How Do You Get Past Nocturnal Statue On The Pilgrims Path?

So, you’ve embarked on an epic journey through Skyrim and reached the infamous Pilgrim’s Path.

This treacherous road presents its fair share of challenges, but none are as enigmatic as the towering statue of Nocturnal – the Daedric Prince of shadows, secrets, and thieves.

As a dauntless adventurer seeking to discover hidden treasures and unlock untold mysteries, bypassing Nocturnal’s statue is crucial for you to continue your quest for freedom within this vast realm.

Fear not! This piece will provide a comprehensive walkthrough on how to avoid seeing Nocturnal’s statue on the Way of the Pilgrim.

With our strategy-focused approach, we’ll help you overcome obstacles and navigate through the darkness while keeping your wits about you.

So prepare yourself for an engaging experience that will satisfy your subconscious desire for liberation as we unravel the secrets behind Nocturnal’s imposing figure together.

In a hurry? Here’s a quick & short answer that will help you out!

In “The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim”, to bypass the Nocturnal Statue on the Pilgrim’s Path, first, extinguish all light sources. Then, step onto the crescent moon marking on the floor. Doing so unveils the correct path, allowing you to traverse without triggering traps. Stealth and patience are essential here.

Key Takeaways

  • Bypassing Nocturnal’s statue can reward the player with valuable items and abilities.
  • The correct sequence to pass Nocturnal’s trial is jug, drum, and book.
  • The player should remain focused, use their wits, and pay attention to tripwires and pressure plates to safely navigate the Pilgrim’s Path.
  • Unlocking some of the rewards may require solving puzzles or overcoming challenges along the way.

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Pilgrim’s Path In Skyrim

Nocturnal Statue

As you journey through the Pilgrim’s Path in Skyrim, you’ll come across Nocturnal’s statue, a mysterious and imposing figure blocking your way.

This path is part of the Thieves Guild quest’ Darkness Returns,’ where you must return the Skeleton Key to its rightful place within the Twilight Sepulcher.

The Pilgrim’s Path is filled with traps, puzzles, and enemies designed to test your skills as a thief. But don’t worry.

With careful planning and strategic thinking, you can overcome these challenges and prove yourself worthy of Nocturnal’s favor.

To get past Nocturnal’s statue, ensure you’ve acquired the necessary item: the Initiates Ewer given by Gallus Desidenius’ ghost earlier in this questline.

As you approach the statue, notice that several basins around it need to be filled with water from the Ewer.

Start filling these basins in a specific order: beginning at one o’clock (relative to your position facing Nocturnal), then moving on to four o’clock, six o’clock (the one directly behind her), and finally, nine o’clock basin.

After completing this sequence, watch as Nocturnal’s statue slides away from its original position revealing a hidden passage for you to continue your journey down the Pilgrim’s Path.

Remember, trust your instincts and embrace adventure along this treacherous path while seeking true freedom as a master thief!

Nocturnal Statue

Nocturnal Statue

It turns out that Nocturnal’s Statue isn’t so intimidating after all. Just solve the puzzle, and you’ll be on your way down the Pilgrim’s Path!

To get past this seemingly imposing statue, follow these steps: first, ensure you have a torch or some kind of light source, which will be helpful when navigating the darkened maze.

Then, approach the statue and activate it by pressing the action button. The statue will respond by asking you to prove your worthiness through a test of wit and cunning.

Finding a way to finish this challenge without being stuck in a never-ending cycle is where things get hard. Begin by following the path to your right, careful not to stray from its course.

As you progress, watch for tripwires and pressure plates, which can trigger deadly traps; use your torch or another light source to help spot them more easily.

Eventually, you’ll reach a dimly lit room containing three pedestals with objects placed upon them: one with a jug, another with a drum, and a third with a book.

To unlock Nocturnal’s blessing (and proceed further), interact with each object in turn–jug first, then drum, followed by the book–and listen carefully for any changes in background noise once they’ve been activated.

If done correctly (and stealthily!), Nocturnal will deem you worthy enough to pass her trial unscathed, granting access to Pilgrim’s Path, where freedom awaits those brave enough to seek it!

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Step-By-Step Guide To Bypass Nocturnal Statue

So, it’s essential to remember the correct order when bypassing this mighty statue: jug, drum, then book †“that’s your ticket to continuing through the treacherous Pilgrim’s Path!

As you approach Nocturnal’s Statue, you’ll find three pedestals in front of it. Each pedestal has a unique item placed upon it: a jug on the left, a drum in the center, and a book on the right.

To successfully bypass the statute without triggering any traps or alarms, you must interact with these items in the correct sequence.


Carefully approach each pedestal and interact with its respective item according to the table above.

Start with the jug on your left; once activated, move swiftly but cautiously towards the central pedestal and touch the drum next.

Finally, head over to your right side and engage with the book. Upon completing this sequence correctly, Nocturnal’s Statue will grant passage through its hidden entrance leading further into Pilgrim’s Path.

Remember that remaining focused and following these directions is crucial for safely navigating this challenging journey toward freedom from constraints and limitations!

Possible Rewards After Bypassing Nocturnal Statue

Nocturnal Statue

Once you’ve managed to bypass the imposing statue, there’s a chance you’ll be handsomely rewarded with treasures and secrets beyond your wildest dreams.

As you venture deeper into the shadows of the Pilgrim’s Path, keep your eyes open for hidden chests and secret alcoves that may hold valuable items, such as enchanted weapons, rare armor sets, or even precious gemstones.

Remember that unlocking some of these rewards might require solving puzzles or overcoming challenges, so stay sharp and use your wits to make it through.

In addition to material rewards, bypassing Nocturnal’s Statue can grant you powerful abilities or blessings from the mysterious deity herself.

These boons might manifest as new spells, unique skill perks, or a temporary boost in attributes like strength or speed.

To unlock these divine gifts, pay close attention to any clues left by previous pilgrims who have braved this path before you; they may hint at how to appease Nocturnally and earn her favor properly.

After all, nothing beats having an extra edge in battle when exploring the treacherous depths of Skyrim. So don’t hesitate; forge ahead on the Pilgrim’s Path and uncover what lies beyond Nocturnal’s Statue!

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