Where To Sell Furniture In Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley features a variety of different furniture that includes chairs, tables, benches, rugs, TVs, and even fireplaces. You can buy furniture from Robin at her shop or from The Traveling Cart which usually appears from time to time. There are also unique pieces of furniture you can get by doing certain tasks like donating to the museum.

However, with a variety of different ways to get furniture, how can you actually sell any of the furniture you collected and racked up over the course of your gameplay? Well, unfortunately for you there is simply no way in normal gameplay to sell any furniture unlike the variety of other stuff you can sell in this game.

That being said, there is a solution available for PC users. And that’s with good old classic mods, and one such example of an excellent mod would be Ship Anything by berkayylmao. This mod pretty much allows you to ship anything as the title suggests including furniture and wallpapers. Best of all, it works with existing save files so it won’t corrupt or damage your current save file.

But if you’re looking to play the game vanilla style or you’re on another platform that doesn’t support mods like the Nintendo Switch then you’re out of luck. However, while you won’t get any money out of it, you can always get rid of any furniture you don’t need or want by having that furniture in your inventory and dragging it into the bin.


There’s pretty much no way of selling your furniture outside of mods. Unfortunately, you’ll have to make do with just deleting it to the bin of your inventory with no monetary gain. That being said, you should consider saving your furniture instead, in case you wish to do redecorating in the future. 

Unique pieces of furniture should be especially cherished as well since there usually isn’t another way to get them. So, don’t be too rash in selling your furniture when there’s plenty of extra room available for storage.

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