How To Get Switch Games For Cheap – Tips, Sales & Discounts

As a gaming enthusiast, I often feel like navigating the world of video game sales is akin to embarking on an epic quest for hidden treasure. The thrill of discovering unbeatable deals on Switch games can be almost as rewarding as conquering a challenging level or unlocking a rare achievement.

Fortunately, with some insider knowledge and savvy strategies, you too can become a master at unearthing great discounts on your favorite Nintendo Switch titles.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the pros and cons of physical versus digital Switch games, reveal the best times to snag discounted titles, explore reliable sources for buying used games and highlight current eShop sales. Additionally, we will examine third-party retailers offering enticing price drops and subscription services that provide cheaper access to beloved Switch content.

By following these tips and tricks, not only will you save money but also experience the liberating freedom of expanding your gaming library without breaking the bank.

So grab your trusty controller and join me on this exciting adventure towards more affordable entertainment!

In a hurry? Here’s a quick & short answer that’ll help you out:

To get Switch games for cheap, keep an eye on sales and discounts from Nintendo eShop, retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, and Walmart, or digital marketplaces such as Humble Bundle. Additionally, join online forums or follow deal-tracking websites for alerts on limited-time promotions, bundle deals, and pre-owned game offers.

Physical vs Digital Switch Games: Pros and Cons

When it comes to choosing between physical and digital Switch games, there’s an old saying that goes ‘different strokes for different folks,’ as each option has its own set of perks and drawbacks, such as pricing differences, resale value, and storage space requirements.

If you’re on the hunt for affordable Switch games, understanding these differences will help you make a decision that fits your gaming preferences and budget.

Physical games have their fair share of advantages when comparing digital vs physical Switch games. For one, they tend to hold their value better over time.

This means that if you ever want to resell or trade in a game after completing it or losing interest, you’ll likely recoup more of your initial investment with a physical copy than with a digital one.

Additionally, owning physical cartridges means you won’t need as much storage space on your console since most data is stored on the cartridge itself.

On the other side of the spectrum are digital games; while they might not offer the same resale potential or tactile satisfaction as holding a game case in hand, they do provide some unique benefits.

Digital copies can often be purchased at discounted prices during sales events like those hosted by Nintendo eShop – perfect for gamers looking to build up their library without breaking the bank.

Ultimately, deciding which format suits your needs best boils down to personal preference and priorities when searching for affordable Switch games.

If maintaining a collection of tangible items is important to you or being able to easily resell titles once they’ve served their purpose is a priority – then perhaps opting for physical copies may be the way forward.

However, if saving storage space on your console is essential or taking advantage of online discounts sounds appealing – then going digital could be right up your alley!

The choice is yours; explore both options and find what works best for you while keeping an eye out for tips and sales opportunities along the way!

Best Times to Buy Switch Games at a Discount

It’s crucial to know the right moments for snagging those coveted Switch titles at a fraction of their original cost!

One of the best times to find Nintendo Switch discounts is during seasonal sales, such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday. These events usually take place in November, so if you’re patient enough to wait until then, you can score some fantastic deals on your favorite games.

Retailers often offer significant markdowns on popular titles, making it a great opportunity to stock up on games you’ve had your eye on.

Another excellent time to buy Switch games at lower prices is when they receive post-launch price drops. This typically happens a few months after a game has been released – developers and retailers will often reduce the price once initial demand has subsided.

Keep an eye out for these price drops by following gaming news websites or setting up notifications from online retailers like Amazon or Best Buy. They’ll alert you when there’s a discount available so that you don’t miss any exciting opportunities.

Lastly, make sure to keep track of special promotions and limited-time offers throughout the year that could lead to substantial savings on Switch games.

For instance, various holiday sales (such as Labor Day or Memorial Day) or anniversary celebrations for certain game franchises might present unique chances for grabbing discounted titles.

Additionally, consider signing up for loyalty programs with major retailers; they often provide members with exclusive access to deals and early sale alerts.

By staying informed and proactive about upcoming sales events and promotions, you’ll be well-equipped to seize the best time to buy switch games at incredible discounts!

Buying Used Switch Games: Where to Find Deals

As a gamer always on the lookout for great deals, I’ve found that local game stores, online marketplaces, and trading with friends are excellent ways to find used Switch games at discounted prices.

Local game stores often have sales or trade-in offers where I can pick up pre-owned games at a fraction of the retail cost.

