How To Kill NPCs In Starbound? – Quick Guide

Have you ever wanted to know how to kill NPCs in Starbound? If so, then this article is for you! Killing Non-Playable Characters (NPCs) can be a tricky thing. But don’t worry – with the help of this quick guide, you’ll soon be able to take them out without any hassle.

In this article, I’m going to show you exactly what steps you need to take in order to eliminate those pesky characters from your game world. From gathering weapons and equipment, to actually taking down the target – it’s all here waiting for you. So let’s get started!

If there are any lingering questions or concerns about killing NPCs that may not have been answered by this article, feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of the page and I’ll do my best to answer them as quickly as possible. Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s dive into learning how to kill NPCs in Starbound!

1. Break Stuff

Did you know that in Starbound, the player can interact with NPCs to make them angry? It’s an interesting way of leveling up and gaining rewards. In this quick guide, we’ll explore two strategies for killing NPCs: breaking stuff and stealing stuff.

First off, let’s talk about breaking things to make NPCs angry. To do this, simply find items around their environment like furniture and decorations and break them.

This will cause the NPC to become hostile towards the player. You can also use weapons or other tools to damage structures too! Breaking these objects gives a good chance of making the NPC mad enough so they attack you on sight.

Another strategy is to focus your aggression on specific items belonging to an NPC—like crops they may have planted or animals they own—and destroy those instead. By taking away something important from the NPC it increases chances of provoking them into attacking you back.

In addition, remember that not all NPCs are hostile when provoked by broken objects; some might just be scared! If you want to ensure a fight breaks out, try damaging multiple objects within view of the same character – that should send a clear message that there’s no avoiding conflict! With these tips in mind, let’s move onto how to steal stuff from them to make them even angrier…

2. Steal Stuff From Them

Stealing from NPCs can be a quick and easy way to make them angry. All you need to do is find something that belongs to an NPC, pick it up, and walk away with it. This will cause the NPC to become enraged and start attacking you.

Keep in mind that some items are owned by specific NPCs, so stealing from one might anger another nearby. You should also watch out for guards or other hostile entities who may come after you if they see what you’re doing.

If you want to get even angrier reactions from NPCs, try taking valuable items such as rare materials or weapons. They’ll go into a frenzy trying to protect their possessions, giving you plenty of time to run away before they catch up with you! Just remember not to steal too much – otherwise they’ll eventually give up chasing after you and forget about the whole thing.

Another option is to take things without actually picking them up – like breaking furniture or destroying objects around the environment. While this doesn’t always work on its own, combined with stealing stuff it can really push an NPC over the edge! Make sure there’s enough chaos around for them to notice it and start getting mad at whoever caused all the destruction though; otherwise this tactic won’t work either.

Once your target has been sufficiently provoked, use molotovs or other powerful weaponry against them until they die. Be careful when using these items though; if used incorrectly they could end up hurting more than just your intended targets!

3. Use Molotovs

I’m sure you’re eager to learn how to kill NPCs in Starbound. Well, one way is with Molotovs! These are powerful weapons that can be used against enemies and non-player characters alike.

To use a Molotov, simply equip it from your inventory or hotbar and throw it at the NPC you want to take out. You’ll need to stand far enough away so that the flames don’t hurt you too much but close enough for the explosion to reach its target.

Once thrown, watch as the flames engulf your enemy and they will die instantly! It’s really quite satisfying – just make sure you have enough of them before attempting this method since they tend to go quickly.

Keep in mind that certain types of NPCs may not be affected by fire damage, such as robotic ones. For these cases, another weapon might be more effective. Also note that if there is nearby furniture or objects on fire, an errant Molotov could catch those alight too – so keep an eye out for any collateral damage!

Now let’s move onto dropping lava on the and make sure you keep your distance from the lava, as it can become quite hot and cause severe burns!

4. Drop Lava On Them

Moving on from using Molotovs to kill NPCs in Starbound, the next step is to drop lava on them. Lava can be found at deeper levels of the underground and it works effectively as a tool for eliminating any hostile NPC that you encounter.

To do this, simply stand close enough to your target that they will begin attacking you and then dig down until you find some lava. Once you locate it, grab a bucket with which to carry it up to the surface level and dump it directly onto your enemy!

Using lava eliminates enemies instantly without having to worry about their health bar or wait for them to die over time. It’s also very easy to use since all you need is a bucket, so no special tools are required either.

