How Many Homes Can You Design in Happy Home Paradise?

The new expansion pack and the sequence to Animal Crossing: New Horizons, the Happy Home Paradise, have excellent features. One of them is to design and decorate houses. This raises the question, how many homes can you design in Happy Home Paradise. To get an answer to this question, continue reading this article. 

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What is Happy Home Paradise in Animal Crossing?

A happy Home is a place where players can make their villagers’ homes more personalized and more beautiful. Rather than buying new furniture, players can remodel existing homes and decorate their yards. A happy home is an extra item in the game, and players can earn it by improving their villagers’ homes. They can also bring exclusive items back to their homes, such as pets and decorations. 

There is also a new character that This new DLC in Animal Crossing introduces. Lottie, who first appeared in Happy Home Designer. Lottie is now running a business called Paradise Planning, which involves designing vacation homes for Animal Crossing one-percenters. When Lottie first meets with her customers, they have a general idea of what they want and a list of items they need to have in their vacation homes.

Players can purchase this paid DLC expansion separately or with New Horizons. It will not be included in the free Update but is compatible with all previous Animal Crossing amiibos. This new content allows players to create their own unique vacation homes, complete with their own special features. 

How Many Homes Can You Design in Happy Home Paradise?

If you are wondering how many homes can you design in Happy Home Paradise, then here is the answer. You can redecorate up to 10 villager homes per day. There are many new challenges that can be unlocked, but one thing you’ll have to remember is that you’re not limited to just a single island! 

Happy Home Paradise is a new DLC for Animal Crossing, which lets you create beautiful houses for the villagers. In order to complete the game, you need to finish designing 30 homes in Happy Home Paradise. 

While you can design only one home, you can also customize other settings, such as lighting, time of day, and season. As a bonus, the game offers a variety of new items that you can buy, which makes it more fun. 

You can unlock the different features of Happy Home Paradise only after you’ve earned enough skills and upgrades. In addition, you can receive rewards when your clients are satisfied with the results.

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Design Tips for Happy Home Paradise in Animal Crossing

The main thing that you’ll want to do is to build a custom path, as many vacation homes in the game don’t line up with the bridges on their plots.

First of all, it’s important to have a good sense of style and an eye for design. In Animal Crossing, the DLC Happy Home Paradise includes a lot of new items that allow players to express their creativity. The woodland theme is present throughout, with wooden floorboards and furniture. Make sure to use a lot of bright colors to create a fun, colorful space.

To start designing, you must visit your client’s vacation home. If you are remodeling, make sure to add an upstairs. You can also add a second floor to an existing vacation home. The planning office will allow you to select a one or two-story home. A two-story home will automatically add a second floor, but you can also change the floor plan if you want to.

You can unlock different features by upgrading your home. Upon completion, you need to tell Eloise. This is your first payment, which is made of Poki. Once your design is completed, you can move on to the next client or even upgrade to the next level. After the sixth remodels, you can also add a workbench to your office. After the sixth remodels, DIY bottles will start washing up on the beach.

While you can design the exterior of your own home, it’s also fun to redecorate other people’s homes.

If you have a Nintendo Online membership, you can access the website. Once you log in, you can view other people’s designs. You can even follow them. You can also use this app on your phone to view their designs. The website offers more options for sharing your designs with other people, so you can make more friends. This way, you can share your creations with others and earn extra points.


So now the question of how many homes you can design in Happy Home Paradise has an answer. You can design up to 10 houses per day. And you can also decorate your house or that of your friends. The total number of houses you need to design is 30 in order to complete the game.

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