Persona 5 Royal The Best Equipment For Every Single Character

Persona 5 Royal The Best Equipment

As a seasoned Persona 5 Royal player, I’ve navigated through the twisted labyrinths of Tokyo’s Metaverse more times than I can count. But even with countless battles and strategic victories under my belt.

one question always looms large like a swirling vortex: How do I maximize the potential of each of my ragtag team of Phantom Thieves?

Well, fear not, fellow comrades-in-arms, for I have scoured every corner and crevice to bring you this definitive guide on equipping your characters with the best gear available.

Like crafting a masterful art or composing an exquisite symphony, outfitting each character with top-notch equipment is crucial to creating that harmonious balance within your team.

Whether boosting Joker’s agility, Morgana’s healing prowess, or Ann’s magical capabilities, knowing how to play to their strengths while covering their weaknesses will ensure that your squad remains an unstoppable force against whatever shadowy foe dares cross your path.

So let us embark on this journey together as we delve into the essential upgrades needed for each character – because there is strength in unity and power in numbers.

In a hurry? Here’s a quick & short answer that will help you out!

For the best equipment in Persona 5 Royal, assign each character their ultimate weapons and armor. Joker needs the Paradise Lost and Tantric Oath, Ryuji benefits from Mjolnir and the Divine Pillar, while Morgana suits the Claiomh Solais and the Cat’s Sutra. Ann flourishes with the Femme Fatale and the Celestial Sash, Yusuke with the Usumidori and the Kuzunoha Tubes, Makoto with the Sabazios and the Tatenashi, Haru with the Paradise Lost and the Haten Robe, and Akechi with the Loki’s Strike and the Adam Vest.

Optimizing Joker’s Arsenal

To make Joker unstoppable, we’ll optimize his arsenal for maximum impact. As the main character of Persona 5 Royal, he has access to a wide range of powerful Personas and weapons, making it essential to choose the right equipment to complement his unique abilities.

By selecting the best gear, we can ensure that Joker remains a force to be reckoned with throughout our thrilling adventure in Tokyo’s Metaverse.

One crucial aspect of maximizing Joker’s potential is choosing the right melee weapon. The Paradise Lost is arguably one of the most vital choices available, boasting exceptional attack power and accuracy and granting him an automatic Evade Magic (High) ability.

This powerful weapon can be obtained by defeating Caroline and Justine during New Game+, solidifying your status as an elite Phantom Thief.

Persona 5 Royal The Best Equipment

Alternatively, consider using the Prosthetic Arm designed by Fafnir-O-Yoroi Model Co., offering excellent damage output, accuracy, and a bonus HP recovery effect after each battle.

Of course, we must remember to optimize Joker’s ranged weaponry. For this purpose, I highly recommend obtaining Tyrant Pistol from Tanaka’s Shady Commodities store.

This gun offers incredible stats in terms of attack power and accuracy, and it also comes with an additional perk – inflicting Despair on enemies when landing critical hits or exploiting their weaknesses!

Simply put, The Tyrant Pistol allows Joker to wreak havoc against foes while simultaneously sapping their willpower to fight back – what more could you ask for?

So go forth and conquer with these fantastic equipment recommendations; together, we’ll show everyone that no challenge is too great when armed with top-tier gear!

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Strengthening Ryuji’s Offense and Defense

When beefing up Ryuji’s attack and defense, you’ll want to watch for those top-notch gear pieces that’ll make him unstoppable.

Ryuji Sakamoto, a.k.a Skull, is your quintessential powerhouse party member in Persona 5 Royal. His specialization in heavy physical damage and high endurance make him a formidable fighter.

To maximize his potential, certain weapons, armor, and accessories will push his performance even further.

For weapons, you can’t go wrong with the Mjolnir or ‘Mjölnir’ as it’s sometimes spelled. This mighty hammer boasts an impressive 292 Attack power and has the bonus of dealing Electric damage with each hit—a perfect fit for Ryuji’s innate affinity for Zio skills.

You can obtain this legendary weapon by itemizing Thor during the fusion alarm or scoring big at the Kichijoji Melee Weapon Shop’s crane game (it requires some luck).

As for armor, look no further than the Champion’s Cupid; this protective gear grants Ryuji an extra boost to his Strength stat while providing solid defenses (242 Defense & 18 Evasion).