Additionally, online marketplaces like eBay or Facebook Marketplace provide opportunities to snag deals from people selling their used games.

Trading with friends allows me to swap out my completed games for new adventures without spending any money at all.

Local game stores

Don’t overlook your neighborhood game store, where you might snag a great deal on pre-owned titles and even haggle for a lower price. Local game stores often have Nintendo Switch sales that can be more appealing than online deals, as they are focused on building loyal customers in the community.

Plus, buying used Switch games from these stores not only supports local businesses but also gives you the opportunity to inspect the physical condition of the game before purchasing.

Here are some tips to make the most of your local game store experience:

  • Build relationships with store staff: Get to know the employees and owners; they may give you a heads-up about upcoming sales or set aside specific titles for you when they become available.
  • Trade in old games: Many local stores offer trade-in programs where you can get credit towards your next purchase by trading in your old games. This can significantly reduce the cost of acquiring new Switch titles.
  • Check back regularly: Visit your favorite store frequently to stay updated on their latest inventory and promotions. Remember that these small businesses might not always have consistent stock levels or predictable Nintendo Switch sales, so it’s essential to stay informed.

By taking advantage of these strategies and supporting local game shops, you’re not only saving money on buying used switch games but also contributing to a thriving gaming community in your area.

Online marketplaces

You’ll also find fantastic deals on Nintendo Switch games by exploring online marketplaces, so let’s dive into some ways you can maximize your savings.

First and foremost, keep an eye out for sales on popular websites such as Amazon, eBay, Best Buy, and Walmart. These retailers often offer discounts on Switch games, especially during holidays or special events like Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

Don’t forget to take advantage of the price comparison tools available online to ensure that you’re getting the best deal possible. To get Switch games for cheap in these marketplaces, be sure to set up alerts or notifications so you’ll never miss a sale.

Another great way to save money on Switch games is by trading or buying used copies through websites like GameStop, Facebook Marketplace, or OfferUp. Many gamers are willing to sell their gently-used games at a fraction of the retail price once they’ve finished playing them.

This allows you not only to get switch games for cheap but also gives you the opportunity to try out titles without committing a significant amount of money upfront.

When purchasing from other users online though, always remember to verify the game’s condition and check seller ratings or reviews before finalizing any transactions – this will help protect both your wallet and your gaming experience!

Trading with friends

While online marketplaces can be a fantastic source of affordable Switch games, you don’t always have to rely on strangers to snag great deals. Sometimes, your very own circle of friends can be an excellent resource for swapping and trading games, especially if you’re all Nintendo fans.

Trading with friends not only helps you save money by exchanging games without spending a dime, but it also creates opportunities for bonding over shared gaming experiences.

Instead of purchasing multiple copies of the same game among your group, consider taking turns playing through single-player campaigns or lending multiplayer games for gatherings.

This way, everyone gets more variety in their gaming library while minimizing costs. Plus, sharing recommendations and discussing your favorite aspects of the games adds another layer of camaraderie to your friendships!

How to Take Advantage of Nintendo eShop Sales

Finding great deals on Nintendo eShop is easier than you might think! With regular sales events and limited-time offers, it’s a goldmine for scoring your favorite Switch games at discounted prices.

The key is to keep an eye on the eShop and be ready to act when a game you’re interested in goes on sale. You can do this by checking the ‘Deals’ section on the eShop regularly or following social media accounts and websites dedicated to sharing news of Nintendo sales.

Some popular ones include Cheap Ass Gamer, Wario64, and /r/NintendoSwitchDeals.

Wishlisting games for price alerts is another fantastic way to take advantage of Nintendo eShop sales. By adding a game to your wishlist, you’ll receive an email notification whenever its price drops. This makes it super easy to stay informed about discounts without constantly having to check back manually.

To add a game to your wishlist, simply navigate to its page on the eShop, click ‘Add To Wishlist,’ and ensure that your account settings allow email notifications for price changes.

There are also seasonal sales events where multiple titles receive significant discounts; these typically occur during holidays like Black Friday or special occasions such as Nintendo anniversaries. These events usually feature not only first-party titles but also indie gems that might have flown under your radar otherwise!

So be prepared with funds in your wallet or redeemable codes when these sales happen because they’re often some of the best opportunities throughout the year for snagging Switch games at bargain prices.

And remember: patience pays off – if you’re willing to wait for a sale, chances are high that you’ll end up saving big bucks on amazing gaming experiences!

