Top 7 Best Races In Starbound – The Ultimate List

Hey everyone! If you’re a fan of Starbound, then you know that the game is full of unique and thrilling races. From robotic aliens to sentient plants, there are plenty of characters to choose from when playing the game. But which race should you pick? As an experienced player, I’m here to tell you all about my top picks for the best races in Starbound.

You may be wondering why these particular races stand out amongst the rest. Well, they each bring something special to the table that makes them unique and exciting. Whether it’s their abilities or backstory, these races have something going for them that sets them apart from all others. You won’t find any boring old archetypes here – only truly memorable creatures with interesting stories behind them.

So without further ado, let me share with y’all my list of the most fantastic and fun races in Starbound! Get ready for some amazing adventures as we dive into this world of intergalactic exploration and discovery!

Does Race Matter In Starbound?

Does race matter in Starbound? As with any RPG, the choice of a character’s race can have an impact on their capabilities and how they interact with the world. The various races in Starbound offer different abilities, strengths and weaknesses that are unique to them, which gives players plenty of options when creating a new character.

It also means that there is no single “best” race for every player; what works best for one person may not be ideal for another. That said, some races stand out from the rest due to their exceptional qualities or interesting backstories.

The Avian race stands apart as one of the most popular choices among Starbound fans due to its flight capability and strength in close combat. They possess sharp claws and powerful wings, making them adept at both aerial assaults and ground battles. In addition to their physical traits, Avians have strong cultural ties to technology – something that makes them particularly appealing to tech-savvy players.

Finally, they are incredibly resilient creatures who carry themselves with dignity while bearing difficult burdens such as prejudice or loss. With all these benefits combined, it’s easy to see why many choose this particular race above all others. Transitioning into the subsequent section about ‘avian race’, let us explore more about this fascinating species in greater detail.

1. Avian Race

The avian race is one of the best races in Starbound. They are incredibly agile and can fly, making them great for exploring areas that are difficult to reach by foot or vehicle. Their feathers also make them resistant to extreme temperatures, so they can withstand a wide range of environments without issue.

One advantage that comes with playing as an avian character is their ability to dig quickly. Digging tunnels beneath the surface allows players to explore new areas faster than if they had been on foot or using vehicles. This makes it easier to find ore deposits, hidden items, and secret passages—all essential elements for progressing through the game.

Avians have access to some powerful weapons too! The plasma cannon is one such weapon which does considerable damage at close range while still being effective from afar. On top of this, avians have access to tech upgrades which allow them to use various gadgets like jetpacks and energy shields, giving you an edge when fighting enemies or traversing dangerous terrain.

In addition to all these advantages, avians look pretty cool! With brightly colored feathers adorning your character’s wings and headgear made out of metal scraps found around the universe, you’ll be sure to stand out amongst other races in-game. All these factors combined make choosing an avian character one of the best choices any player could make when creating a character in Starbound. Moving on then to apex race…

2. Apex Race

Apex of agility, artfulness and acumen; these are the traits that define the Apex race. Originating from an arid planet within a distant sector of space, they were once a warring people whose only refuge was to flee from their home world. Now, they have become one of the most advanced species in the entire universe due to their tech-savvy intellects and natural aptitude for engineering.

The average Apex stands at around two meters tall with slim builds made up mostly of lean muscle mass. They possess impressive dexterity and can even go toe-to-toe with some Avian martial artists in terms of speed and accuracy.

Their bodies are covered in fur which ranges between shades of black, gray and white depending on gender. The fur is often matted down against their skin, giving it a sleek yet fluffy look when inspected closer.

Also setting them apart from other races are their distinctive triangular ears which grow larger as they age along with long tails full of tufted hair ending in sharp points like arrows pointing towards danger or adventure!

Although not known for having any supernatural abilities per say, Apexes’ innate understanding of technology gives them access to weapons far more powerful than those found among other races in Starbound – making them formidable opponents if ever crossed!

All this combined makes Apex one of the most sought after species amongst travellers looking for a challenge or just someone who can help fix things quickly without much hassle.

Whether its gunning down enemies by using advanced machinery or outsmarting adversaries through cunning wit; no matter what situation you find yourself in – there’s always an Apex nearby ready to lend a helping hand (or paw). With such adaptability and skillful prowess, it’s easy to see why they’ve earned their place amongst the greatest races in all of starbound.

3. Floran Race

The Floran race is one of the most unique and interesting races in Starbound. These humanoids have a plant-like appearance, with green skin, leafy hair, and two long antennae protruding from their heads. They are also incredibly strong and agile, making them excellent fighters. Here are some reasons why they’re one of the best:

  • Adaptability – Florans can quickly adapt to new environments due to their ability to survive almost anywhere.
  • Resourcefulness – Florans are extremely resourceful when it comes to finding food or materials for crafting weapons.
  • Strength – Their strength makes them formidable opponents in combat and capable of taking down enemies much bigger than themselves.

The Floran race’s distinctive features make them an intriguing addition to any Starbound game. Despite being nonhumanoid aliens, they still fit into many different societies thanks to their intelligence and open-mindedness.

