How To Make Alice In Persona 5? – Ultimate Guide

How To Make Alice In Persona 5

As a dedicated Persona 5 player, I’ve always been fascinated. By the vast array of personas that inhabit this enthralling universe.

Navigating through the myriad of possibilities to create your ultimate team can feel as intricate and rewarding. As weaving an elaborate tapestry from scratch.

One persona that has consistently caught my eye with its unique design and potent abilities is Alice. A powerful figure rooted in both literature and mythology.

In our shared journey to master Persona 5. I’m here to guide you on how to make Alice one of your very own personas.

Creating Alice may seem like a daunting task at first, but with a healthy dose of knowledge, careful preparation.

And some valuable tips from fellow enthusiasts, we’ll be able to craft this enigmatic character together.

As kindred spirits in the realm of Persona 5 fandom, let’s unlock the secrets. Behind forging Alice and harness her powers for our gaming adventures!

In a hurry? Here’s a quick & short answer that will help you out!

In Persona 5, Alice is created through advanced fusion, using Belial and Nebiros personas. To make Alice, you need to reach level 56 and obtain Belial and Nebiros. Once you have these two personas, head to the Velvet Room, select ‘Advanced Fusion’, and create Alice. Remember, fusion results depend on your current level!

Gathering the Required Personas for Fusion

Now that you’re ready to dive into fusion, let’s gather the necessary Personas to create your powerful new ally!

To fuse Alice in Persona 5, you’ll need four specific Personas: Nebiros, Belial, Queen’s Necklace, and Rangda.

These Personas can be obtained through various means, such as negotiating with Shadows. During battles or by fusing other Personas within the Velvet Room.

Keep in mind that some of these might be easier. To obtain at certain points in the game or after reaching a particular level. It’s important to plan and collect them all before attempting the fusion.

To get Nebiros and Belial, make sure you’re at least level 62 since both of these demons are advanced-tier Personas.

You can encounter them as Shadows in Mementos or in later Palaces like Okumura Palace and Niijima Palace.

Alternatively, they can also be fused using lower-level Personas if you have already unlocked Advanced Fusion within the Velvet Room.

For example, Nebiros can be created by fusing Shiki-Ouji with Anubis, whereas Belial is made by combining Decarabia with Andras.

As for the Queen’s Necklace and Rangda, they are much easier to acquire compared to their counterparts mentioned earlier.

Queen’s Necklace is classified as a Treasure Demon that pops up randomly while exploring Palaces or mementos. Just keep an eye out for its unique appearance among other Shadows!

Rangda requires level 42, but it does become available sooner than Nebiros and Belial. Simply engage it in battle when encountered in Futaba Palace. Or fuse other compatible Personas like Inugami with Isis until you obtain it.

Once all four required components are gathered together, head over to the Velvet Room. Where Igor will assist you on this final step towards making Alice—an unstoppable magical powerhouse—in Persona 5!

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Unlocking the Advanced Fusion Option

How To Make Alice In Persona 5

Once you’ve gained access to advanced fusion, you’ll have the ability to create more powerful Personas with unique abilities.

Unlocking the Advanced Fusion option is a vital step in making Alice. As she can only be created through this method.

To unlock Advanced Fusion, you need to progress through Persona 5’s story and reach. The point where your Fool Arcana Confidant (Igor) reaches Rank 1. This usually happens after completing Kamoshida’s Palace.

As you continue playing, make sure to focus on strengthening your bond. With Igor by visiting him regularly in the Velvet Room.

The Advanced Fusion option becomes available once Igor’s Fool Arcana Confidant reaches Rank 5.

Keep in mind that progression through Igor’s Confidant ranks is tied directly to story progression. Therefore, there isn’t any specific action needed aside from moving forward in the game.

Now that you’ve unlocked Advanced Fusion and gathered all the necessary Personas for fusing Alice.

Head over to the Velvet Room and select ‘Advanced Fusion.’ You’ll see a list of powerful Personas available for fusion. Using multiple components.

