How to Use Mailbox in Animal Crossing?

Mailbox is an essential feature to connect with your friends and villagers. Though trying to access the mailbox can be tricky at first, you can quickly learn how to use it. In this article, we will show you how to use Mailbox in Animal Crossing.

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What is Mailbox in Animal Crossing?

Your mailbox is a great place to send gifts to friends in Animal Crossing. When you send a gift to a friend, the recipient will probably respond by visiting their mailbox and opening it. 

The first step is to unlock the fourth room. This upgrade will make your house bigger, unlock the left-hand room, and let you access the other locked parts of your house. You can also move your mailbox anywhere you want, and mail will still arrive as usual!

You can also move your mailbox or even customize it! If you want to, you can move your mailbox from one island to another. When you move it, you’ll need to use the bell account that you created in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. 

The game also allows you to move the mailbox to a new island or another part of the city. There are also many customization options that you can choose to make your mailbox unique and your own.

How to Use the Mailbox in Animal Crossing?

In Animal Crossing, the player can purchase a mailbox from Tom Nook at Nook’s Homes. They can be purchased for 5,000 Bells and come in 21 different styles. Each style has a different theme and is themed. 

You can move the mailbox around by standing in front of it and pressing Y to make it move. The mailbox will appear in your inventory after you pick it up. This way, you can move it around freely. The animations for receiving new mail will keep you from accidentally moving it around. If you’ve ever accidentally moved the mailbox, you might want to start again.

The Mailbox in Animal Crossing allows you to store up to 300 letters. You can organize your letters so that your favorite ones will stand out. You can also delete any unwanted letters from your mailbox. To do this, you can press the “-” button on your controller. If you’re still unsure, try to open it a few times until you find something that you really like. You can send a gift to your friend through the Mailbox in Animal Crossing. 

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How Does Mail Work in Animal Crossing?

It works as a communication hub between you and your friends or villagers. In Animal Crossing, you can send letters, cards, and gifts to other players. You can send mail to any villager in the game or even to your future self! 

To register as a mail recipient, you need to visit other players’ islands and interact with them to become one of their registered mail recipients. To send a letter, visit the card booth in Dodo Airlines. There, you’ll see Orville asking you to send a letter to another player. Then, you can choose a recipient from the list.

Animal Crossing, the player can choose to send items via a mailbox instead of a mail delivery. In the Nook Shopping option, the player will receive a letter signed by the character, which will make it easier to recognize the letter. 

If you’re new to Animal Crossing, you can use this feature to build strong bonds with the villagers. The villagers will be happy to receive letters from you and will be glad to help you get settled. The process of sending a letter is simple – simply enter the Dodo Airlines airport and look for the card stand. 

How Do I Open a Mailbox in Animal Crossing: New Horizons?

In the Animal Crossing series, the player has a mailbox on the outside of their house. When the mailbox is full, it shakes violently and beeps loudly. To open your mailbox in Animal Crossing, simply approach the mailbox and press ‘A.’

You can move your mailbox to any area in Animal Crossing. To do so, simply stand in front of the mailbox and press the “Y” button. You’ll see it appear in your inventory. You can then pick it up and move it anywhere you want. It may also be due to the animations that appear when new mail arrives. 


You can use the Mailbox in Animal Crossing to send letters to villagers and receive Tom Nook items and unposted letters. You can also move the mailbox’s position to your desired area. You can have up to 300 letters in your mailbox. And your mailbox will beep if it is full of unread emails. 

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