Fix Minecraft Clicking Throws Items Issue | Quick Guide

Hey Minecraft players, have you ever been busy building your masterpiece when suddenly, out of nowhere, your character throws an item? It’s super annoying and can definitely mess with your game. You’re not alone though – a lot of players have experienced this mysterious “Minecraft Clicking Issue.” So what’s the deal with it?

Well, we wanted to find out too! That’s why we’ve dug to get to the bottom of this irritating problem. In this article, we’ll explore what might be causing your character to throw items unexpectedly and how you can fix it.

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Identifying The Minecraft Clicking Throws Items Issue

This is a common issue that many players face, and fortunately, there are ways to fix it. In this section, we’ll help you identify the Minecraft clicking throws items issue so you can get back to enjoying your game.

One way to know if you’ve stumbled upon this problem is by observing what happens when you left-click on an item in your inventory. If every time you click on something, it ends up being tossed out of your hand instead of going where it should be – like into a chest or onto a crafting table – congratulations (or not), you’ve found the issue!

Another sign that points towards having this glitch would be if random stuff keeps falling from your character even though you haven’t clicked anything at all.

No one wants their precious diamonds scattered around for anyone to find. Sometimes these unwanted drops happen right after opening containers like chests, furnaces, or crafting tables. So watch for any unusual behavior while interacting with such objects.

Now that we’ve established how to recognize whether or not we’re dealing with the dreaded “clicking throws” bug, let’s explore some potential causes behind this frustrating occurrence in our next section. By understanding why it happens in the first place, we’ll be better equipped to tackle and solve this problem once and for all.

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Possible Causes Of The Problem

There are several reasons why your Minecraft character might be throwing items unintentionally.

  1. Game settings: Sometimes the issue is simply because of the game settings.
  2. Mouse issues: Your mouse could be causing the item-throwing madness!
  3. Keyboard shortcuts: Accidentally pressing keys while playing can lead to unwanted results.

The first thing you should do is check for anything wrong with your Minecraft game settings. Maybe a setting was accidentally changed or messed up without you realizing it?

This could cause issues like characters tossing their inventory all over the place. If that doesn’t work, maybe there’s a problem with your computer mouse – for example, if it’s double-clicking by accident or not responding correctly.

Another possibility is accidentally hitting keyboard shortcuts while playing the game.

Perhaps you’re using a new keyboard layout or getting used to how everything works in Minecraft. Either way, being more aware of which buttons do what will help avoid accidental item-throwing incidents.

So now you know about these common causes behind your character chucking stuff around in Minecraft – no need for panic! Just remember to watch your game settings and pay attention to your mouse and keyboard inputs during gameplay.

Next, let’s take a closer look at those game settings so we can ensure they’re set up properly for smooth gaming sessions.

Checking Your Game Settings

Make sure that Minecraft is updated to its latest version. Sometimes glitches occur when players are using older versions of the software. Next, open the main menu by pressing Esc on your keyboard while in-game. From there, navigate to “Options,” where you’ll find various settings related to gameplay.

Pay close attention to the “Controls” tab in the Options menu. This is where you can customize which keys perform specific actions within the game. Look for anything out of place or unusual; perhaps an action has been accidentally mapped to multiple buttons, causing this issue.

If needed, click “Restore Defaults” at the bottom right corner of the screen – this will revert all controls to their original assignments.

After ensuring everything looks good within your game settings and applying any necessary changes, test whether these adjustments have resolved the problem in-game. If issues persist despite following these steps so far, then stay tuned.

Our next focus will be investigating mouse settings as another potential culprit behind this frustrating Minecraft clicking issue.

Investigating Mouse Settings

Sometimes, the issue of unintentionally throwing items in Minecraft can be due to incorrect or overly sensitive mouse configurations.

First, let’s talk about DPI (dots per inch) and sensitivity. These two factors determine how fast your cursor moves across the screen when you move your mouse. If your DPI is too high or your sensitivity is set too high in-game, even tiny movements could cause unexpected actions like tossing items out of your inventory.

To check these settings, look for any software associated with your mouse on your computer, such as Logitech Gaming Software or Razer Synapse.

Next up are the functions assigned to each mouse button. You might accidentally have changed the function of certain buttons – including left-clicking. This would explain why you’re having issues with items being thrown around while playing Minecraft.