Acquire this armor by washing dirty equipment found in Mementos or purchasing from Tanaka’s Shady Commodities after ranking their Confidant level.

Equipping Ryuji with the right accessory can take his abilities to new heights. The best option here would be the Crystal Skull—this rare treasure provides +5 to all stats while granting resistance to all elements except Almighty and Gun attacks.

It’s a great way to round out his weaknesses while reinforcing his strengths across the board. To obtain this powerful trinket, you must defeat one of the Reaper Shadows lurking within Mementos during flu season—a challenging but well worth it for such a valuable prize!

With these items equipped on Ryuji, he’ll become a force to be reckoned with in your fight against the twisted desires of society’s corrupt.

Enhancing Ann’s Magic and Protection

Persona 5 Royal The Best Equipment

Now, let’s amp up Ann’s magical prowess and defenses, ensuring she becomes a formidable ally in your quest to reform the hearts of evildoers.

As the femme fatale of our Phantom Thieves team, Ann excels in using Fire-based spells and inflicting status ailments on enemies. Her high SP pool allows her to cast powerful Magic consistently throughout battles, making her an essential asset for dealing massive damage and controlling the battlefield.

To maximize Ann’s potential, we’ll want to equip her with weapons that boost her Magic stat while maintaining decent Attack ratings. Some top choices include the Whip Sword (obtained during late-game) or Hecate (unlocked through itemization of Carmen).

You’ll want armor that bolsters her defenses and SP pool. The best options here are items like Harlot’s Mercy (found in Mementos) or Noir Armour (purchased from Kichijoji), which provide excellent defense boosts while enhancing her magical capabilities.

Remember accessories too! Items such as Crystal Skull or Ring of Blazing Hell significantly improve Ann’s Magic stat and ensure she remains a force to be reckoned with.

By decking out Ann in this top-tier equipment, you’ll witness a drastic improvement in battle performance as she unleashes scorching flames upon your foes with unparalleled intensity.

These upgrades will transform our beloved Panther into an unstoppable powerhouse capable of taking down even the most formidable opponents standing between you and justice.

So gear up, strategize wisely with your fellow thieves, and revel in the fiery chaos unleashed by Ann Takamaki – indeed, a force to be reckoned with!

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Maximizing Morgana’s Healing and Evasion

Morgana’s role as the team’s dedicated healer and elusive support can’t be underestimated, making it crucial to optimize his abilities for your Phantom Thieves’ success.

With a focus on healing spells like Mediarama and Salvation, Morgana should be equipped with items that maximize his SP pool to cast these powerful skills throughout battles continually.

Additionally, raising his Evasion stat will ensure he has a better chance of dodging enemy attacks and staying in the fight longer to provide support.

Morgana’s best option for weaponry is the Paradise Lost weapon found in Mementos during the third semester. This weapon boosts his Magic by 10 points, increasing his chances of inflicting status ailments on enemies.

Meanwhile, pair this weapon with a Crystal Skull accessory or Omnipotent Orb for more balanced stat boosts or complete immunity to all non-almighty attacks, respectively.

To enhance Morgana’s healing capabilities even further, consider attaching a Divine Pillar accessory, which doubles healing effects but reduces evasion rate by half – use this strategically based on battle situations.

As for armor, I recommend equipping Morgana with the Tantric Oath Male armor from Takemi Medical Clinic after progressing through her Confidant chain; this armor offers high Defense and Evasion stats suitable for our cunning feline friend.

If you prefer something more tailored to boosting magic abilities instead of physical protection, try obtaining Metatron’s Robe from Electric Chair Execution using Michael as a base material – it gives an impressive +5 Magic bonus while still providing decent defensive stats.

With these equipment choices in mind, your Phantom Thieves will benefit significantly from Morgana’s enhanced healing prowess and elusive presence on the battlefield, ensuring victory against even the most formidable foes!

Boosting Yusuke’s Physical Attacks and Durability

To turn Yusuke into an unstoppable force, let’s focus on enhancing his physical attacks and durability so he can dish out powerful blows while taking hits like a champ.

As a skilled swordsman with a natural inclination towards physical combat, Yusuke is the perfect candidate for boosting in these areas.

With the right equipment, you can watch in awe as he easily slices through enemies and stands tall against even the most formidable foes.

Firstly, when it comes to weapons, you’ll want to head over to Kichijoji’s weapon shop and get your hands on the Usumidori sword. This powerful blade boasts an impressive Attack stat and has a high chance of inflicting critical hits on enemies.

