Warframe Nova Build – Ultimate Guide (2024)

Welcome to another intriguing Warframe ultimate guide. If you have gone through one of our numerous guides, you would’ve seen how easy we made it for everyone. Today, our focus will be on Warframe Nova build.

Nova is a supportive Warframe with the capability of deceiving enemies through her electromagnetic capabilities. She also has control over molecules, which gives her a lot of advantage over her enemies. She manipulates her enemies and controls the result of a mission; she also supports her colleagues or partners and disables enemies. In addition, she can cause significant damage to several enemies surrounding her.

This Warframe Nova Build ultimate guide is a comprehensive guide that contains everything you need. This guide will guide you on acquiring Nova, abilities, and suggested builds to increase her damage rate against enemies. 

If you are ready, let’s get the ball rolling.

How to Acquire Nova?

Nova utilizes electromagnetic energy sources to restrain and control highly explosive antimatter that charges her ability. You can get the items required to create Nova by triumphing over Raptors. You have to do this on the Naamah mission.

Besides this, you can buy her blueprint in the in-game market. The blueprint is available for 35000. Another option is to buy her using 375 Platinum if you want to avoid farming or building her. The 375 platinum gives you a fully assembled Nova for your usage. 

Nova Prime

Like most Warframe, Nova also has a prime, an upgrade of the regular Nova. The Nova Prime can wreak devastation on her enemies using volatile antimatter. The Nova Prime features altered mod polarities for greater customization.

Nova Prime is like the upgraded version of the main Nova with more energy and speed. Here is a preview of what Nova Prime contains. The blueprint is vaulted with Axi S4. Furthermore, it comes with Neo N2. Neuropotics is also vaulted with Lith C1 and M2. The chassis and systems also come vaulted.

Warframe Nova Build 2024 – Abilities

Nova can create antimatter particles to guard herself while damaging her enemies. She creates antimatter orbs that cause damage to enemies opening wormholes to cover long distances while controlling enemies’ movement and using the opportunity to destroy them.

Nova’s passive abilities can create a volcanic blast whenever an enemy knocks her down. The passive ability affects enemies around 6 meters as they topple down.

Nova can exhibit four significant abilities during missions. These abilities include null star, antimatter drop, wormhole, and molecular prime. Let’s look at each of these abilities and how you can utilize these Nova’s abilities during missions.

Null Star

Nova can create antimatter particles, which fly within her during a mission. This increases her attack as she seeks for nearby targets to kill. Each active particle provides a +5% damage reduction to Nova’s health, stacking up to 90%.

The Null star ability is helpful, giving her more survival rate and minor damage during enemies’ attacks. Besides this, she can attack enemies in a nearby location. Particles that hover around Nova will remain continually pending when it is activated.

Augment Mod: The mod enables Nova to reuse her ability, which forces the present particles to blast enemies and knock them down.

Antimatter Drop

The antimatter drop allows Nova to release antimatter that hovers toward a targeted area. It will continue to float and drop on the target area where enemies dwell. You can control the direction of the drop using your reticle to decide where you prefer it. 

Furthermore, the speed will depend on the closeness of your reticle to the target.

Once the drop collides with a surface, it explodes and causes harm to opponents within 15 meters. However, if the drop comes into contact with an adversary, it will latch on them before blasting. The antimatter drop is sensitive to Nova, her associates, and her enemies.

Nova can create numerous antimatter drops. She can also fire the antimatter and move unobstructedly while casting her ability. The antimatter ability helps destroy large enemies by using the antimatter drop in a particular area. Furthermore, she can also drop multiple antimatters and control the direction by directing at the enemy’s location.

Augment Mod: The antimatter absorption improves its range. When an enemy absorbs the drop, it gives room for more effect when the drop explodes.


The wormhole enables Nora to open up a hole that targets the reticle’s point you want to aim. It operates as a portal that instantly teleports Nova into a location, enabling you to pass through great distances in no time.

Interestingly, both enemies and allies can be teleported via the wormhole. With this, you can send adversaries flying or assist your allies crossing large areas. This ability is handy when you want to cross large areas or head towards enemies’ destinations faster. Furthermore, it allows you to throw opponents in a different direction.

Augment Mod: The escape velocity will cause your allies and you to gain at least 50% speed for 7 seconds once you use a wormhole.

Molecular Prime

The last ability Nova can utilize during a mission is the molecular prime. Once Nova casts the molecular prime, the region where she cast the molecular prime gets primed with antimatter, which makes enemies get hurt by her manipulation. Furthermore, it explodes and causes significant damage to enemies nearby.

The ability range is unaffected by the prime molecular ability. However, the greater the ability, the more extensive the scope of the molecular prime. Once Nova casts the molecular prime, the area increases and moves to other areas like a circle, depending on the first timeframe of the ability. 

