How To Send Envoy In Civilization 6? – Quick Guide

Ever found yourself puzzled by the task of sending an Envoy in Civilization VI? It’s a common challenge, but one that holds the key to gaining power over City-States.

Envoys, the diplomatic representatives of your Civilization, can be your pathway to becoming a Suzerain, unlocking special benefits.

But how exactly do you send them? Our guide simplifies this process, offering a step-by-step approach to mastering this essential aspect of the game.

In a hurry? Here’s a quick & short answer that will help you out!

To send an envoy in Civilization 6, you need to access the City-States Overview tab, not the specific City-State Details screen. From the Overview tab, available Envoys can be placed by pressing the + / – buttons next to their name under the “Envoys” heading. On a Nintendo Switch, press the left and right arrows on the D-Pad to assign Envoys to a city-state.

How to Gain Envoys in Civ 6

You’re probably wondering, “How do I get more envoys in Civ 6?” Well, you’ll be pleased to know there are several ways to rack up these valuable representatives.

The policy of your civilization is one way – certain policies like Charismatic Leader and Diplomatic League can provide you with a steady supply of envoys.

Advancing along the civics tree is another method. As you progress, you’ll unlock new civics that grant envoy bonuses. For instance, the Political Philosophy civic gives one extra envoy upon completion. So make sure to explore and develop your civilization’s culture as much as its technology!

City-states should not be overlooked either! Competing and winning their quests will earn you envoys too. Plus, they provide additional benefits like resources and units when influenced by envoys.

Don’t forget the World Congress either. They sometimes offer resolutions that increase envoy production or award them directly.

But it isn’t just about gathering envoys; it’s about using them strategically for maximum impact on the game world. Balance between building relationships with city-states and competing against other civilizations to ensure your success in Civilization 6!

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Send Envoys in Civ 6

In the grand chess game of world diplomacy in Civ 6, dispatching your emissaries is akin to moving your pawns strategically across the board. Knowing how to send envoys properly can mean the difference between a flourishing empire and an underperforming kingdom.

Here’s a quick step-by-step guide on how to do it:

  1. Open up the city-states screen by clicking on its icon located at the top right corner of your screen. This will show you all available city-states and their respective bonuses.
  2. Select a city-state where you wish to send an envoy. You’ll see a plus sign next to ‘Send Envoy’. Click on that button, then hit confirm on the pop-up window that appears afterwards.

Remember that each envoy sent strengthens your influence over that specific city-state, which could lead towards more favorable dealings in trade or even military support during conflicts. It’s best utilized as part of a broader strategy focusing on diplomacy and building alliances.

Creating alliances isn’t just about who has the biggest army or most advanced technology – it also heavily relies on smart use of envoys. So go ahead and start sending those envoys out today for a more powerful civilization tomorrow!

Strategic Use of Envoys in Civ 6

Mastering the art of diplomacy isn’t only about having a strong military force, but revolves around navigating your representatives throughout the complex world of international politics. In Civilization 6, these representatives are called envoys and they play a critical role in determining your diplomatic relations.

Using envoys strategically can drastically affect the game’s conclusion. Here are some tips to guide you:

  • Allocate your envoys carefully: Focus on city-states with bonuses that align with your civilization or strategy.
  • Monitor other civilizations: Other civilizations will also send their envoys. Keep a close eye on this and fight for control when necessary.
  • Understand envoy benefits: The more envoys you have in a city-state, the more power you have over it.
  • Make use of policy cards: Certain cards like Diplomatic League and Charismatic Leader can offer extra envoy points.

Remember, every decision affects your relationship with other civilizations. Knowing when to send an envoy or when to wait requires keen judgment and foresight. Applying this skill correctly can create beneficial alliances or avoid conflicts.

Keep evolving your strategies because the world of Civ 6 is ever-changing and every move you make impacts the game’s outcome!

Common Mistakes When Sending Envoys in Civ 6

Navigating the intricate web of diplomacy in Civ 6 can be a tightrope walk, and it’s easy to stumble if you’re not careful about your decisions.

One of the most common mistakes is sending envoys without a clear strategy. Don’t just randomly dispatch them; instead, focus on city-states that align with your overall game plan.