Plus, they’re just plain fun! Whether you’re looking for an ally or an enemy in your adventures across space, a Floran will never fail to surprise you. With all these benefits, it’s no wonder that so many people choose the Floran race as part of their journey through Starbound.

Their special abilities allow them to explore unfamiliar lands without fear while collecting valuable resources along the way. As we move on to discuss another alien species in Starbound — the Glitch Race — we’ll be able to further appreciate how diverse this universe truly is!

4. Glitch Race

Moving on from the Floran Race, let’s now talk about Glitch Races. Created in a lab, these creatures have been altered to be able to survive and thrive in every environment imaginable. They come with an enhanced intelligence that rivals even the smartest of species. Not only are they smarter than many other races but they also possess superhuman strength, agility, and speed.

Enhanced IntelligenceEasily DistractedAdaptable
Superhuman StrengthNo Natural InstinctsSocial Skills
Agility & SpeedFragile Physical FormResourcefulness

The Glitches can adapt themselves to almost any situation due to their enhanced intelligence as well as their ability to think quickly and problem solve effectively. This makes them great strategists and inventors who can create complex machines or gadgets when needed.

On the flip side, since they weren’t born into nature like most species, this causes them to lack natural instincts which make it difficult for them to understand certain concepts such as emotions or morality.

Their physical form is also quite fragile making them vulnerable in combat situations however; because of their incredible speed and agility they can dodge attacks fairly easily. Lastly, Glitches are incredibly resourceful beings capable of building things out of seemingly nothing at times.

Overall the Glitch race has its own unique set of strengths and weaknesses that help define what kind of people they are while still being universally accepted by all other species across the universe.

While not perfect in every regard, their impressive skillset gives them plenty of advantages over other races making them one of the best choices if you’re looking for someone reliable yet powerful enough to handle tough challenges head-on! Now let’s look at how Human Races compare…

5. Human Race

The Human race is one of the best races in Starbound for many reasons, and some of the reasons are:

  • Intelligent: Humans have a natural affinity for learning and development, making them great at understanding new concepts quickly.
  • Adaptable: Humans can adjust to different environments with ease, meaning they can live virtually anywhere and thrive.
  • Creative: With their ingenuity and resourcefulness, humans are able to think outside the box and come up with unique solutions to problems.

Humans also have access to powerful weapons and tools that make them formidable opponents in battle or when exploring dangerous areas. On top of this, they possess an array of social skills which enable them to interact well with other species and form strong alliances. All these qualities make them excellent candidates for any spacefaring adventure!

In addition, humans have a long history of exploration which gives them a deep appreciation for diverse cultures and ways of life that no other race can match.

From discovering ancient ruins on distant planets to uncovering forgotten secrets within star systems far beyond our own, there’s always something exciting waiting around every corner for human adventurers. So if you’re looking for an interesting journey filled with surprises, then look no further than choosing the human race as your starting point!

Their adaptability and creativity makes the human race one of the most versatile options available in Starbound; perfect for those who want to experience all the game has to offer without being limited by their chosen species’ abilities.

And with their knack for problem-solving and keen eye for detail, it’s easy to see why so many opt to go down this path when deciding what kind of character they’d like create in Starbound.

With their intelligence, versatility, and unwavering spirit of exploration, it’s clear why humans are among the best races in Starbound – giving players plenty of opportunities discover incredible places while still having fun along the way. Transitioning now into discussing another popular choice – The Hylotl Race…

6. Hylotl Race

The Hylotl are one of the best races in Starbound. They have a unique look and feel that set them apart from other races, with their playful attitude and friendly disposition. Their culture is based on art, music, and nature – making them incredibly appealing to many players looking for an immersive experience.

Beautiful aestheticsLow health pool
Friendly dispositionWeak melee combat
Unique cultural identitySlow movement speed

Coming up against a Hylotl may not be as intimidating as some of the other creatures you’ll find throughout your journey, but they can still provide a challenge if you’re not careful. One thing that makes them particularly dangerous is their ability to cast spells quickly and accurately; this means you should always watch out for any magical attacks coming your way!

Despite their weaker stats when it comes to physical combat, they make up for it with their intelligence and agility. With these advantages, they can take down opponents more powerful than themselves if used correctly.

The Hylotl race is certainly one of the most interesting choices for those who want something off-the-beaten path when playing Starbound. Their creative personalities combined with their unique abilities make them highly enjoyable companions during your adventures through space.

To transition into the next section about Novakid Race: While the Hylotl focus heavily on magic and artistry, the Novakids bring a different kind of uniqueness to the game – combining science fiction elements with steampunk style technology.

7. Novakid Race

The Novakid race is like a star shooting across the sky – captivating, mysterious and unbelievably beautiful. They are one of the most unique races in Starbound due to their humanoid form but with extra-terrestrial features. With tall, slender bodies encompassed by an aura that radiates warmth and energy, these space nomads have a special connection to the stars above.

Novakids have many abilities which make them stand out amongst other races. Their skin has a natural resistance to fire, making it more difficult for enemies to harm them.

