheldon, Bones, Carrie, Marcie, Bree, Nana, and Dizzy.

The tricycle is available in Animal Crossing, and you can purchase a Tricycle at Nook’s Cranny for 1600 Bells or 1400 Poki. You can only purchase one type of tricycle at a time, but if you’re looking to get multiple versions, you can trade them with other ACNH players. 

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How to Ride a Tricycle in Animal Crossing?

When you first start Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you can’t ride a tricycle because they are a display-only type of furniture. So, exploring the Animal Crossing Island cannot be done by riding a tricycle.

The tricycles are an outdoor decorative item. Meaning that they cannot be used by the character to travel. The tricycles are purchased by Animal crossing for embellishing your island to increase the star rating. 

But because tricycles are a decorative item in Animal Crossing. You can customize the tricycles to your choice of color combinations. You can have up to 5 variations on your tricycle. This way, you can match up the aesthetic style of your island in Animal Crossing more conveniently. 

There is Red, Pink, Blue, and White as your main five primary color schemes. And there is a complimentary color option for each 5 of the main color scheme. So, you have choices such as Red and Orange, Pink and Red, Blue and Green, Yellow and Green, and White and Black.

What Can You Do with Tricycles and Bikes in Animal Crossing?

You can only use a tricycle in Animal Crossing for decoration. It does not have any practical use. However, you can make money by selling your tricycle. In case you change your mind and wish to sell off your tricycle, then you can definitely do so. 

Selling your tricycle will give you 400 Bells in return. It is not much compared to the purchasing value of the Tricycles in Animal crossing.

Unfortunately, you cannot ride bikes either in animal crossing. Bikes and Tricycles in animal crossing are only meant to be a part of showcasing your island in terms of aesthetics. There are many such items like Tricycle in Animal Crossing that is only meant to be houseware items. 

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How to Travel Around Islands without Tricycle in Animal Crossing?

In order to travel without a tricycle in animal crossing, you will have to follow the usual norm of booking the tickets, etc. You will have to go to the Resident Services building Terminal. And once you reach the terminal, you will have to purchase the Nook Mile Ticket. 

These will require you to have 2000 Nook Miles in advance. Next, you will go to the airport, and from there, you will speak to Orville. Then present your “travel documents,” which are your Nook Miles Ticket. 

And then, simply select any island in animal crossing that you wish to travel to. Do not forget to mention the reason why you wish to travel to your destination, as Orville will guide you through that process. This way, you can travel across islands with a bike or tricycle in animal crossing.

However, if you wish to travel within your island, then you will have to craft several recipes to finish quests, make new friends, and engineer projects to cross the rivers. This way, you can explore your island and meet new players or villagers.


So, there is no feature that allows you to ride tricycles in Animal Crossing. The only purpose of this item is to be used to decorate your island. You can customize and have variations in your tricycle by going to Harv’s Island and speaking to Cyrus. The only way to explore your island is by building necessary items to venture around.

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