How To Get The Eternal Lockpick In Persona 5 Royal?

I can’t even count the number of times I’ve found myself in front of a locked treasure chest, cursing under my breath because I didn’t have enough lockpicks to open it.

It’s one of those small yet incredibly frustrating moments that seem to happen when you think you’ve got everything under control in Persona 5 Royal.

But what if I told you there’s an item that could end your lockpick woes for good? That’s right – the Eternal Lockpick is here to save the day and ensure you never miss out on any valuable loot again.

In this guide, we’ll dive into the nitty-gritty details of how to get your hands on this elusive and game-changing item.

With my help, soon you’ll be part of the elite group of Phantom Thieves who never need to worry about running out of lockpicks or missing out on precious treasures.

Together we’ll unlock the secrets behind crafting materials, proficiency skill levels, accessing the workbench, and maximizing usage so that every locked chest becomes a treasure trove waiting for us to plunder.

So buckle up and prepare yourself for a thrilling journey toward unlocking your full potential with an Eternal Lockpick by your side!

In a hurry? Here’s a quick & short answer that will help you out!

To acquire the Eternal Lockpick in Persona 5 Royal, you need to reach Proficiency Rank 6 and have access to the Electric Chair in the Velvet Room. Craft the Eternal Lockpick using 20 Aluminum Sheets and 10 Liquid Mercury, items found commonly in later palaces. This item allows you to unlock any treasure chest in the game, regardless of level.

Acquiring Necessary Crafting Materials

You’ll first need to gather the essential materials to craft this invaluable tool. The Eternal Lockpick is a highly sought-after item in Persona 5 Royal. As it allows you to unlock any treasure chest without worrying about running out of lockpicks.

This can save you time and resources throughout the game, especially when exploring Palaces and Mementos.

You’ll need one Liquid Mercury and 20 Aluminum Sheets to create the Eternal Lockpick. Finding these crafting materials can be tricky if you need help finding where to look.

Liquid Mercury and Aluminum Sheets can be obtained from enemy drops or treasure chests within certain game areas.

For Liquid Mercury, your best bet is to farm Anubis enemies found in Futaba’s Palace or Shadow Ose during the Okumura Palace arc. They tend to drop Liquid Mercury more frequently than other enemies.

You may occasionally find Liquid Mercury in treasure chests scattered throughout Futaba’s Palace.

Eternal Lockpick In Persona 5 Royal

As for Aluminum Sheets, they are more commonly found within Mementos – particularly on Path of Akzeriyyuth floors 6-9 (the more profound levels). You will encounter various Shadows that have a chance of dropping these sheets upon defeat.

It is also possible to acquire them through random treasure chests within Mementos or by negotiating with certain Shadows during hold-ups for item rewards.

Keep an eye out for opportunities like these while exploring dungeons and battling enemies; before long, you should have all the components for your Eternal Lockpick!

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Unlocking Proficiency Skill Level

Imagine effortlessly breaking through any lock, but first, you’ll need to hone your proficiency skills to make this dream a reality.

Proficiency is one of the five social stats in Persona 5 Royal that affects various aspects of the game, such as crafting items and performing specific actions more efficiently.

You must reach Proficiency Level 4 (Skilled) or higher to create the Eternal Lockpick. It’s essential for crafting the coveted item, improving your overall gaming experience, and connecting with fellow Phantom Thieves.

Here are some ways to improve your proficiency:

  1. Work at the Beef Bowl Shop: This part-time job in Shibuya is an excellent way to raise your proficiency while earning money. Plus, it gives you a sense of accomplishment as you successfully manage orders and keep customers happy.
  2. Craft Items: Spend time at Leblanc Café making infiltration tools like lockpicks and other valuable items for your adventures in Palaces and Mementos. Not only does it increase your proficiency, but it also helps build up your arsenal for future heists.
  3. Read Books on Proficiency: Visit libraries or bookstores around Tokyo to find books to improve this particular stat. Reading about various topics will expand your knowledge base while nurturing a love for learning within yourself.