Plus, if there are multiple targets nearby, one bucket of lava can take care of them all simultaneously! That said, keep in mind that dropping too much lava around yourself could cause damage if not careful – so watch out for where the flow goes when pouring it out.

Another thing worth noting is that while effective against single enemies or small groups of foes, large numbers may require more than just one bucketful of molten rock. In such cases, consider digging out an area where several rivers of liquid fire converge before setting off towards your destination – this way more adversaries can get caught up in its destructive path!

Lava makes quick work of hostile NPCs but remember that using poison is another viable option too.

5. Use Poison

Poison is a great way to take out pesky NPCs in Starbound. It’s easy to get your hands on, and it will quickly dispatch any NPC that gets in your way. To use poison, you’ll need a bottle of Poison from the merchant at Outpost or through exploration.

Then fill up the bottle with water from any source, and add one drop of poison for each target you want to kill. When ready, simply throw the poisoned water onto an NPC – they won’t even know what hit them!

Once you’ve thrown the poisoned water onto an NPC, they will die within seconds. There’s no mess or fuss involved either; no body remains after death so you can easily move on without worrying about clean-up. Keep in mind that using this method may result in others knowing something happened if there are witnesses around; however, it can be used as a quick and efficient way to eliminate enemies when needed.

Now that we’ve covered how to use poison to fight off NPCs in Starbound, let’s look into what command is necessary to take out an NPC directly?

What Is The Command To Kill An Npc?

The question of how to kill NPCs in Starbound is a common one, so let’s take an in-depth look at the command you’ll need. To start off with some rhetorical flare, I’d like to remind readers that killing NPCs is not something to be taken lightly – it can have serious consequences for your game and should only be done as a last resort!

So, what exactly is the command? Well, fortunately for us all, there are several ways to go about this depending on which version of the game you’re playing. Here’s a handy bullet list outlining the different commands:

  • PC/Mac: press Ctrl+Shift+C or F8 then type kill followed by the target NPC’s ID
  • PS4: press L2 + R2 + Options then type kill followed by the target NPC’s ID
  • Xbox One: press LB + RB + View then type kill followed by the target NPC’s ID
  • iOS/Android: tap Menu > Cheats > Enter Code then type kill followed by the target NPC’s ID

Now that we’ve discussed how to execute the command, keep in mind that using cheats isn’t always recommended because they can cause glitches and other bugs within your game. So if possible, try avoiding them altogether! With all this said and done, it’s time to move onto exploring whether NPCs respawn after being killed or not…

Do Npcs Respawn?

Generally speaking, NPCs in Starbound do not respawn. However, there are some exceptions to this rule. For example, certain bosses can respawn if they have been defeated but their drop tables haven’t been exhausted yet. Additionally, some quest-related NPCs will sometimes reappear after being killed once or more times.

NPCs with special drops may be able to respawn under the right circumstances
Quest-related NPCs may also return
Most NPCs cannot be revived and must be replaced by other characters or objects when destroyed
Bosses that can repeatedly spawn tend to come with a limited number of rewards before becoming unavailable again

In spite of these different possibilities for reviving an NPC, it is important to note that most regular non-quest related entities cannot be brought back from death in any way within the game’s current mechanics. This means that players should take extra care when considering killing an NPC since doing so could mean losing out on potential dialogue options or even valuable items.

Although multiple strategies exist for dealing with troublesome NPCs such as pacifying them through diplomacy or using traps to immobilize them, ultimately it is up to the player whether they want to engage in combat or find another solution.

Regardless of what approach is chosen however, it must always be kept in mind that many NPCs are unable to survive beyond one battle session and thus players should use caution before making any permanent decisions about eliminating vital characters from the world.


It’s not always easy to kill NPCs in Starbound, but with the right know-how it can be done. While it may seem counterintuitive at first, breaking things and stealing from NPCs are two of the best ways to get them angry enough to fight back.

You can also use Molotovs or drop lava on them if you want a more direct method of killing them off. Poison is another effective tool that can help take down an NPC quickly and easily.

But some people might worry about using these methods as they don’t want their game experience to suffer as a result. This doesn’t have to be the case though – you can find creative solutions that won’t affect your playthrough too much.

For example, when using poison you could always choose to target enemies outside of towns so there are less consequences for your actions. Or instead of destroying items, you could look for alternative means like trading valuable resources with NPCs so they become hostile that way instead.

Ultimately, taking out NPCs in Starbound isn’t necessarily hard once you understand how the mechanics work and what tools are available to you. With just a bit of research and preparation, I’m sure anyone will be able to conquer this task!

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