Third-Party Retailers Offering Discounts

Don’t overlook the potential for scoring sweet deals at third-party retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, or GameStop! These retailers often have sales and discounts on Switch games that may not be available through the Nintendo eShop. Plus, they may offer additional benefits like free shipping or store credit with your purchase.

Keep an eye on their websites and newsletters to stay updated on the latest promotions.

  1. Amazon: As a Prime member, you can take advantage of exclusive deals and lightning-fast shipping options. Also, keep an eye out for discounts during events like Prime Day or Black Friday.
  2. Best Buy: Join the My Best Buy rewards program to earn points with each purchase that can be redeemed for future savings. Additionally, check out their Deal of the Day section for daily discounts on popular titles.
  3. Walmart: Walmart often features rollback prices and clearance items in their video game department – make sure to browse regularly as inventory can change quickly.
  4. GameStop: Sign up for PowerUp Rewards to earn points towards future purchases and receive exclusive member-only offers. Don’t forget about their pre-owned game selection where you might find gently used Switch games at lower prices.

By diligently keeping an eye on these third-party retailers’ websites and signing up for any relevant reward programs, you’ll increase your chances of finding great deals on Switch games without breaking the bank!

Embrace your freedom to save by exploring various online platforms and local stores in pursuit of discounted gaming adventures; who knows what exciting bargains await?

Just remember: patience is key when hunting down those elusive cheap Switch games – but it pays off in both joy-filled playtime hours and cash saved!

Subscription Services for Cheaper Switch Games

You’re in luck, as subscription services can be a game-changer for snagging awesome deals on your favorite Switch titles!

There are several subscription-based services out there that allow you to rent and play games at a fraction of the retail cost. These services provide you with access to an extensive library of games, which means you’ll never run out of entertaining content to explore.

One such service is Nintendo Switch Online, which not only allows you to play multiplayer games online but also grants access to a growing library of classic NES and SNES titles.

For just $3.99 per month or $19.99 annually, this service offers excellent value for those who want to dive into some nostalgic gaming experiences while saving money on individual game purchases.

Additionally, being an NSO subscriber sometimes entitles you to exclusive discounts on select digital titles from the eShop.

GameFly is another option worth considering if physical game rentals are more your style. With plans starting at around $15.95 per month for one game out at a time (or $29.95 for two), GameFly lets you rent your desired Switch games for as long as you want without any late fees or due dates – just return it when you’re finished and receive the next game in your queue!

While these monthly fees might seem steep at first glance, keep in mind that they could save you quite a bit over time if renting becomes your go-to method instead of purchasing full-priced new releases regularly.

So go ahead and explore these fantastic subscription options; open up endless possibilities without breaking the bank!

Tips for Finding Hidden Discounts and Price Drops

Let’s dive into some clever ways to uncover hidden deals and snag those price drops, making your gaming experience even more wallet-friendly!

One of my favorite tricks is to search for Switch games on price comparison websites like PriceRunner or ShopTo. These sites do all the heavy lifting for you by comparing prices from various retailers so that you can find the best deal possible.

Another great tactic is to keep an eye on deal and discount forums like HotUKDeals or Slickdeals, where savvy shoppers post their latest finds – often with limited-time discounts or flash sales.

Don’t forget about signing up for store newsletters as well! Retailers like Nintendo eShop, Amazon, Best Buy, and Walmart often send out exclusive offers and promotions directly to their subscribers.

In addition to these newsletters, it’s also a good idea to follow your favorite game stores on social media platforms like Twitter or Facebook. This way, you’ll be among the first to know when they announce special sales events or release limited-time promo codes.

Another lesser-known tip is using browser extensions that automatically apply coupon codes at checkout. For example, Honey and Pouch are two popular options that help save time–as well as money–when shopping online for Switch games.

Additionally, consider setting up price drop alerts on websites such as CamelCamelCamel (for Amazon) or CheapShark (for digital game downloads).

These services notify you when the price goes down on a specific item you’re interested in purchasing–so if patience is one of your virtues; this could lead to substantial savings over time!


In conclusion, getting your hands on cheap Switch games might seem like an impossible quest at times. However, with patience and persistence, you can find some mind-blowing deals that’ll have your game library overflowing in no time.

Keep these tips and tricks in mind as you search for the best discounts, sales, and hidden gems.

You’ll be playing your favorite Switch games for a fraction of the price before you know it!

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