Investing time in these activities strengthens your ability to craft advanced tools like the Eternal Lockpick; you’re building connections, discovering new passions, and immersing yourself deeper into the world of Persona 5 Royal.

As you grow more skilled in-game, so will your bond with fellow players who share similar interests and goals—a camaraderie that transcends virtual boundaries into real-life friendships forged by shared experiences in our beloved Phantom Thieves’ universe!

So go forth proudly as a skilled locksmith amongst thieves: break those locks without hesitation and bask in each victory, knowing full well that every step brings you closer to the dream of mastering the Eternal Lockpick.

Accessing the Crafting Workbench

Once you’ve honed your proficiency, it’s time to delve into crafting and use those hard-earned skills at the workbench.

The crafting workbench is located in your room at Café Leblanc, where you can create infiltration tools essential for progressing through palaces and completing certain side quests.

To access this crucial area, head up the stairs to your room, then look for a small desk with a toolbox.

Workbench LocationCrafting MaterialsCrafting Results
Café Leblanc RoomSilk YarnLockpick
 Tanned LeatherEternal Lockpick
 Aluminum SheetStealthanol

As you collect materials such as Silk Yarn, Tanned Leather, and Aluminum Sheets during your adventures in Mementos. Other areas throughout Persona 5 Royal. Remember to bring them back to your trusty workbench.

You can transform these seemingly mundane items into powerful tools like lockpicks or even the coveted Eternal Lockpick. Keep an eye out for treasure chests while exploring dungeons, as they often contain valuable materials needed for crafting.

Now that you’re knowledgeable about accessing the crafting workbench in Persona 5 Royal. It has started gathering materials from various sources throughout the game world don’t hesitate to put those proficiency skills into action!

Crafting valuable tools like lockpicks helps advance through palaces and creates opportunities to discover hidden treasures within them.

Remember – every successful heist begins with careful planning and preparation at home. Start shaping your path toward obtaining that elusive Eternal Lockpick by utilizing your newfound expertise in crafting!

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Crafting the Eternal Lockpick

Eternal Lockpick In Persona 5 Royal

Crafting the ultimate lockpick may seem like a piece of cake. Still, it’s essential to gather specific materials and grasp the process of creating this valuable tool in Persona 5 Royal.

The Eternal Lockpick is an indispensable item that allows you to unlock any chest without consuming the lockpick, making it incredibly useful throughout your adventure.

It would be best to have the proficiency, patience, and determination to craft this fantastic tool. First and foremost, dedicate time and effort to increasing your Proficiency stat to at least Rank 4. This is crucial because preparing the Eternal Lockpick requires high skill.

Next, collect two essential materials: Aluminum Sheet and Liquid Mercury. These items can be obtained from enemies in various areas within Mementos or by dismantling specific items acquired during your journey.

Finally, once you’ve gathered enough materials and reached the required Proficiency level, access Joker’s workbench in Café Leblanc during nighttime to begin crafting the Eternal Lockpick.

As you embark on this challenging yet rewarding task, remember that acquiring the Eternal Lockpick will significantly enhance your gaming experience by providing endless opportunities for exploration and discovery.

It will grant access to valuable treasures hidden within locked chests throughout your journey. Iserve as a symbol of accomplishment – proof that you possess both dedication and skill as a Phantom Thief in Persona 5 Royal.

So go forth confidently, knowing that each step brings you closer to achieving mastery over locks while solidifying your place among fellow gamers who share your passion for excellence.

Maximizing Usage of the Eternal Lockpick

Now that you’ve crafted the ultimate lockpick in Persona 5 Royal, it’s time to make the most of this powerful tool and unlock all those hidden treasures you’ve been eyeing!

With the Eternal Lockpick in your arsenal, you can access every locked chest in Palaces and Mementos without worrying about running out of lockpicks.