Go back to the same software where you checked DPI and sensitivity settings earlier and take a closer look at what functions are mapped to which buttons on your mouse.

Lastly, don’t forget to ensure all those pesky bugs are gone from both the hardware and software sides! Give everything one more good inspection before moving on: double-check if there are any updates available for either side; ensure wires aren’t frayed or damaged; confirm nothing’s broken physically inside the device itself.

Taking care of these potential problems now rather than later saves time and headache heartache alike- plus ensures smoother gameplay overall experience long run.

With our investigation into those pesky mouse settings complete, let’s keep going forward and verify that no keyboard shortcuts have been causing mischief behind the scenes.

Verifying Keyboard Shortcuts

Remember when you first started playing Minecraft, and everything felt new and exciting? Sometimes that excitement can turn into frustration when your character keeps throwing items unexpectedly.

Let’s take a look at the default controls in Minecraft:

  • Q: Throw/Drop selected item
  • E: Open inventory
  • W/A/S/D: Move forward/left/backward/right
  • Spacebar: Jump

You could have accidentally changed some of these shortcuts, causing the issue with your character constantly dropping items. To check for any changes, head over to the “Options” menu in-game.

From there, click on “Controls”, which will bring up a list of all available actions and their corresponding keys.

Once you’ve confirmed everything looks correct, try practicing moving around in the game without touching any other keys besides those listed above for movement (WASD) and jumping (spacebar). This should give you an idea if it’s just a matter of muscle memory or something else entirely. Remember not to panic – we all learn at our own pace!

Now that we’ve covered verifying keyboard shortcuts as one potential cause of the problem let’s move on to addressing another possibility – interference from within the game itself.

Addressing In-Game Interference

Now that we’ve looked into verifying your keyboard shortcuts, let’s move on to another possible issue: in-game interference.

Sometimes, the reason behind your Minecraft character constantly throwing items can be due to other factors within the game itself. In this section, we will explore how mods and plugins or performance issues might cause such a problem.

Mods and plugins are an essential part of the Minecraft experience for many players. They can add new features, improve gameplay, and make it more fun overall. But sometimes, they may not work well together or even have bugs.

If you’ve recently installed any mods or plugins before noticing your character throwing items unintentionally, there is a chance that one of them could be causing the issue. To find out if that’s the case, try disabling each mod/plugin one by one until you see which one was causing the problem.

Once identified, check online forums or contact its developers to see if there’s an update available to fix the bug.

Another potential culprit could be performance issues with your computer or device running Minecraft. When your system struggles to keep up with resource-intensive tasks like playing games, strange things can happen – including making your character throw items unexpectedly.

So first off, ensure that all unnecessary apps and programs are closed while playing Minecraft. Besides that, consider lowering some graphics settings in-game (like render distance), so less strain is put on your system resources.

Suppose neither mods/plugins nor performance appears to be causing trouble after trying the abovementioned solutions; fear not! We still have ways to help solve this pesky item-throwing mystery.

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Additional Troubleshooting Tips

First of all, check if the problem is with your mouse or keyboard. Sometimes, faulty peripherals can cause unexpected actions in the game. Test them using a different mouse or keyboard to see if the issue persists. If it does, then it’s not likely to be your peripherals causing the problem.

Next up, let’s look into some possible solutions:

  1. Adjust in-game settings: Go to Options > Controls, and make sure that the button assigned for “Drop Item” isn’t set too close to other keys you usually press while playing.
  2. Update drivers: Make sure that all your computer hardware (like graphics card) has updated drivers installed. This can often solve performance issues within games.
  3. Check for software conflicts: Some programs running in the background could interfere with Minecraft’s functionality. Close unnecessary applications before launching Minecraft.

If none of these suggestions work out for you, you can try one more thing – create a new world within Minecraft and test if your character continues throwing items in this fresh environment. There may be an issue specific to your current game world which causes this glitchy behavior.

So go ahead and give these troubleshooting tips a shot! With any luck, they’ll get rid of that pesky item-throwing problem, allowing you to enjoy everything Minecraft has to offer without any hiccups. Good luck on your quest to become a block-building master!


Check your game settings, mouse settings, and keyboard shortcuts, and watch out for any in-game interference. With these troubleshooting tips, you can get back to enjoying Minecraft without any unexpected item-throwing!

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