How To Move Bed In Stardew Valley? (Easy Guide)

Are you feeling overwhelmed with the thought of moving your bed in Stardew Valley? Don’t worry, it’s easier than you think! Moving a bed has never been simpler or more fun – it’s almost like magic.

In this article, we’ll give you all the tips and tricks you need to move your bed in no time flat. Get ready to make some big changes in your farmhouse as if by sorcery!

Moving furniture around can feel intimidating when first starting out on Stardew Valley. But don’t let that fear keep you from taking advantage of all the customization options available for decorating your home.

With just a few clicks and drags, you can create the perfect living space for yourself and your family. You may even find yourself inspired to begin redecorating other areas of the game!

By following these steps carefully, anyone can learn how to move their bed in Stardew Valley quickly and easily. Whether you’re an experienced player looking for some design ideas or a beginner who needs help getting started, this guide will get you up and running fast.

Read on to discover exactly what steps are needed to make sure your bedroom is always picture-perfect!

To move a bed in Stardew Valley, first, clear enough space in your farmhouse where you want the bed relocated. Next, right-click and hold on the bed to pick it up, then move to the desired location and left-click to place it. Keep in mind that only the default brown bed can be moved. For further customization options, visit Robin’s Carpenter Shop to upgrade your farmhouse or purchase new bed designs.

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How To Obtain The Bed

Obtaining a bed in Stardew Valley is relatively easy. To begin, you’ll need to visit the carpenter’s shop in town and purchase one of the beds on offer there.

The cheapest bed will cost 500 gold coins so make sure you have enough saved up before making your purchase. Once you’ve bought the bed, it will automatically be placed at the entrance of your farmhouse. You can also craft some beds yourself with materials obtained from foraging and fishing around Pelican Town.

If you’d prefer something more luxurious then you can upgrade your bed by either buying or crafting a deluxe version. This upgraded version provides greater restorative benefits while sleeping but costs significantly more than its basic counterpart – 1,500 gold coins to be exact!

Finally, if money isn’t an issue then why not spoil yourself even further with a cabin-style bunkbed? This bespoke piece of furniture comes equipped with two beds, both offering superior restorative qualities that can help keep energy levels topped up throughout the day.

It may take some time to save up for this luxury item but it will certainly pay off in terms of convenience and comfort when those long days out in the fields come to an end! With all these options available, finding the perfect bed for your needs should be straightforward.

Can You Move Your Bed In Stardew Valley?

Have you ever had the urge to move your bed in Stardew Valley? I’m sure we’ve all been there. Sure, it’s a little bit of work but what if you just wanted to change up the scenery or add a splash of color?

Well, luckily for us, Stardew Valley has got our backs! It turns out that yes, you can actually move your bed in Stardew Valley…and it’s surprisingly easy.

The first step is to head over to Robin’s carpentry shop and purchase yourself some furniture moving items. While they don’t come cheap (at least 500 coins!), they are essential if you want to move your bed anywhere else on the map.

Once these have been purchased, simply select them from your inventory and hover over the bed; a “move” option will appear at the bottom left corner of the screen. Click this option then confirm where you want the bed moved (keep in mind that beds cannot be placed outside).

From here, it’s as simple as selecting where exactly you’d like your new piece of furniture located within its new room – making sure not to overlap any other existing objects – and paying up whatever amount Robin requests for her services (which should be an additional 500 coins). Finally, once everything is paid for you’ll be able to enjoy your newly relocated bed!

So next time you’re feeling a little stir-crazy inside Pelican Town, why not give something as small as rearranging your home decor a go? You might surprise yourself with how much more comfortable and inviting your living space feels afterwards – no matter how far away from those cozy sheets on The Farm!

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How To Move Bed In Stardew Valley?

Moving your bed in Stardew Valley is a great way to switch up the look of your home. It’s easy and simple, but it can make all the difference! Here’s how you can do it:

First, head over to Robin at the Carpenter’s Shop. She’ll be able to help you out with this task and will provide you with the material needed for moving your bed. After that, go back home and open up your toolbox on the left side of your screen. You should see an option called “Move Bed”. Clicking this button will allow you to move the bed around wherever you please within your house or cabin.

Once you’ve chosen where you want to place your new bed, simply click on it and drag it where ever you’d like. You can also rotate it by pressing R as well if needed. When everything is just right, press OK and voila –you’ve moved your bed!

Now that wasn’t too hard was it? With these few steps, now your bedroom looks brand new without breaking any sweat! So what are you waiting for? Get ready to spruce up those walls with some pretty wallpaper while you’re at it too!


In conclusion, moving a bed in Stardew Valley is possible and can be done with relative ease. All you need to do is purchase the bed from Robin’s shop and then use your tools to move it around your farm or house.

With this newfound knowledge, you now have the ability to rearrange furniture as much as you’d like! This simple task can make all the difference when decorating and customizing your home in Stardew Valley.

Interestingly enough, over 15 million copies of Stardew Valley have been sold worldwide, making it one of the most successful indie game franchises ever released.

So if millions of people are enjoying this great game, why not join them by getting creative with where you put things? Have fun and get creative with how you want to design your dream home in Stardew Valley!

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