This is a game-changer, as it allows you to focus on exploring and battling enemies instead of constantly managing your inventory.

To maximize the usage of the Eternal Lockpick, familiarize yourself with where locked chests usually appear. The table below highlights some key Palace areas where you can expect to find these prized possessions:

PalaceAreaChest Location
Kamoshida’s CastleCentral TowerUpper area behind bars
Madarame’s MuseumTreasure HallRoom with painting puzzle
Kaneshiro’s BankUnderground VaultArea accessible via ventilation shafts
Futaba’s PyramidChamber of RejectionHidden room after grappling hook point

As a dedicated Phantom Thief, you must visit all the above areas and unlock as many locked chests as possible.

Not only will you gather valuable resources, but you’ll also strengthen your bond with your fellow Thieves and boost your overall performance in the game.

With the Eternal Lockpick by your side, nothing can stop you from uncovering every secret Persona 5 Royal offers!

Tips for Efficient Treasure Hunting

With your unbreakable key to victory, let’s dive into the art of efficient treasure hunting and unlock every hidden gem that awaits you.

First and foremost, paying attention to your surroundings as you traverse through dungeons, Mementos, and Palaces is essential.

Look for suspicious-looking areas or objects, such as paintings on walls that look out of place or oddly-shaped statues. These can often trigger hidden pathways or reveal valuable treasures when interacted with.

Next up is prioritizing checking locked chests during your dungeon exploration. As tempting as it might be to open every cupboard in sight, remember that the Eternal Lockpick will only help with locked ones – so don’t waste time on standard chests unless you’re strapped for loot.

Additionally, always consider items’ rarity and potential usefulness within these locked chests. At the same time, some may contain powerful weapons or accessories; others might hold consumables that are better served being sold for a profit later on.

Lastly, always remember that knowledge is the power for efficient treasure hunting. Use online guides and forums to understand what items are available in specific locations throughout Persona 5 Royal’s vast world.

This will save you time and ensure you’re well-equipped with all the tools necessary for tackling any challenges thrown your way.

So go forth confidently – armed with your trusty Eternal Lockpick – and claim those precious treasures lying just beyond reach!

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Upgrading Your Lockpick Skills and Equipment

As you progress through Persona 5 Royal, you’ll want to ensure your proficiency is up-to-date by constantly working on it. This will allow you to create better lockpicks and, ultimately, the Eternal Lockpick.

One of the best ways to do this is by spending time with certain Confidants like the Temperance Arcana, which helps improve your efficiency when crafting items.

Additionally, participating in various activities throughout the game, such as batting cages or work at the Beef Bowl Shop, can boost your proficiency.

Keep an eye out for treasure demons while exploring Palaces and Mementos. When defeated or captured, these rare shadows yield valuable loot, which can be used as materials for crafting upgraded lockpicks.

Remember that a higher proficiency level means more advanced infiltration tools become available for purchase at Shibuya’s Airsoft Shop or through crafting with Morgana. So always strive to hone these skills – they’re well worth the effort!

Eternal Lockpick In Persona 5 Royal

As you continue improving your expertise and collecting rare materials from treasure demons, eventually, you’ll unlock the ability to craft the coveted Eternal Lockpick – an indispensable tool for any Phantom Thief looking to maximize their treasure-hunting potential!

With this incredible item, no locked chest will stand in your way again, saving time and resources spent on creating single-use lockpicks.

Don’t hesitate – embrace these tips and tricks today so that nothing stands between you and every piece of loot waiting within Persona 5 Royal’s myriad of locked chests!


Well, isn’t it ironic that after all this effort and time spent crafting the Eternal Lockpick, you’ll probably breeze through locked treasure chests like a pro?

Your newfound lockpicking prowess makes those pesky locks seem trivial.

Who am I to complain about the ease of accessing valuable loot in Persona 5 Royal?

After all, we’ve earned it through diligence and hard work.

So let’s revel in our success and continue cracking open those treasure troves with finesse.

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