How Many End Portals Are In Minecraft?

Have you ever been playing Minecraft and wondered how many End Portals there are? Well, wonder no more. I’m here to tell you all about the mysterious world of portals in Minecraft.

End Portals have always been an interesting part of the game – they allow players to explore new worlds and discover hidden treasures! But if you’ve ever wanted to know exactly how many End Portals exist in the game, this article is for you.

I’ll be breaking down everything you need to know so that by the end, you’ll have a better understanding of these elusive portals.

From their origins to what they do and where they can be found, I’m sure you’re going to learn something new! So grab your pickaxe, put on your explorer’s hat, and let’s dive into the wonderful world of End Portals!

In Minecraft, there are three End Portals per world, found within three separate Strongholds. These portals serve as the gateways to The End dimension, where players battle the Ender Dragon. To locate these portals, players use Eye of Ender items, which guide them to the Strongholds. To learn more about locating and activating End Portals, as well as conquering The End, continue reading our comprehensive guide.

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What Is An End Portal In Minecraft?

In Minecraft, an End Portal is a teleportation device used to travel to the outer end dimensions. It consists of 12 blocks arranged in three rows and four columns with a corresponding eye of Ender placed into each block.

This creates an invisible frame that can be activated by placing an eye of Ender into an empty spot at the top middle block. Once active, players are able to walk inside this portal and be transported to the End biome.

The End biome contains several unique creatures as well as structures such as obsidian towers filled with loot chests and other valuable items.

The most important structure found in the End biome is the central tower known as “the dragon’s nest”. Atop this tower lies the enderdragon which must be defeated in order for players to proceed further into the game and obtain additional rewards.

There are also multiple strongholds located throughout the world which contain entrances leading to their own individual end portals.

Each one requires specific items or conditions be met before it can be accessed and entered. Additionally, these portals may only be used once per playthrough due to their limited spawn rate across all worlds generated in Minecraft.

So now we know what an end portal is, but how many are there in Minecraft?

How Many End Portals Are There In Minecraft?

In Minecraft, there are a total of twenty-four end portals that can be found in the game. End portals are special blocks that transport players to The End dimension and allow them to battle the Ender Dragon.

These portals can be found throughout multiple different biomes or generated structures such as strongholds.

Finding an end portal is no easy task for many players due to the random nature of their spawning locations. Strongholds have an increased chance of containing an end portal compared to other biomes but they’re still not guaranteed.

Additionally, finding the coordinates of a stronghold requires searching through caves and caverns while keeping track of your location which makes it even more difficult.

Fortunately, if you’re having trouble locating an end portal naturally then there’s always the option of creating one yourself by crafting twelve Eyes of Ender and placing them correctly into each frame block within a 3×3 square formation.

This will activate the portal allowing you access to The End without ever having to find one in-game!

Knowing how many end portals exist in Minecraft is important when trying to locate one since this gives you an idea on where best to focus your search efforts.

Hopefully with these tips, tracking down an end portal won’t seem so daunting after all! From here we’ll discuss how exactly to go about finding an end portal in minecraft.

Finding An End Portal In Minecraft

Did you know that over 122 million players have bought Minecraft? That’s a lot of people who likely need to find an end portal! Luckily, it isn’t too difficult. Here are 4 steps for finding one:

  1. Search for Strongholds – End portals can only be found in strongholds, so the first step is to locate these underground structures. You may need to use an Eye of Ender or employ some creative digging methods to uncover them.
  2. Look For An Entry Room – Once you’ve located a stronghold, keep exploring until you come across an entry room with cobblestone walls and mossy stone brick floors. This will be your best bet at finding the end portal frames.
  3. Check Each Corner – Look carefully around each corner of the entrance hall as they could contain the 12 blocks required to activate an end portal frame; obsidian blocks arranged in a 3×3 square pattern on top of a pool of lava.
  4. Light Up The Portal Frame – If you manage to locate all twelve blocks and arrange them correctly, ignite the inside corners using flint & steel then stand back and watch as your very own end portal comes alive!

Finding an end portal is no easy feat but if you follow these steps then hopefully success won’t be far away. Now that you’ve got your hands on this valuable resource, let’s look at how to put it into action within the game itself!

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Using End Portals In Minecraft

Now that you have found an End Portal in Minecraft, it’s time to learn how to use it. An End Portal is a structure made up of 12 end portal frames with an eye-of-ender placed in each frame.

