Skyrim: Stop Shadowmere From Following You | Guide

We’ve all been there – you’re trying to sneak through a heavily guarded fortress, or perhaps quietly explore the depths of an ancient tomb, when suddenly you hear the thunderous approach of hooves.

Yes, it’s Shadowmere, your loyal steed and unintentional saboteur in Skyrim. While we love her for her unwavering loyalty and seemingly invincible nature, sometimes we just need some alone time to handle our adventures without an overprotective horse breathing down our necks.

Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to stop Shadowmere from constantly following you around like a lost puppy (or rather, foal) so that you can enjoy your sneaky escapades and solo exploration unhindered.

Read on to discover the tricks and tips necessary to give yourself some much-needed space from your steadfast equine companion!

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Shadowmere In Skyrim

Did you know that Shadowmere, the infamous demon horse in Skyrim, has a whopping 5,000 health points? That’s right; this unique steed is not only known for its captivating appearance but also for being one of the most durable and loyal companions you can have in the game.

However, there might be instances where you’d want to stop Shadowmere from following your every move or simply dismiss him temporarily. This guide will walk you through how to do just that using various methods and Skyrim horse controls.

Shadowmere first appears during a Dark Brotherhood quest called “The Cure for Madness.”

Once acquired as your mount, he becomes an invaluable ally throughout your adventures. His impressive speed, unmatched resilience against damage, and ability to regenerate health quickly make him stand out amongst other horses in Skyrim.

But even with all these perks, some players may find his constant presence intrusive or cumbersome when trying to play stealthily or explore areas without wanting their trusty steed by their side.

To stop Shadowmere from following you in Skyrim, one option is to use another horse as a temporary replacement – once ridden, it should replace Shadowmere as your designated mount.

Alternatively, if riding another horse isn’t feasible or desirable for any reason (or if no other mounts are available), dismissing Shadowmere manually is also possible.

To do so, navigate into console commands (typically accessed by pressing “~” key) and enter ‘set playeranimalcount to 0’ followed by ‘markfordelete.’

Be careful when using this method though. The latter command will permanently remove Shadowmere from the game unless re-spawned via further console commands later on.

Another effective trick involves making good use of basic horse commands like waiting and moving while dismounted—effectively stopping them from following too closely.

By strategically positioning them before entering certain locations or engaging enemies undetected, players can maintain full control over whether they’re accompanied by their intimidating yet loyal steed.

So, without further ado, let’s delve into the subsequent section on mastering basic horse commands in Skyrim and how they can help you maintain control over your equine companion.

Basic Horse Commands In Skyrim

As we’ve discussed, Shadowmere is a powerful and unique horse in Skyrim that many players love to have by their side. However, there may be instances where you’d prefer not to have this dark steed following your every move.

In such cases, knowing the basic horse commands can help ensure that Shadowmere stays put when necessary. Now let’s delve into these essential controls and how they relate specifically to Shadowmere in Skyrim.

When it comes to horse commands in Skyrim, some key actions are mounting, dismounting, whistling for your horse, and engaging in combat while riding.

Although most of these commands apply generally to all horses found throughout the game world or at Skyrim stables, certain aspects may differ slightly when dealing with Shadowmere due to its supernatural nature.

For instance, if you wish to stop Shadowmere from following you around everywhere you go, simply dismounting should do the trick.

Unlike other horses who might wander away after being left unattended for a period of time, once off its back, Shadowmere will usually remain stationary until called upon again through the whistle command or approached directly by the player character.

In essence, getting familiar with these basic horse commands provides greater control over your interactions with Shadowmere throughout the adventurous journey across Skyrim’s expansive landscape.

With this knowledge under your belt, now let’s explore why one might want to keep their loyal steed at bay during particular situations or quests within the game.

Why You May Want Shadowmere To Stop Following

There are several reasons why you may want Shadowmere to stop following you during your adventures in Skyrim. One reason is that Shadowmere can interfere with your stealth-based gameplay.

As a powerful and loyal horse, Shadowmere will often engage enemies on sight, potentially alerting them to your presence when you’re trying to remain undetected.

This can be particularly frustrating if you’re playing as an assassin or thief character who relies heavily on their ability to sneak around unnoticed.

Another reason for wanting Shadowmere to stop following is the need for adventuring without distractions. While having a trusty steed by your side can be beneficial at times, it might also lead to unwanted interruptions during important quests and exploration.

For instance, Shadowmere could accidentally trigger traps or become stuck in narrow passages, causing delays and hindering progress in certain situations.

Additionally, managing multiple followers can become cumbersome when including Shadowmere into the mix.

Players may already have one or two human (or non-human) companions accompanying them throughout their journey in Skyrim, making it difficult to keep track of everyone’s whereabouts and actions during combat scenarios.

Having too many allies can occasionally result in friendly fire or confusion about which targets to prioritize; leaving Shadowmere behind allows players more control over their party dynamics.

