How To Unadopt A Child In Skyrim? – Quick Command Guide

Ah, the vast and mystical world of Skyrim – where you can explore ancient ruins, slay mighty dragons, and even adopt children needing a loving home.

You’ve taken on the noble responsibility of parenthood in this fantastical realm, but what if you want to reverse that decision?

Whether it’s due to a change of heart or simply wanting to try out different children available for adoption, unadopting a child in Skyrim is more complex than one might think.

Fear not, fellow adventurer! This guide will teach you to successfully unadopt your little one and allow you to choose another path.

We’ll walk you through the steps necessary to unadopt your child in this beloved game using console commands.

We’ll address common issues that may arise during this process and discuss what happens to your once-cherished virtual offspring after they’ve been unadopted.

Additionally, we’ll explore whether or not it’s possible to reverse an unadoption command should you have second thoughts about sending your child back into the harsh world of Skyrim alone.

So grab your bow (or sword or staff) and prepare for an informative journey into one of Skyrim’s lesser-known game mechanics, all while satisfying that ever-present desire for freedom within its expansive universe.

In a hurry? Here’s a quick & short answer that will help you out!

Unfortunately, Skyrim doesn’t allow you to unadopt a child directly through its standard gameplay. However, PC users can navigate this with console commands. Enter “setrelationshiprank [Child’s ID] 0”, then “resetAI”. Replace “[Child’s ID]” with your adopted child’s ID, which you can find by clicking on the child in the console (~) screen. Be aware, this modifies game code and can lead to unexpected outcomes.

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Key Takeaways

  • Unadopting a child in Skyrim requires console commands, which can have unforeseen consequences and should be used with caution and responsibility.
  • This irreversible decision carries heavy emotional consequences and may result in the child returning to their original orphanage or finding a new family.
  • Choices in Skyrim have difficulty and repercussions, contributing to the unique story of the player’s adventure in Tamriel.
  • Unadopted children will be safe and cared for, but memories of happier times spent with the child may haunt the player and leave a palpable void.

Steps to Unadopt a Child in Skyrim

Skyrim Command Guide

Shockingly, you can unadopt a child in Skyrim, and here’s how to do it. First, you’ll need to have the game’s PC version, as console versions don’t allow you to use these commands.

Open up your trusty console by pressing the tilde key (~) on your keyboard. Once that’s done, type in ‘set stage’ followed by an adoption quest code (e.g., 00019DF5 for Lucia) and then ’10’ to reset the corresponding quest. This will reverse your decision to adopt that specific child.

Now that you’ve freed up an adoption slot let’s talk about filling it with another child! Wander around Skyrim until you find a new orphan who catches your eye – plenty out there longing for someone like you to take them under their wing.

Remember that the original child may still reside in your home but won’t recognize or acknowledge their previous parent-child relationship with you anymore.

You’re now free to roam Tamriel without any lingering guilt or responsibility from your past choices – remember that this newfound freedom comes at the cost of breaking a little virtual heart along the way.

Common Issues When Using Console Commands

Unsurprisingly, you might encounter a few issues when using console commands in the game, as they can be tricky and unpredictable at times. These powerful tools allow you to bend Skyrim to your will, but with great power comes great responsibility.

You may find that specific commands don’t work as expected or cause unforeseen consequences in your game world.

For instance, while attempting to unadopt a child, you could accidentally delete their character entirely or create an unstable save file that leads to crashes or other technical problems.

To mitigate these risks and ensure a smooth experience, always make sure to follow the steps outlined in guides like this one closely and double-check your inputs before hitting Enter.

Additionally, creating backup saves is highly recommended before making any significant changes with console commands. If something goes awry, you can always revert to a previous state without losing too much progress.

Remember: Skyrim is your playground, a vast realm of endless possibilities where you’re free to explore, experiment, and forge your destiny, so don’t let minor setbacks discourage you from harnessing the full potential of console commands!

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What Happens To The Unadopted Child in Skyrim?

Skyrim Command Guide

When you successfully unadopt a kid in the game, they’ll return to their original orphanage or location, waiting for another chance at finding a loving home.

This decision might weigh heavy on your Dragonborn’s conscience, but remember that Skyrim is a world full of choices and consequences.

It’s not always easy being the hero, but sometimes even heroes must prioritize their adventures over family life.

The child will be safe and cared for in the orphanage or location they return to, so don’t fret too much about leaving them behind.

As you continue exploring the vast realm of Skyrim and uncovering its secrets, know that your unadopted child will also carry on with their life.

When they grow up, they might find a new family someday or forge their own path through this unforgiving land.

Rest assured that whatever decisions you make in this fantastical world are part of your unique journey and contribute to the rich tapestry of stories throughout Tamriel.

Embrace your freedom as the Dragonborn – what makes Skyrim an unforgettable experience!

Can You Reverse The Unadoption Command in Skyrim?

Skyrim Command Guide

Regrettably, once you’ve set the wheels in motion and sent your little one back to their original location, there’s no turning back. The decision is a heavy burden, but like a river carving its way through the landscape of fate, sometimes paths must diverge.

As you ponder upon this irreversible command, it’s essential to consider the following emotional consequences:

  1. Your child may never fully comprehend why they were unadopted and cast away.
  2. You’ll be haunted by the memories of happier times spent with them in your home.
  3. The void left by their absence will be palpable as you traverse Skyrim’s vast expanse.
  4. Fellow adventurers who hear of your actions may judge you harshly or question your moral compass.

In Skyrim, choices are often fraught with difficulty and repercussions that can ripple throughout your gameplay experience.

While reversing an unadoption command isn’t possible, take solace in knowing that every choice made – better or worse – has contributed to shaping a unique story within this rich and dynamic world we love dearly.

Embrace the freedom of navigating life in Tamriel without restrictions; after all, isn’t that part of what makes this game remarkable?

In time, new opportunities may arise for redemption or newfound connections with other NPCs as you forge ahead on your epic journey across this breathtaking land, teeming with adventure at every turn.

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