Where Is Ryuji At The End Of Persona 5?


I’m a huge Persona fan, and I really connected with the characters and their stories. One character that stood out to me was Ryuji Sakamoto from Persona 5. He’s a rebellious high school student who helps lead the Phantom Thieves, a group that strives to make the world a better place by stealing corrupted hearts. But after the game ends, many of us are left wondering: what happened to Ryuji?

In this article, we’ll take a look back at his journey throughout Persona 5, examining key moments that shaped his character and speculating on his whereabouts after the game. Let’s uncover what happened to our favorite delinquent-turned-hero and find some closure along the way.

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In the ending of Persona 5 Royal, Ryuji Sakamoto, like the rest of the Phantom Thieves, returns to his everyday life. After the final battle, he’s seen attending Shujin Academy, focusing on his studies and training to reinstate his position on the track team, signifying a hopeful future.

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Introducing Ryuji Sakamoto


You’re probably wondering where our favorite rebellious character ends up after the thrilling conclusion of Persona 5, right? Well, let me introduce you to Ryuji Sakamoto, an essential and beloved member of the Phantom Thieves.

He’s a high school student with a strong personality who isn’t afraid to stand up for his beliefs. Throughout the game, Ryuji is a valuable teammate and a loyal friend.

As we progress through Persona 5’s captivating story, we witness Ryuji evolve and mature.

Despite his rough exterior and tendency to act impulsively. He learns from his experiences and becomes more level-headed as time goes on.

His growth is evident as he plays an integral role in taking down. Mighty enemies and helping the team navigate various challenges.

So where does Ryuji end up after it all? Although there’s no definitive answer since each player’s experience may vary slightly due to choices made throughout the game.

One thing is sure: Ryuji remains close friends with the protagonist (Joker) and the rest of the Phantom Thieves.

They’ve been through so much together that their bond is unbreakable – even if they go their separate ways or face new adventures ahead.

This feeling of camaraderie and belonging among these young heroes resonate deeply with fans who have followed their story every step.

The Role of the Phantom Thieves

Diving into the world of Phantom Thieves, don’t you find it fascinating how their roles evolve throughout the game?

The group’s mission is to reform society by changing the hearts of corrupt adults.

All while maintaining their secret identities as high school students. Each member brings unique skills and abilities to the team, making them an unstoppable force for justice.

Ryuji Sakamoto, for instance, is known for his bold personality and strong sense of loyalty.

As Skull, he wields a pipe as his melee weapon and uses a shotgun as his ranged firearm. His Persona often symbolizes rebellion against authority figures – fitting for someone who challenges the status quo.

Throughout Persona 5, we witness members of the Phantom Thieves develop combat power and personal growth. They are constantly faced with moral dilemmas that challenge their beliefs about right and wrong.

Through these experiences, they become more self-aware individuals who question societal norms and values imposed upon them.

For Ryuji specifically, he starts as a reckless troublemaker but gradually learns restraint and becomes more reliable over time.

This transformation can be attributed to his bond with Joker (the protagonist) and interactions with other party members.

As we reach the endgame in Persona 5, each member’s role within the Phantom Thieves has solidified significantly; they have become more vital allies than ever before.

They continue fighting against corruption until eventually achieving their ultimate goal: bringing down Masayoshi Shido – responsible for inciting much of Tokyo’s evil doings – and saving Japan from ruin caused by Yaldabaoth (the Holy Grail).

By doing so, they prove just how far one can come when surrounded by supportive friends willing to fight alongside them every step of the way. And isn’t that something worth cherishing?

Critical Moments in Ryuji’s Storyline

Now let’s dive into some pivotal moments in Skull’s storyline that genuinely showcase his character development and impact on the narrative.

Ryuji, or Skull as he’s known within the Phantom Thieves. Starts as a hot-headed troublemaker with a strong sense of justice.

His journey begins when he and the protagonist accidentally stumble upon the Metaverse, leading them to awaken their Personas and form the initial core of the Phantom Thieves.

Throughout this journey, we witness Ryuji evolve from an impulsive. Individual to someone who learns to channel his anger for good.

One pivotal moment in Ryuji’s storyline comes when he confronts his former track team coach, Kamoshida. Kamoshida had physically abused several students on the team, including Ryuji himself, ultimately resulting in a permanent leg injury for him.

Despite having every reason to seek revenge against Kamoshida for destroying. Both his dreams and friendships and those of others, Ryuji focuses on exposing Kamoshida’s evil deeds. So that no one else would have to suffer as they did.

This decision marks a significant turning point for Ryuji. Showing that he’s willing to put aside personal grudges for the greater good.

