Stardew Valley Do You Think There’s Something Wrong with What I’m Doing – Explained

When you play Stardew Valley, you will come across various characters. One such NPC you will meet is Linus. He will be collecting food from the trash can when you first meet him.

During that encounter, Linus will ask you a question about whether there is something wrong with what he is doing. There will be four different options from which you need to choose the answer. So, if you want to know what the question means or how you should answer it, continue reading this article. 

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Who is Linus in Stardew Valley? 

Linus is a non-playing character in the Stardew Valley game. He is an old villager who lives in a tent. As a player, you can learn more about Linus’ background by getting to know him. He lives on a cliff facing the river towards the north. Unlike other villagers, he prefers to live a solitary life. However, even though he lives alone, he still wants to participate in town events.

She claims that most of the villagers in the town don’t welcome him or want to be his friends. However, Linus still plays a very important role in the game. He has deep knowledge of the mine and can help you. If you accidently pass away in the mines, Linus will take you to your farm.

You can earn friendship points by talking to Linus. Every time you talk to Linus, you’ll earn up to 20 points, and if you’re interrupted, another ten points. You can also earn 150 friendship points by successfully completing delivery quests, though there are other ways to reward him. You can also present him with a gift of food to keep him happy. 

As you build up your friendship with Linus, you’ll gain hearts. His birthday is in Winter 3, and he doesn’t have any family. However, Linus is friends with the wizard. If you want to build a friendship with him, you can give him coconut, cactus fruit, yam, and Dish O’ The Sea. 

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Stardew Valley Do You Think There’s Something Wrong with What I’m Doing – Explained

When you play Stardew Valley for the first time, you will meet a character named Linus. He is an old man who lives alone and doesn’t have any friends. In the game, you might catch Linus collecting waste or throwing away food from George’s trash can.

When you catch him collecting the food, he will explain to you why he is doing it. He will explain to you that the food is still hot and fresh, and if did not eat it, the food will go to waste. Once he explains it to you about it, then he will ask you a question, “Do you think there is something wrong with what I’m doing?”

Once he asks this question, you will have four options to answer it. Option A is “yes, it’s disgusting.” Option B is “no, it is a shame for food to go waste.” Option C is “yes, it is illegal, as it is George’s private property.” Option D is “no but you should stop it and try to get a job instead.”

You have to choose one option to answer his question. This is the actual explanation behind this question asked by Linus when picking food from the trash. You can choose any of the options to reply to his question. Most people either choose option B or option D. If you feel like what he is doing is right, you can choose option B. 

However, if you feel like what he is doing is wrong, you can choose option A or C. If you want to give him good advice, you can choose option D. This way, you can easily choose any of the options to easily give an answer based on your understanding. 

Linus is a lonely villager in the Stardew Valley. He lives in a tent near the mines in Pelican Town. He is considered an outcast and is usually alone in his tent on most days. His favorite food is cooked food, and you can give him a bag of your leftovers if you wish. 

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So, “do you think there is something wrong with what I’m doing?” is a question asked by Linus in Stardew Valley. When you catch him picking waste food from George’s trash can, he will ask you things questions. You will get four different options to answer him. You can choose the answer as per your own judgment in the game.  

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