How to Change Appearance in Stardew Valley?

When you first launch Stardew Valley, you can customize your character’s hair and clothing. The game is quite long, so at some point, you may get bored with the default look and want to change it to a new one. And there is such an opportunity! In this guide, we will show you several ways to change your character’s appearance in Stardew Valley.

Changing the Appearance of a Character in Stardew Valley

The first option we suggest will suit you if you don’t want to use any add-ons. To do this, you need to meet and become friends with the wizard, he is located southwest of Marnie’s Ranch, south of your farm. Having 5 hearts and 500 coins, you can use The Shrine of Illusions to modify your appearance. This is not the most convenient option, so below we will talk about mods to facilitate this process.

There are many mods for Stardew Valley that help you modify your character’s appearance. Mods are a very simple tool. It is most convenient to use them if the player is a PC user. Unfortunately, Mac or Android users can’t install mods. For the rest, we suggest using this link.

When you start a standard game, many perks that mods give you are not available to you. But you can use some cheats, such as Save Editor. Using it, players have the ability to change in-game files before starting the game, so you can edit your character’s appearance and other parts of the game content.

Changing the Appearance of the House and Pets

Changing the look of your home is pretty easy, just download the mod which will help you decorate your home according to your wishes.

It is possible that you are tired of constantly downloading add-ons and mods for the game, so we have good news! To change the appearance of a pet, you do not have to download any mods. You just need to make friends with it up to 4 hearts. Then you should go and use the Temple of Illusions.

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