Another standout moment occurs during the fight against Shido. Where we see how far Ryuji has come since his early days with the Phantom Thieves.

To ensure their escape from Shido’s collapsing palace, Skull sacrifices himself by staying behind while urging everyone else toward safety.

Although it turns out later that he survived this ordeal (much to everyone’s relief).

This selfless act demonstrates how much growth and maturity our beloved hothead has undergone throughout Persona 5’s adventure.

It also serves as a testament to what I mentioned earlier about belonging – even though these individuals all came together under unusual circumstances, they’ve formed an unbreakable bond that pushes each member towards self-improvement and growth.

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The Climactic Battle


It’s time to explore the climactic battle, where we’ll witness the culmination of Skull’s journey and how his growth truly impacts the outcome.

This epic confrontation occurs in Mementos, a sprawling dungeon within the collective unconscious of humanity.

Our heroes, led by Joker and including Skull, have ventured deep into this mysterious realm to confront the essence of human desire and bring about change for society.

As they delve deeper into Mementos, Ryuji plays an essential role in overcoming various obstacles and defeating powerful foes.

He showcases his newfound strength not only physically but also mentally and emotionally.

Throughout their battles against Shadows (manifestations of people’s distorted desires), Ryuji proves himself to be more than just brute force; he demonstrates genuine compassion for others and a willingness to put himself on the line for his friend’s safety.

The bond between him and his fellow Phantom Thieves grows stronger with each challenge they face together.

The final battle is breathtaking – a valid showcase of what these young vigilantes have become throughout their journey in Persona 5.

As Ryuji fights alongside Joker, Ann, Morgana, Yusuke, Makoto, Futaba, Haru, and Akechi (in Royal) against Yaldabaoth – the god-like figure who seeks to control humanity’s fate – it becomes clear just how far he has come since we first met him at Shujin Academy.

In this momentous showdown where everything is on the line for our heroes, Ryuji stands tall as an integral part of their victory over darkness – proving once again that there is much more to him than meets the eye.

Reuniting with the Phantom Thieves

You’d think the thrilling adventure would be over, but guess what? The Phantom Thieves still have one last surprise up their sleeves for you.

After the climactic battle and defeating the god of control, Yaldabaoth, it’s time to reunite with your fellow teammates who supported you throughout your journey.

This moment is a testament to the strong bonds formed amongst these outcasts as they fight against societal norms and prove that they’re capable of making a change.

  • First off, Ryuji appears at Leblanc café after Joker goes through his trial.
  •  Secondly, you’ll witness Ann walking in with her signature bubbly personality.
  •  Thirdly, Makoto enters, displaying her calm and collected demeanor.
  •  Lastly, Futaba arrives, showcasing her quirky charm.

As each member of the Phantom Thieves walks into Leblanc Café one by one, you can feel a sense of camaraderie within this group of misfits, ready to face whatever new challenges lie ahead together.

Their shared experiences have only made them stronger as individuals and as a team uniting under a common goal – fighting for justice and truth.

The reunion scene at the end of Persona 5 brings about an overwhelming feeling of belonging, not just for Joker but for all those who’ve experienced this remarkable journey alongside him.

Seeing Ryuji and the other members come together once again solidifies that despite any differences or hardships faced along the way, true friendships surpass adversity when forged on mutual trust and understanding.

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Theories on Ryuji’s Fate

In this section, let’s dive into some theories surrounding the fate of a certain blond-haired Phantom Thief and what it could mean for him at the end of Persona 5.

As one of the main characters, Ryuji Sakamoto plays an essential role in the story, and many fans have speculated about his whereabouts following the game’s conclusion.

While there isn’t a definitive answer within the narrative, various interpretations are worth considering.

One theory suggests that Ryuji’s absence after reuniting with his friends is simply because he is busy with other aspects of his life. He could have returned to school or found new responsibilities that kept him occupied.

This theory aligns with a theme throughout Persona 5, which highlights how each character must face struggles and grow as an individual.

In Ryuji’s case, focusing on improving himself outside his role as a Phantom Thief keeps him away from his friends momentarily.

Another possibility presented by fans is that Ryuji’s fate ties into future installments or spin-offs within the Persona universe.

If this were true, it would make sense for developers to maintain a level of mystery around Ryuji’s absence to surprise players later on with new content featuring our favorite track star-turned-Phantom Thief.


In the end, Ryuji’s journey is as captivating as it is mysterious. It’s hard not to feel invested in his fate, especially when comparing the camaraderie of the Phantom Thieves to my friendships.

As I reflect on Ryuji’s story and ponder his whereabouts, I can’t help but hope that he found happiness and a sense of belonging.

After all, isn’t that what we seek in this unpredictable game called life?

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