Pairing this with a vital accessory like the Crystal Skull will further increase Yusuke’s attack power, making him nearly unstoppable.

For armor, consider equipping him with the Tantric Oath gear set found in Mementos; its high defense allows him to take damage without faltering while granting him immunity from several status ailments.

As for skill cards and abilities, ensure that Yusuke has access to Charge – this move doubles his next physical attack’s power! Combine that with Masukunda (a debuff skill that lowers all foes’ agility) and Baton Pass (to boost his damage output even more), and you’ve got one deadly warrior who can sweep through battles effortlessly.

So go forth, fellow Thieves! Equip our favorite artist-swordsman hybrid with these top-tier items and witness firsthand how he becomes an essential part of your battle strategy – cutting down shadows left and right as if they were nothing more than canvas awaiting his masterful strokes.

Upgrading Makoto’s Combat and Support Capabilities

Did you know that Makoto has the highest base magic stat among all Phantom Thieves? With this in mind, let’s focus on upgrading her combat and support capabilities to make her an indispensable asset to your team.

As the group’s Queen, she wields nuclear skills and physical attacks with finesse while providing essential healing support for your party. To elevate her skillset further, we need to find the best equipment for offense and defense.

Here are some top-notch items that will help Makoto become a formidable force:

  • Forstadt: A customized revolver boasting immense power to enhance her gun attacks.
  • Sabazios: Known as one of the best melee weapons for Makoto, it provides excellent damage output and accuracy.
  • Diva’s Dress: This stylish outfit not only increases her Evasion but also grants a significant boost to her Magic stat.
  • Ultimate Guard: The perfect balance between high Defense and Evasion rates makes this armor ideal for protecting our precious healer.

Remember accessories that can significantly bolster Makoto’s abilities while giving her a unique edge in battle. Consider equipping items like Crystal Skull or Sphynx Mask, which provide bonuses such as increased stats, resistance against ailments, or improved healing effects.

By taking advantage of these powerful tools, you’ll ensure that Queen remains unyielding in every fight while simultaneously supporting your fellow Phantom Thieves through thick and thin.

So gear up and prepare to watch as Makoto becomes an unstoppable force on your journey toward victory!

Amplifying Haru’s Range and Resilience

Haru’s a flair for mixing elegant gunplay and devastating psychic attacks, making her a versatile powerhouse you’ll want to invest in! Her blend of range and resilience makes her a valuable asset in your arsenal.

To maximize Haru’s potential, it’s crucial to equip her with the best gear available. She can easily dish out even more damage and take on those more formidable foes.

The first step is to ensure that Haru has an impressive firearm. The ‘Fleur-de-lis’ is an excellent choice for this stylish gunslinger – it has high accuracy and provides substantial power without sacrificing style.

It can be obtained by customizing the base model grenade launcher called ‘Beetle of the Damned’ through Iwai-san at Untouchable Airsoft Shop.

For melee weapons, focus on giving Haru something that complements her agility while packing a punch. Consider equipping her with the ‘Paradise Lost,’ which boasts high attack power and critical hit rate; this weapon will enable Haru to deal massive damage during close-range encounters.

Persona 5 Royal The Best Equipment

As for armor, prioritizing Haru’s resilience is critical – after all, she needs to survive long enough to unleash those devastating psychic attacks!

A great option is the ‘Divine Pillar,’ which halves incoming damage at the cost of evasion capabilities; however, when paired with powerful ranged weaponry like Fleur-de-lis, this trade-off becomes worthwhile as it enables Haru to absorb hits without breaking stride.

Additionally, remember to upgrade Haru’s accessories: Omnipotent Orb or Crystal Skull can provide robust defenses against various elements while boosting stats.

Decking out our beloved beauty thief in top-tier gear like these suggestions ensures she remains a formidable force throughout Persona 5 Royal’s epic adventure!

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I can’t help but feel a bit misty-eyed as we bid farewell to our beloved Phantom Thieves’ equipment upgrade journey.

It’s been a wild ride, boosting their abilities and making them the ultimate fighting force.

But remember, dear reader. It isn’t over till it’s over.

So savor this bittersweet parting for now – you’ve armed your crew with the finest gear.

They’ll be ready to face whatever challenges come their way… and so will you.

Cheers to that!

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