Skyrim: 5 Best Places to Get Soul Gems

As they say, knowledge is power, and in the sprawling world of Skyrim, understanding where to find soul gems can give you a significant edge in your magical endeavors.

While you’ve likely stumbled across these mystical stones in your travels, there are specific havens that are particularly rich with them.

Venture into the depths of ancient Dwemer Ruins, where the remnants of a long-lost civilization promise more than just historical artifacts.

At the College of Winterhold, arcane knowledge isn’t the only thing that’s abundant; soul gems lie hidden, waiting for an astute adventurer to uncover them.

And then there’s the enigmatic city of Markarth, where the very stones whisper secrets of untold riches.

But don’t stop there; the subterranean expanse of Blackreach and the otherworldly realm of Apocrypha, accessible through the Dragonborn DLC, hold their own unique opportunities for the resourceful.

You’ll want to keep your wits about you as you navigate these locations, each offering its own set of challenges and rewards, and who knows what other treasures you might find along the way?

1. Dwemer Ruins

Exploring the ancient Dwemer ruins throughout Skyrim, adventurers will encounter a wealth of soul gems amid the remnants of a long-gone society.

These mysterious constructions, now inhabited by mechanical beings and arachnids, are filled with magical treasures. Be vigilant for chests and storage; these often contain the valuable stones, essential for the art of enchanting.

While traversing the dim corridors, don’t ignore the mechanical beings you defeat. They commonly leave behind soul gems, both occupied and vacant. The magnitude of the soul gem determines the strength of your enchantments, so strive to collect an assortment.

With each journey into these ruins, you’re likely to enhance your collection, ensuring your magical capabilities are powerful and your interest in enchanting is satisfied.

2. College of Winterhold

Continuing your quest for soul gems, the College of Winterhold provides an abundance of magical resources and expert mages to assist you with your enchanting pursuits.

As you roam the college, you’ll notice that several of the mages have various types of soul gems for sale, both vacant and pre-filled.

Don’t miss the opportunity to visit the Arcanaeum, the college’s repository of knowledge, where you may often stumble upon soul gems available for you to take—or borrow, should you wish to maintain good relations with the archmage.

The college’s tasks often reward you with these valuable stones. Be sure to use the enchanting station in the Hall of the Elements, where soul gems are readily accessible, waiting to enhance your equipment.

3. Markarth

Explore the ancient city of Markarth, where Dwemer ruins and local traders often yield a collection of soul gems for the intrepid explorer.

Here, within the city’s stone-carved splendor, you’ll find an array of these mystical items, vital for enchanting and rejuvenating magical equipment.

Don’t overlook the opportunity to search Calcelmo’s Laboratory inside Understone Keep, where soul gems are dispersed among academic disarray.

Be aware—acquiring them without detection necessitates stealth or authorization. The stalls in the market and the inventory of local merchant, Kerban, might present you with both common and unique gems. Negotiating can reduce costs significantly, so utilize your speech abilities effectively.

In Markarth, diligence and sharp observation are key for gathering a collection of soul gems.

4. Blackreach

Beneath the surface of Skyrim, Blackreach unfolds – an extensive subterranean area where soul gems twinkle under the strange blue glow of bioluminescent fungi.

As you traverse this underground terrain, you will encounter soul gems both untouched and within the confines of Dwemer ruins. Be ready for a challenge; the creatures that inhabit Blackreach are not keen on parting with their treasures without a fight.

Below is a table to assist you in locating what you seek:

LocationGem TypeNotes
War QuartersVariousInspect the shelves and Dwemer storage devices.
Silent CityBlack Soul GemsThey’re infrequent, but watch for them on stands.
Hall of RuminationCommon Soul GemsScattered around the machinery.
Sinderion’s Field LaboratoryRare GemsSearch for a concealed cache.

5. Apocrypha (Dragonborn DLC)

Should you wish to acquire even more potent soul gems, the extradimensional territories of Apocrypha, reachable through the Dragonborn DLC, present a wealth of arcane wisdom and concealed riches, including much sought-after soul gems.

Amidst this contorted terrain, governed by Hermaeus Mora, the Daedric Prince of Fate and Knowledge, you’ll come across lurkers and seekers standing watch over valuable items. Maintain your mental acuity as you make your way through the dim passageways and unusual structures.

Keep an eye out for containers and vanquished adversaries that may hold grand and black soul gems, the most powerful of their category.

The treasures found within Apocrypha are as significant as the obstacles, so equip yourself thoroughly before entering into this strange and hazardous territory of Oblivion.

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