How To Work A Wonder In Civilization 5

Ever felt like a game of Civilization 5 is akin to climbing Mount Everest? You’re not alone. It’s a complex world in there, with layers of strategy and decisions that can make or break your game.

One such crucial aspect is working wonders. Building these monumental structures isn’t just about prestige; it’s also about gaining strategic advantages to edge out your rivals.

In this guide, we’ll simplify the process for you, walking you through the basics of wonders in Civ 5, how to build one step-by-step, and ways to speed up their construction.

We’ll also explore the role workers play in their creation and the benefits they bring once completed.

So buckle up! It’s time to conquer those peaks and carve out your niche in the world of Civilization 5!

Key Takeaways

  • Wonders are crucial for progress and offer unique bonuses.
  • Strategic planning and competition awareness are necessary before building a wonder.
  • Workers and Great Engineers can be used to speed up construction.
  • Each wonder offers unique bonuses in science, culture, or military power.

The Basics of Wonders in Civ 5

In Civ 5, wonders are essential for advancing your civilization’s progress and position. Each wonder offers unique bonuses that greatly impact gameplay. Some wonders provide cultural gains, while others increase city productivity.

Constructing a wonder in Civ 5 requires strategic planning. It’s important to consider which wonder best suits your civilization’s needs before deciding to build one. Make sure you have an abundance of the required resources for constructing a specific wonder.

Once you’ve chosen a wonder, it’s time to start building! However, keep in mind that only one instance of each wonder can exist at a time across all civilizations. If another civilization completes a wonder before you do, you’ll miss out on its advantages.

Here’s a tip: always keep an eye on who else might be attempting to build the same wonder as you. If there’s competition, speed up construction by assigning more workers or utilizing Great Engineers. Staying ahead is key in this strategic game!

Step-by-step Guide on How to Build a Wonder

Let’s tackle the process of constructing a massive, game-changing structure in Civ 5, such as the Great Pyramids. Think about this scenario: you’re leading Egypt in a heated battle for dominance and need that extra edge to solidify your victory – let’s dive into how to achieve this milestone.

First, select the city where you want to build the wonder. Make sure it has enough production points; wonders aren’t built quickly!

Open your city screen and navigate to ‘Choose Production’. Here, you’ll find a list of available projects; wonders are usually at the top.

Click on your desired wonder and confirm your selection with ‘Add to Queue’. Keep in mind, only one wonder can be constructed per city at any given time.

Watch the progress bar at the bottom of your city screen while constructing. It gives you an estimate of how many turns it will take until completion. If another civilization finishes that same wonder before you do – bad luck! You’ll have lost all those turns.

But if all goes well and you finish first – success! An amazing monument rises from your civilization’s heartland, providing unique benefits that could turn the tide of history in your favor.

The Role of Workers in Building Wonders

Without dedicated laborers tirelessly toiling day and night, those grand structures you’re dreaming of won’t appear. In Civilization 5, workers are essential for constructing wonders. They are the foundation of your civilization’s growth and advancement.

Constructing a wonder is not only about clicking on it and expecting it to be done. You need to strategically deploy your workers to collect resources, clear terrain or construct improvements that can speed up the process.

Remember, every turn they spend working saves you precious time that you could use to progress other aspects of your civilization.

Make the most of your workers. Assign them tasks that meet the needs of the wonder you’re aiming for. For example, if you’re building a wonder that requires a lot of stone, ensure enough workers are mining quarries instead of farming fields.

Grasping worker organization is critical to constructing wonders in Civilization 5. By streamlining their tasks and concentrating their efforts on particular objectives, you won’t only witness the rapid progress of your civilization but also get an exceptional feeling of accomplishment as each magnificent wonder comes to life before your eyes.

Strategies to Speed up Wonder Construction

Boosting the pace of your monumental construction isn’t just a pipe dream; it’s entirely achievable with the right strategies.

Did you know, focusing on relevant technologies can hasten your project by up to 25%? So it’s wise to prioritize techs like Masonry for building The Pyramids or Iron Working for the Statue of Zeus.

Here are three tips to speed up wonder creation:

  • Carefully choose city location: Build your city near resources that provide production bonuses, like stone or iron. These act as accelerators for any construction project.
  • Utilize social policies: Policies like Aristocracy (10% bonus towards Wonder production) in Tradition tree and Five-Year Plan (up to +30% Production in all cities) in Order tree can significantly cut down build times.
  • Maximize worker output: Assign workers manually to tiles with high production values and use caravans internally to boost productivity.

Keep an eye out too for Great Engineers; their ‘Hurry Production’ ability can complete a wonder quickly! Don’t forget, wonders aren’t everything. Sometimes, building units or improving infrastructure could be more beneficial. Just keep these strategies in mind and you’ll become a master builder in no time!

Benefits of Successfully Building a Wonder

Building a monumental structure isn’t just for show; it can bring significant benefits to your empire. Each wonder in Civilization 5 offers unique bonuses that can give you an edge on your competition.

These perks range from granting you an advantage in science, culture, or military power to providing extra happiness and food sources.

For example, building the Great Library gives you free technology which could hasten your progress.

The Pyramids can quicken the construction of workers and their improvements, providing a quick boost to your productivity. If you’re striving for a cultural victory, wonders such as the Sistine Chapel or Uffizi are invaluable for increasing tourism and culture output.

Therefore, don’t underestimate the power of these impressive structures. They’re more than just fancy landmarks – they are strategic assets that can drive your civilization towards victory faster than you might think possible.

Keep in mind though: while wonders provide substantial advantages, they also require considerable investment in terms of time and resources. It’s crucial to evaluate when and how many wonders to build based on your overall strategy and available assets.


So, there you have it! Crafting a wonder in Civ 5 is much like constructing a special piece of art. It takes careful planning, dedication, and the right resources.

Once it’s finished, it’s sure to shake up the game. You’ll witness the results of all your hard work – it will be worth it.

So go ahead and bring your wonders to life!

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