All opponents caught within the circle or radius of the ability get affected by the speed and die because of the explosion.

Once the first wave of the expansion finishes, all rivals within the area where the molecular prime gets activated will remain pending when the ability’s time wades off. In addition, Nova can recast the ability without waiting for the preceding ability to wade off.

The molecular prime ability is useful if you want to manipulate the speed of an enemy and cause damage to several enemies.

Augment Mod: Molecular fission makes opponents that die during the molecular prime to add certain charges to the Null star.

Suggested Builds

There are unique builds you can create when using Nova. Let’s look at some suggested builds you can take advantage of when playing the game.

Speedva Build

It is another significant build, also known as the speed Nova build. It centers on using molecular prime to improve opponents’ movement rather than reducing it. It is used to make enemies move faster to kill them continuously. The build is used for defense and survival missions.

In using the speedva build, most of Nova’s damage abilities will reduce but provide other benefits. The null star will contain more antimatter particles, offering more impact reduction. Using the Speedva build with less than a hundred percent ability strength causes the molecular prime technique to rush up enemies instead of slowing them down.

Slowva Build

The Slowva build is the inverse of the previous build, as it causes enemies to get slower when around the area. Nova can cast the molecular prime with this build while having a higher energy strength to face enemies. 

The Slowva build slows down enemies and produces moderate damage to an enemy.

The null star has a smaller area. However, increased damage costs a little energy compared to other builds. Antimatter drop increases the damage, whereas it costs smaller energy and retains its range and damage multiplier.

The molecular prime will slow opponents located in a wide area, causing it easier for Nova to kill her enemies. Furthermore, it acts as a crow control ability, which gives you and your colleagues the upper edge.

The Slowva build is handy for controlling enemies’ movement, triggering them to strike and move slower. This makes it safer for your allies to kill any affected enemy.

Antimatter Build

This build focuses on enabling Nova to utilize her ability using a reduced energy cost. Nova can create several antimatter drops to produce a devastating effect on her enemies whenever they absorb it. 

The Null star won’t have any impact because of the lack of time. It won’t have any antimatter particles, which can be a big drawback if you keep getting closer to opponents.

The antimatter drop will create initial damage with reduced energy needed. The main goal of the build is to enable you to spam the energy and cause further damage to enemies. Here, using the wormhole ability will last for a few moments, which means you must be prepared to enter.

However, the molecular particle doesn’t last up to a second when using the antimatter build, making it useless to use for this build. The best option is to avoid using the molecular particle. The antimatter builds primarily focus on using the antimatter drop to attack enemies and damage them even from distance.

Survivability Build

The survivability build is quite separate from the other builds we have mentioned. It offers survivability and is designed for users who want to fight enemies physically. A survivability build is an excellent option if you like engaging enemies with a melee weapon.

The survivability build allows Nova to use the null star capability to significantly minimize attacks she receives from enemies. In this situation, she can survive different blows from enemies. 

In combat, Nova can use molecular prime to make enemies lag behind. This gives her allies and her the liberty to destroy enemies. The null star attains a maximum of 19 particles, each reducing any damage on Nova during battles. 

However, the antimatter drop keeps a lot of the stats while bartering with initial damage from enemies.

On the other hand, the wormhole ability lasts more but doesn’t allow long distances. Nova can only travel around distance within the 17 meters range. Molecular prime has a large radius and can slow down enemies significantly. 

She and her allies can quickly dispatch enemies using the molecular prime while staying safe from enemy attacks.

Balanced Build

The balanced build is our last suggested build for the Warframe Nova Build 2024 guide. It’s a basic build that enables Nova to utilize all her abilities or power at a reduced energy cost while balancing other abilities.

During this build, all her abilities will improve in their different stats with reasonable energy to use. The balanced build is suitable for new and professional players who want to use Nova’s abilities without limitations. 


Besides Nova’s standard builds, there are other things she can do besides slowing down her enemies. She can also speed them up, destroy them, and use her ability to do much more.

There are several ways to create Nova. Her capabilities come with limitations based on the method you play the game. She is a great character for influencing the result of a battle because of her unique abilities. In addition, her abilities make it easier to move better and cause massive damage to enemies in a group.

While many might not know about her antimatter drop, it is a valuable ability that can cause a massive blow to enemies. A single hit can destroy many enemies in a particular location. 

Based on your chosen build, you have several skills to utilize during the game. Nova is an outstanding character that you want to have in a game as she can be a great benefit to handle even tricky missions without any allies.

We do love to hear from you. What are your favorite abilities and suggested builds when using Warframe Nova? Let us know in the comments!