When activated by placing the eyes into the frame, the portal will open and teleport players to The End, where they can battle the Ender Dragon.

The number of active End Portals in a world varies depending on whether or not there are any already existing portals. If a player has not yet created their own portal, then there will be only one portal located at a generated stronghold near spawn point.

However, if multiple players have visited The End and constructed new portals, then there could potentially be many more than one active portal per world.

If you’re looking for a specific location for your End Portal, you’ll need to search for Strongholds using Eye-of-Ender blocks which can be found rarely during mining operations.

Once you’ve located a Stronghold containing an inactive portal room, all that’s left to do is fill the empty frames with Eyes-of-Ender and activate the portal!

Once activated, getting through this gateway won’t be easy as it requires some preparation before taking on The Ender Dragon who guards The End biome.

Taking along weapons like bows and arrows and potions like Strength II or Speed II may help make your journey less daunting. And don’t forget armour too – leather chestplates tend to provide better protection against fireballs from blazes while iron helmets protect against damage caused by flying dragon heads!

With these items prepped and packed away, it’s time to enter what lies beyond…the mysterious realm known as ‘The End’.

What Happens When You Enter The End Portal In Minecraft

When you enter the mysterious End Portal in Minecraft, it can be an exciting but also a daunting experience. On one hand, you’re entering into unknown territory and may not know what’s to come; on the other hand, there is anticipation of all the possibilities that await.

Irony aside, what happens when you use the end portals? Let’s break it down:

What Happens When You EnterEffectsOther Information
Portal teleports players to The End biomeEnables access to Ender Dragon boss fightCan only be activated once per world
Spawn point set at portal entranceAllows player to respawn if they die during battle with Ender DragonRespawning will teleport them back to the same location as before their death
Activates “End Poem” cutscene & music trackNarrative introduction of game climax and build-up tension for upcoming fight with Ender Dragon

As soon as you voyage through this magical gateway, your journey begins towards facing off against the ultimate enemy –The Ender Dragon! It is here where dramatic events unfold – from epic battles scenes to grandiose musical tracks.

All these elements together culminate in an unforgettable gaming experience and a satisfying conclusion to your adventure! Without doubt, travelling through the End Portal is a must-have for any Minecraft fan looking for an exhilarating yet rewarding quest.

So next we ask ourselves – can you destroy end portals in Minecraft?

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Can You Destroy End Portals In Minecraft?

In Minecraft, you can’t destroy End Portals. They are an essential part of the game and cannot be removed or destroyed in any way. However, there is a workaround for players who don’t want to use them but still access the End dimension.

Players can build a portal using obsidian blocks which will lead to the same location as the End Portal. This alternative method does not require any eyes of ender and takes up less space than a standard End Portal frame.

The only way that you can actually get rid of an End Portal is by breaking all the blocks within its frame, which includes both the obsidian blocks and the eye of enders contained inside it.

It’s important to note though that this won’t completely remove the portal from your world – if you make another one with exactly the same dimensions then it will take you back to The End again.

But even when broken apart like this, they’ll still exist as inactive portals at their original locations until they’re replaced with something else or rebuilt elsewhere in your world.

So while technically possible to delete them, it would be much easier just to leave them intact since they don’t occupy too much space anyway!

So if you’re looking for a way to avoid going through an existing End Portal without destroying it entirely, consider building your own new one instead – no need to worry about accidentally deleting valuable content in-game!


In conclusion, the End Portal in Minecraft is an incredible feature of this game. With its intimidating and mysterious atmosphere, it’s no surprise that many players are drawn to explore what lies beyond it.

It’s a great way to challenge yourself and see if you have what it takes to survive in the depths of The End!

The number of End Portals in Minecraft may be fewer than you think – only one naturally occurring portal exists – but that doesn’t mean they can’t be used for lots of fun experiences.

Finding and utilizing these portals can add some much-needed excitement and adventure into your world. Whether you’re looking for new challenges or just want to take a break from everything else in the game, entering an End Portal can give you hours of entertainment.

Finally, while End Portals cannot be destroyed in Minecraft, they remain as powerful symbols throughout the game: reminders that there will always be something more out there waiting for us.

They encourage us to bravely venture forth into whatever unknown awaits us with hope and courage at our side. So don’t forget about those alluring purple frames – who knows where they might take you?

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