For example, if you’re aiming for a scientific victory, concentrate your envoys on scientific city-states like Geneva or Hattusa. This mistake of not targeting specific city-states often leads to wasted potential and missed opportunities.

Another common pitfall is neglecting the influence of other civilizations over the city-states. Always keep an eye on who else is courting your targeted city-state. If another civilization has already established strong ties with it, you might want to redirect your efforts towards a less contested one.

Furthermore, avoid holding onto envoys without using them immediately unless there’s a strategic reason for doing so. Every turn spent waiting is potential power and bonuses lost.

Remember that every envoy counts in this game of power and alliances. It’s essential to use them wisely and strategically rather than dispatching them without considering their true value in your journey towards victory.

How Can I Earn More Envoys?

Boosting your diplomatic influence and earning more representatives in city-states can be a game-changer, so you’ll want to know the best ways to achieve this. There are several strategies you can employ to garner more envoys in Civilization 6.

One strategy is through policies that grant additional envoys. For instance, the policy ‘Charismatic Leader’ gives an extra envoy every turn while ‘Diplomatic League’ doubles the first envoy sent to each city-state.

Another approach is by completing city-state quests. These tasks vary from training specific units to sending trade routes, and accomplishing them will reward you with additional envoys.

Here’s a quick comparison:

Policies like Charismatic Leader & Diplomatic LeagueGives Extra Envoy/Envoys per Turn
Completing City-State QuestsRewards Additional Envoys

Don’t forget that advancing in eras also awards extra envoys. Moving from one era (like Ancient) to another (like Classical) grants bonus envoys as well.

So keep an eye out for those policies and quests, and strive for progress! It’s all about using your resources wisely and keeping focused on your diplomatic goals – this way, more envoys will naturally follow.

What Happens if I Remove Envoys From a City-State?

Understanding the consequences of removing envoys from a city-state is just as important as knowing how to acquire more. When you choose to remove envoys, it’s crucial to keep in mind that it will change the dynamics of your relationship with that city-state.

In Civilization 6, withdrawing an envoy diminishes your influence over the specific region. This can lead to losing access to certain bonuses and resources provided by the city-state if you fall below their required threshold. For instance, if you had three envoys granting you +4 culture in your capital and then remove one, your bonus would decrease to +2.

Additionally, if another civilization has more envoys in a city-state than you do after removing yours, they can become the new suzerain of that state. As the suzerain, they will gain exclusive benefits such as additional resources or units, giving them an advantage in the game.

Therefore, while reassigning envoys can sometimes be advantageous for adjusting strategies or focusing on other areas, it is not without its risks. Always weigh these risks against potential rewards before making such decisions during gameplay.

How Can I Leverage Suzerainty for my Civ’s Advantage?

Now that you understand the implications of removing envoys from a city-state, let’s look at how to strategically utilize Suzerainty for your civilization’s benefit.

Gaining Suzerainty over a city-state in Civilization 6 can offer a number of strategic advantages.

  • Access to Unique Bonuses: Each city-state offers exclusive bonuses which only their Suzerain can gain access to. These benefits can range from extra amenities, additional science points, or military units. For example, if you are the Suzerain of Jerusalem, any cities within ten tiles will be converted to your religion. Being the Suzerain of Brussels gives bonus production towards wonders. If Hattusa recognizes you as their Suzerain, they will provide one of every strategic resource that you have revealed but do not own.
  • Military Support: As a Suzerain, city-states will join your side during wars. Their military units can serve as a valuable buffer against enemy forces.
  • Influence on World Congress: City-states under your sway contribute towards your total votes in the World Congress. This advantage can have a significant effect on diplomatic victories.

Keep these points in mind when deciding where to send envoys and become more than just friendly with cities—become their leader! Use this strategy effectively for great benefits throughout your game journey.


Mastering the art of envoy dispatch in Civ 6 is no easy feat. It requires strategy, precision, and a deep understanding of game dynamics to be successful.

But with practice, you can become a master of winning city-states to your side and manipulating Suzerainty for your benefit.

Just remember to avoid common mistakes and to constantly look for new ways to gain envoys.

Good luck and have fun!

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