How To Sell Blueprints On Warframe?

Have you acquired blueprints for your warframes but don’t want them? Or better still, you prefer their value over the worth of the blueprint item, and you want to know if you can sell these blueprints or trade them off to other players. 

So you might be wondering, “Can you sell your already acquired blueprints?” The answer is yes, and we’ll explain how in this article.

One of the most basic acts carried out in gaming is selling acquired items. Warframe does not stop you from being able to trade your items for other stuff, but it might be a struggle to find out how to engage in the selling trade initially.

If you require inventory space for other better-desired equipment for your warframe, selling some stuff off is always a good idea. Giving both value in credits for the exchange and available spaces for your new arsenals. Doing this is not difficult and is simple to do once you’ve gotten the hang of it. However, for some reason, this ability to sell is hidden away from plain sight and might prove difficult to find. 

Here I lay down the very easy steps you can take to get to your Warframe’s inventory and sell your acquired items for both space and extra credits.

Step One: Open Up Your Menu

On opening your onboard ship’s menu, scroll through until you find the Equipment button and then click on it. After doing that, an auxiliary menu will pop up with a jam-packed list containing many things. 

Ignore all of that, look for the Inventory tab, and click on it.

Step Two: Accessing Your Inventory

You’re close to your goal now! On clicking the inventory tab, you see your inventory in different sorts either by viewing them as a whole or selectively picking through some specific areas like the Gear, Weapons, Warframes, and so on. 

For each item, you’ll see a listed price that will be earned for every item that you sell, and for the items that can not be sold, there’s an indicating notification that shows you can’t sell the item. You can select individual items or all of them at once. On selecting the desired item to be sold, press the button at the bottom right of your screen, and voila! You can begin selling whatever it is that you want to sell. 

This very simple duo step is all it takes to sell your blueprints, weapons, etc. It’s good to know how to sell off some items as this helps manage inventory space and get extra credits that you can spend on other things you need in Warframe. 

Things To Note

If you are familiar with Warframe, you will notice that this game stipulates many things. So allow me to show you some important tips to take note of when you are selling items or managing your inventory space.

  • The Maximum level items, the frames, and the weapons only allow you a little more credits than their basic level counterparts.
  • On observation, there’s an indication that some items cannot be sold or engaged in a trade.
  • The acquired Skins, your helmets, the cosmetics got, the Incubator materials, derelict keys, eventually, almost all resources and some hears like another blueprint, the specters, and squad restore. 
  • If an item is not available for selling, its blueprint can still be traded, but you can’t sell an entirely crafted variant obtained from the blueprint.
  • Mods obtained can not be sold through this process and must be sold in another way. 

At first, things are all over the place when you are trying to sell off some items you have no use for or want to get a good deal on, but it’s not very difficult if you can get a hang of it. Following the abovementioned steps and taking due notes on what you can and cannot sell, and you are fully ready to get trading!