How To Get Happiness In Civilization 5?

Ever hit a wall of unhappiness in Civilization 5 that slows down your empire’s growth to a crawl? You’re not alone. Happiness is the lifeblood of your civilization, affecting everything from city growth to military efficiency.

But don’t worry, we’ve got the insider tips you need to turn that frown upside down. Keep reading to find out how to master the art of happiness and lead your civilization to a golden age.

In a hurry? Here’s a quick & short answer that will help you out!

To achieve happiness in Civilization 5, focus on building happiness-generating structures like Colosseums and Zoos. Secure unique luxury resources, each offering 4 global happiness. Ally with Mercantile city-states for exclusive luxuries. Adopt Social Policies and Ideologies that boost happiness, such as the Tradition and Freedom trees. Keep city and population growth in check to manage unhappiness. This ensures a thriving, happy empire.

Influence of Cities and Population on Happiness

In Civilization 5, the influence of cities and population on happiness is significant. Each city founded decreases overall happiness by 3 points, while each citizen in a city further decreases it by 1 point.

Rapid expansion with numerous cities and citizens can lead to a decrease in happiness, so it is important to reconsider such a strategy.

Instead of focusing on quick expansion, it is advisable to concentrate on increasing happiness within existing cities. This can be achieved by constructing buildings like coliseums or theaters, which boost local happiness.

Additionally, adopting social policies that provide extra happiness for specific buildings or actions can also be beneficial.

Maintaining positive happiness is crucial as it helps prevent unrest and enhances productivity in your civilization.

If unhappiness reaches high levels, growth may stagnate, and revolts could occur. Therefore, it is essential to balance city founding with measures to keep citizens content.

Although managing all these elements may initially seem challenging, it eventually becomes second nature. Remember the golden rule: a content civilization is a prosperous one in Civilization 5!

Unique Resources That Boost Happiness

In Civ5, it’s interesting to note that certain unique resources can give your empire a significant boost in contentment; for instance, discovering Gems can increase your populace’s satisfaction by 4%.

These resources aren’t limited to Gems, though. There are several others you should be aware of.

Below is a table of some of these coveted resources and their happiness benefits:

ResourceHappiness Boost

Each resource has its own advantages. The important thing is to know how to handle them correctly and use them wisely.

Remember that exploiting these resources isn’t enough; you need to make sure they are properly linked to your trade network. Doing this not only raises the joy of your citizens but also enhances the wealth of your civilization.

Don’t underestimate the strength of these unique resources in Civ5. By managing and using them carefully, you’ll be able to create a flourishing and happy society – which is essential in winning this game!

Buildings That Increase Happiness

Ready to see your citizens content and thrive? Let’s check out several buildings in Civ5 that can really boost morale.

A Colosseum in every city is a must-have and grants +2 Happiness right away.

Libraries also offer a happiness bonus as soon as you adopt the Rationalism social policy.

For more substantial boosts, try creating wonders such as the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame which give +5 and +10 Happiness respectively.

Religious structures such as Pagodas or Cathedrals give faith, culture, and +2 Happiness each.

Luxury resources have a big impact on keeping your populace happy. Buildings like Zoos, Stadiums, and Theaters all raise happiness according to the number of luxury resources at your disposal.

Bear in mind that balance is also key! Don’t go overboard with your construction projects if your finances can’t handle it.

Start planning those buildings wisely and watch as cheerful smiles spread over your whole empire!

Social Policies for Happiness

Don’t overlook the impact social policies can have on your empire’s morale! As you progress through the game, you’ll unlock different policies that can help boost happiness in Civilization 5.

One of these is ‘Tradition.’ It gives a lift to happiness for every ten citizens in your capital. That’s great if your city is sizable.

Another great choice is ‘Liberty.’ This policy gives you one happiness for each linked city and decreases unhappiness from citizens in non-occupied cities by 5%. If your playstyle involves expanding and setting up multiple cities, this could be perfect.

The ‘Honor’ policy tree might not appear like an obvious selection for boosting happiness, but it does have advantages. The discipline policy grants extra happiness for defensive buildings – useful if your civilization is often in conflict.

The ‘Rationalism’ tree also has some useful options such as Humanism which gives +1 local happiness from every University, Observatory, Public School, and Research Lab.

Remember, selecting the right social policies depends on how you’re playing the game. Tailor them to fit your strategy and observe how they lift spirits across your empire!

Managing Unhappiness

Managing unhappiness might seem challenging, but it’s vital for keeping your empire content and flourishing.

Maintaining balance in Civilization 5 is crucial. Unhappiness can lead to serious repercussions like revolts and reduced productivity, so keeping a close eye on it is essential.

Here are three ways to manage unhappiness:

  1. Watch City Growth: Each citizen in your city brings both advantages and disadvantages. While they contribute to production, research, and culture, each one also increases the overall unhappiness level. You can manage growth by ticking the ‘Avoid Growth’ box in the city management menu.
  2. Construct Happiness-Producing Buildings: Structures like Coliseums, Theatres, or Stadiums boost happiness levels in your cities.
  3. Manage Your Cities Wisely: Avoid over-expanding too quickly, as this could lead to increased unhappiness since each new city adds to global unhappiness.

Remember that managing your empire isn’t just about expanding and conquering; it’s also about maintaining stability from within. Achieving happiness is an art of balance between growth and satisfaction among citizens – not always simple but entirely possible with prudent planning and decision-making techniques!

What Role Do Luxury Resources Play in Civ 5 Happiness?

In Civ 5, luxury resources play a significant role in maintaining citizen contentment. Just one of these items can increase your empire’s happiness score by 4 points, making them a great way to prevent rebellion.

To obtain luxury resources, you can send out workers to improve tiles with these resources. Once improved, they will start contributing to your happiness.

Examples of luxury resources include gems, gold, and spices, which are only found in certain regions. This adds a strategic aspect to the game.

Trading with other civilizations is also an effective way to acquire more luxury resources and boost your happiness levels. Not only will this increase your happiness score, but it can also improve diplomatic relations.

It’s important to note that each type of luxury resource contributes to your total happiness score. However, having multiple copies of the same resource does not stack the effect.

Therefore, it’s advisable to aim for as many different luxuries as possible to maximize the impact on your civilization’s happiness.

What is The Quickest Way to Increase Happiness in Civ 5?

Looking for a quick mood boost in your virtual empire? You’ll want to focus on snagging as many different types of luxury resources as you can – they’re the ticket to contentment in Civ 5.

These are the items that give your civilization happiness, and having more variety means more smiles per square mile.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Find Luxury Resources: Look around your territory for resources like gold, silver, spices, silk etc. Make sure you have a worker unit ready to start harvesting.
  2. Trade with other Civilizations: If you lack certain luxury resources, don’t hesitate to trade with other empires. This is an effective way to quickly increase happiness.
  3. Build Colosseums: Colosseums provide +2 Happiness each and can be built in all cities.
  4. Adopt Social Policies: Some social policies can greatly enhance your happiness levels, particularly those in the Liberty and Tradition trees.

Don’t forget about city population too – unhappy citizens are often due to overcrowding. So while you’re busy gathering luxuries and building colosseums, manage growth wisely by balancing expansion with infrastructure development. Remember that a happy civilization is a prosperous one!


In Civ 5, achieving happiness doesn’t have to be a challenge. A thriving city and population bring happiness. Certain resources give useful boosts. Certain buildings bring joy. Smart social policies keep satisfaction high.

But don’t forget to manage unhappiness as well! Keep these tips in mind and you’ll be on your way to a more content civilization in no time.

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