Considering these factors, there are valid reasons for wanting some distance between yourself and Shadowmere while traversing the vast world of Skyrim.

However, this doesn’t mean that you must bid farewell to your faithful companion forever – only temporarily so that specific goals can be accomplished more efficiently.

Next, we’ll explore various methods to help you achieve just that: stopping Shadowmere from following you on command.

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Methods To Stop Shadowmere From Following You

Are you tired of Shadowmere constantly following you around in Skyrim? Fear not, as several methods exist to stop this powerful and loyal horse from tailing your every move.

Using these techniques, you can free yourself from unwanted equine attention and explore the vast world of Tamriel without a perpetual four-legged companion.

One popular method for dismissing Shadowmere is by hiring or obtaining another mount. Riding a different steed will replace Shadowmere as your active horse, thus stopping him from following you around.

You can find various other horses throughout Skyrim that can be purchased at stables or obtained through quests. Once you’ve acquired an alternative mount, simply ride it away from Shadowmere to ensure he stays put.

Another technique involves making use of the game’s fast travel system and waiting mechanics. If Shadowmere is tailing you and wish to shake him off, try fast traveling to a distant location on the map.

After arriving at your destination, wait in-game for 24 hours – this should provide enough time for Shadowmere to return to his initial spawn point outside the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary entrance.

Be aware that while most times this works effectively, occasionally Shadowmere may still catch up with you after extended periods of gameplay.

If all else fails and you prefer a more drastic approach, consider using console commands (on PC) to permanently disable or teleport Shadowmere elsewhere.

However, we recommend only resorting to this option if absolutely necessary since manipulating the game’s code could potentially cause unforeseen issues within your save file.

With these strategies in mind, shedding an overzealous shadowy stallion has never been easier! Now let’s take a look at some tips on preventing Shadowmere from automatically following in the first place.

Preventing Shadowmere From Automatically Following

Preventing Shadowmere from automatically following you in Skyrim can be a bit tricky, but it’s certainly possible. The first thing to consider is adjusting the game settings through console commands or by using mods that provide enhanced horse controls.

These options allow you to have more control over your horse and its behaviors, making it easier for you to stop Shadowmere from constantly being at your side.

One popular method of stopping Shadowmere from following you is by utilizing console commands. To do this, open the console by pressing the tilde key (~) on your keyboard while playing the game.

Then type “prid 0009CCD8” followed by “disable.” This command will disable Shadowmere completely, preventing him from appearing in your game until you decide to enable him again. Remember that disabling Shadowmere may result in losing access to him temporarily, so use this option with caution.

Another approach involves installing mods that offer additional horse control features. Numerous mods available for Skyrim can help manage how horses behave in-game, including those specifically designed for controlling Shadowmere’s actions.

Some popular choices include Convenient Horses and Immersive Horses; both of these mods provide advanced customization options and give players more control over their equine companions’ behavior.

By employing one or both of these methods, you should be able to prevent Shadowmere from relentlessly pursuing you throughout Skyrim’s vast landscape.

Remember that each player’s experience might differ based on individual preferences and mod selections; however, experimenting with different tactics will ultimately lead to a solution best suited for your gameplay style. Now let’s discuss reuniting with Shadowmere after dismissing him.

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Reuniting With Shadowmere After Dismissing

You might think that once you’ve dismissed Shadowmere, finding him again would be a near-impossible task in the vast world of Skyrim. Fear not! After sending him on his way, there are several ways to reunite with your trusty steed.

First and foremost, if you’ve simply lost track of where Shadowmere is, try fast traveling to any location. In many cases, he will appear right beside you when you arrive at your destination. If this doesn’t work, there’s still no need for panic.

After 10 in-game days have passed since dismissing or losing Shadowmere, he should return to the spot where you first encountered him – the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary pool outside Falkreath.

To help paint a picture of how to find the beloved horse:

  • Look for the Dark Brotherhood symbol etched into stone
  • Follow torches lining pathways leading towards the sanctuary entrance
  • Listen for sounds of moving water as you approach the ominous black pool

Once at that familiar location, stand by the pool and wait patiently. As long as those 10 days have elapsed, before too long, Shadowmere will dramatically emerge from its depths like an apparition appearing through the mist.

It may seem strange or eerie but remember: it’s just the unique nature of this shadowy steed.

So don’t worry about being separated from Shadowmere forever; there are always ways to bring back your loyal companion.

Whether it’s fast-traveling or waiting out those 10 in-game days and returning to his origin point at the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary pool, rest assured that sooner or later, you’ll be able to traverse Skyrim together again.


In conclusion, we hope this guide has been your knight in shining armor when dealing with Shadowmere’s relentless following. Remember these methods and basic horse commands next time you want quality alone time during your Skyrim adventures.

Don’t forget that Shadowmere will always be there for you whenever you need a trusty steed again. Happy adventuring, Dovahkiin! May the wind be at your back as you conquer the vast world of Skyrim.

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