Additionally, they can use technology far better than other species as they possess advanced knowledge on how to work with machinery. Moreover, they boast impressive mental powers such as telepathy and mind control over weaker creatures or NPCs in game.

Their culture is also something extraordinary; peaceful travellers who roam the universe searching for new worlds and people to meet along their journey. This makes them incredibly open minded when meeting new allies and foes alike – being willing to cooperate even with those not originally from their own solar system!

Novakids are truly amazing beings that bring so much life into Starbound’s world. Not only do they offer players an exciting experience through their incredible capabilities but also provide companionship that goes beyond just gaming fun. As we move onto discussing unique abilities for each race, let us remember the Novakids’ contribution in creating this vibrant universe filled with adventure and mystery!

Unique Abilities For Each Race

The races in Starbound are all unique and offer different abilities. The Apex, for example, have the ability to craft advanced technology and use it to their advantage. They also possess enhanced strength, speed and agility which makes them great warriors.

The Avians are a race of feathered people who can fly using their wings, giving them access to places that other races wouldn’t be able to reach. Their sharp talons also make them excellent combatants.

The Florans are plant-like creatures with natural armor that allows them to take more damage than most other races. They also have quite sharp claws which give them an edge when fighting enemies up close. Finally, the Glitch are robotic beings whose main power is hacking into systems and manipulating tech around them in order to gain an advantage during battle.

Each of these races provides interesting combat mechanics and strategies depending on what type of character you choose to play as in the game. With their respective advantages, they provide players with many opportunities to create powerful characters or devise unique ways to defeat opponents. Transitioning between each race’s capabilities offers plenty of room for creativity when playing through the game.

Combat Mechanics And Strategies

Now that we’ve discussed the unique abilities available to each race, let’s talk about combat mechanics and strategies. Whether you’re a Human or a Glitch, it pays to know your way around a fight in Starbound. Every race has its own strengths and weaknesses when it comes to fighting, so knowing how best to make use of those is essential for success.

Humans have an advantage over most other races due to their superior physical strength and speed. They can make quick work of many opponents with their powerful melee weapons and power-ups like healing items and shields.

The downside is they don’t have access to any special attacks or spellcasting abilities. To win against tougher enemies, Humans must rely on good timing, careful positioning, and clever tactics.

Glitches are known for their formidable technological prowess as well as their ability to manipulate energy fields. In battle, this means they can deploy powerful energy blasts from afar while staying relatively safe behind cover.

They also possess some defensive options such as deflector shields that can protect them from incoming damage sources. Unfortunately, Glitches lack the raw physical strength of the other races which makes them vulnerable up close and puts them at a disadvantage in hand-to-hand fights.

Novakids are all about agility and style in combat – dodging out of harm’s way while raining down deadly shots on unsuspecting foes with their blasters or throwing knives before disappearing again into the shadows.

Their biggest asset is undoubtedly their stealthiness; Novakids can slip past security with ease thanks to their natural cloaking abilities which allows them to blend into environments almost perfectly!

By combining these different skillsets together intelligently, players can create devastatingly effective strategies tailored specifically towards whatever challenge they face in Starbound – ensuring victory no matter what enemy stands before them! Moving forward we’ll explore achievements & rewards available throughout the game that help further motivate players along their journey

Achievements And Rewards

I’m sure most of us avid Starbound players have experienced a great race and thought, “this is the best one yet!” It’s incredible how much variety there is in this game.

From the different races to their unique abilities and playstyles, it’s no wonder people keep playing over and over again. But what are some of the rewards you can get while playing these awesome races? Well, let me tell you!

The first reward that comes to mind when I think about achievements in Starbound is gaining experience points (XP). These XP can be gained from completing missions or defeating bosses.

You gain more XP as you progress through the levels and become better at your chosen race. As you level up, you’ll unlock new items, weapons and upgrades for your character which will help make them even stronger.

Another reward for doing well in a particular race is earning star fragments – special currency used to purchase rare items like armour sets and ship upgrades. This gives you an edge against other players trying to complete the same mission or tasks as you are. Additionally, depending on how successful you are with certain missions, they may also give out special medals or badges that mark your accomplishments throughout your journey.

Finally, if all else fails but you still come away victorious after playing a specific race, then don’t forget about bragging rights! Whether it’s boasting amongst friends or showing off online via social media sites – everyone loves feeling proud of themselves after achieving something hard-earned!


When it comes to playing Starbound, which race you choose matters. Each race has unique abilities and combat mechanics, as well as rewards and achievements that can be earned in-game. It’s up to the player to decide what works best for them when choosing a character – though who am I kidding? Everyone wants to play an Apex!

The irony of this situation is that while many players pick their favorite race based on looks or powers, they don’t always end up winning. In fact, sometimes the most unlikely characters have been known to come out victorious in battle despite being at a disadvantage due to their species. This goes to show that even if you’re not playing your favorite race, you still might win with the right strategy and tactics.

Ultimately, whatever race you choose in Starbound doesn’t matter so much as how well you know the game and use its features wisely. So next time you log into Starbound, remember: no matter what your choice of species may be, victory ultimately lies within yourself!

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