Top 5 Best Archer Followers In Skyrim 2024 List

Archer Followers In Skyrim

As a seasoned adventurer in Skyrim’s vast and breathtaking world, I’ve come to appreciate the importance of having a skilled archer at my side.

There’s something incredibly satisfying about watching an arrow fly through the air and land with pinpoint precision on a charging bandit or ferocious dragon.

With so many Archer Followers In Skyrim, narrowing down who will best complement your unique playstyle can take time. That’s why I’ve put together this list of the top 5 best archer followers in Skyrim (2024 edition).

So you can experience that same sense of freedom and exhilaration as you traverse this mystical land, knowing that you’ve got one hell of a marksman covering your back.

In this article, I’ll introduce you to five exceptional archers who each bring their distinct personalities, skills, and storylines to enhance your gameplay experience.

They’re not just there for show; these talented individuals have proven themselves time and again as invaluable assets in countless battles against fearsome foes.

Whether you’re seeking stealthy support or someone who can hold their ground alongside you in combat, look no further than these unparalleled companions – because nothing beats exploring the wilds of Skyrim with a true master of the bow by your side!

Key Takeaways

  • The article is about  top 5 best Archer Followers In Skyrim, each with unique skills and storylines.
  • The author stresses the importance of having a skilled archer companion in the game, who can be invaluable in battles against tough opponents.
  • The followers on the list are Aela the Huntress, Faendal, Jenassa, Serana, and Angi, all offering different advantages and ideal for different playstyles.
  • The author’s list is not just for show but is intended to enhance players’ gameplay experience and capture the sense of freedom and adventure in Skyrim.

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1. Aela the Huntress

Archer Followers In Skyrim

You’ll find Aela the Huntress, a true arrow-slinging goddess, as she effortlessly pins precise shots upon your foes. As a member of the Companions and part of the Circle, she’s an expert archer and a fierce werewolf warrior.

You can recruit her by completing ‘The Silver Hand’ questline. Which is easily one of Skyrim’s most thrilling and liberating experiences. Aela’s skills and ferocity make her a perfect companion for those who crave freedom and adventure.

With Aela by your side, you’re free to explore every nook and cranny of Skyrim without worrying about being overwhelmed by enemies.

Her unmatched bow prowess means that even when things get dicey. You can rely on her to thin out adversaries from afar before they even have a chance to harm you.

Plus, having such an experienced hunter at your side gives you unrestricted access to her knowledge. Which includes exceptional stealth tactics. And hunting strategies that’ll leave both bandits and wildlife running for cover.

In short, partnering up with Aela the Huntress is like taking hold of an unbreakable lifeline in this unforgiving world. Allowing you to experience true freedom as you roam across Tamriel’s vast expanse.

2. Faendal

Archer Followers In Skyrim

Don’t underestimate Faendal, an impressive Wood Elf archer hailing from Riverwood. And he’ll surely make a valuable companion in your adventures.

As an expert in Archery, Faendal can be a deadly force on the battlefield if you need reliable ranged support. Even better, he can train you in archery for free!

All you have to do is ask him to follow you after sorting out his little love triangle situation with Sven and Camilla Valerius.

Faendal’s skill set makes him perfect for those who want to focus on stealthy gameplay while dealing massive damage from afar. Check out this table for some of his key attributes:

Attribute Faendal Level 1 Stats Faendal Max Level Stats (Level 30)
Health 50 260
Magicka 50 50
Stamina 95 205

As you progress through your journey together, Faendal will grow stronger alongside you until level 30. Making him an ideal follower for early- and mid-game content.

His talents lie in Archery and Light Armor, Sneak, and One-Handed skills. Invite Faendal on your quest for freedom, and watch enemies fall before your combined might!

3. Jenassa

Archer Followers In Skyrim

Imagine having a fierce and stealthy predator by your side, striking fear into the hearts of your enemies; that’s what partnering with Jenassa feels like.

This Dark Elf mercenary’s prowess in archery and dual-wielding combat makes her an invaluable ally on your treacherous journey through the land of Tamriel. She silently eliminates threats with the precision of a hawk swooping down on its prey.

Jenassa’s abilities and skills are not only impressive but also incredibly adaptive to various situations in Skyrim, allowing you to face any challenge head-on without hesitation:

  • Deadly Accuracy: Her pinpoint precision will leave foes in fear, knowing that one well-placed arrow could instantly end their lives.
  • Unmatched Agility: With Jenassa at your side, you can navigate rugged terrain effortlessly. She gracefully leaps from rock to rock or slips through narrow passages.
  • Fierce Loyalty: Once you’ve hired this skilled warrior, rest assured that she will always have your back and fiercely protect you against any adversary who dares stand in your way.

So if it’s the feeling of absolute freedom and power you seek during your adventures across Skyrim’s vast landscapes, look no further than Jenassa. Her unmatched abilities will ensure that nothing stands between you and the wonders this world has to offer.

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4. Serena

Archer Followers In Skyrim

Have you ever wished for a captivating and enigmatic companion to accompany you on your challenging quests? Look no further than Serena, one of Skyrim’s most intriguing and powerful archer followers.

You’ll encounter her during the Dawnguard DLC main questline, and she quickly proves her worth as a skilled archer with some additional vampiric abilities up her sleeve.

Her mysterious past and unique personality will keep you hooked throughout your adventures together.

Serana’s proficiency in archery is rivaled only by her mastery of necromancy, allowing her to raise the dead to fight alongside you.

This potent combination makes her an invaluable asset when facing hordes of enemies or exploring treacherous dungeons.

Her vampiric nature also grants her immunity to several status effects like poison and disease, ensuring she remains strong while traversing Skyrim’s harsh environments.

And remember that she can turn you into a Vampire, Lord. Talk about embracing freedom! With Serena at your side, you will have an exceptional archer and a captivating character that adds depth to your journey through Tamriel.

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5. Angi

Archer Followers In Skyrim

Feeling the thrill of honing your bow skills with a master sharpshooter, you’ll find solace and camaraderie in Angi’s secluded mountain retreat.

This talented archer is not your ordinary follower; she values her privacy and independence but will gladly share her wisdom with those who seek it.

Nestled away from the chaos of Skyrim’s civil war, Angi’s camp offers a serene environment for training, bonding, and improving marksmanship.

Angi’s expertise becomes especially evident after engaging in her unique archery training course. She’ll put your skills to the test through various challenges while offering valuable advice to improve your abilities further.

In addition to refining your archery prowess, spending time with Angi presents several other perks:

  • A hidden gem: Her remote location ensures that only determined adventurers can discover her sanctuary, making it an ideal spot for peace and tranquility.
  • Free training: Unlike most trainers in Skyrim who demand coins for their services, Angi offers to train you free of charge, a rare gift!
  • The perfect mentor: Her no-nonsense attitude and dedication to archery make her an excellent teacher and companion for aspiring sharpshooters.

As one of the best archer followers in Skyrim (2024 list), Angi provides top-notch instruction and a haven away from the world’s turmoil, truly capturing that subconscious desire for the freedom we all crave.

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