Look for Alice on this list and ensure that you have all four required ingredients. Nebiros (the devil), Belial (the devil), Rangda (the magician), and Queen Mab (the lovers).

Once these are confirmed, proceed with fusing them into your new powerful ally, Alice!

Remember that her unique abilities will give your team an edge during battles. So don’t hesitate to experiment with different strategies when using her against formidable foes.

Preparing for the Fusion Process

With the fusion process looming, it’s crucial to properly prepare and gather your components, symbolically weaving together the threads of fate that will bring forth a powerful ally.

To make Alice in Persona 5, you must first fuse two specific Personas: Belial and Nebiros. These two demons are not only significant for their connection.

To Alice but also represent unique aspects of darkness and mystery that can be vital in forming strong bonds with others.

To obtain Belial and Nebiros as ingredients for this fusion, you’ll need to work on strengthening your existing Personas through battles and leveling up.

For Belial, you can try fusing Rangda (a magician) with Barong (an emperor), while Nebiros can be created by fusing Flauros (a hegemon) with Shiki-Ouji (a chariot).

Moreover, it’s important to remember that you should aim for a high Arcana rank since this will affect the resulting fused Persona’s strength.

To maximize Alice’s potential, focus on raising your Death confidant rank as much as possible before attempting the fusion.

As you step closer to summoning Alice into existence, make sure to keep an eye on her unique skills, which set her apart from other Personas.

Among these abilities are Die For Me!, Megidolaon, Concentrate, and Evade Bless—all valuable assets during combat situations or when facing off against particularly troublesome opponents.

By carefully nurturing your bond with Alice once she is created through Advanced Fusion in the Persona 5 Royal version or normal Fusion in the original Persona 5 game.

You’ll find yourself armed with a formidable new ally who not only reflects your inner strength but also connects you more closely than ever before with those around you—all thanks to the mysterious power of persona-crafting!

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Executing the Fusion to Create Alice

How To Make Alice In Persona 5

It’s time to execute the fusion and bring your powerful ally, Alice, into existence. This requires a precise set of steps as well as the necessary ingredients from earlier preparations.

But don’t worry—once you’ve successfully fused Alice, she’ll be an incredible addition to your team with her unique skills and abilities.

To begin the fusion process, make sure you have the required personas: Nebiros (Death Arcana) and Belial (Devil Arcana).

These two are essential for creating Alice, so double-check that they’re in your possession before proceeding.

Next, head to the Velvet Room and access the Fusion menu. Select ‘Advanced Fusion‘ (or ‘Group Guillotine’ in Persona 5 Royal), which allows you to fuse more than two personas at once.

Here’s where things get interesting: instead of choosing Nebiros and Belial alone, add a third persona—the Queen’s Necklace (Empress Arcana). With this trio selected, confirm their fusion.

As soon as you complete these steps and witness the miraculous transformation within the Velvet Room, Alice will be born!

With her on your side now, embrace her powerful magic-based attacks such as Megidolaon or her signature skill, Die For Me!

It’s important to note that Alice also possesses high resistance against blessing and curse spells. But is weak against physical and gun attacks. So keep this in mind when deploying her during battles.

Overall, though, integrating Alice into your party will undoubtedly strengthen its capabilities while adding an air of mystique that only she can provide. Welcome to Wonderland—together with Alice by your side, there will be no stopping you now!

Strengthening Alice’s Skills and Abilities

You might be wondering if there’s a way to improve this already powerful character, and the answer is yes—strengthening Alice’s skills and abilities can turn her into an even more formidable force on your team.

Alice comes equipped with strong magic attacks like Megidolaon, which deals severe Almighty damage to all foes, making her a valuable asset when dealing with enemies resistant to elemental affinities.

Additionally, she possesses the unique skill Die For Me!, which has a high chance of instantly killing all enemies through Curse-type damage.

Since these two moves are powerful on their own, it’s important to focus on increasing Alice’s stats and unlocking new passive abilities that will make her even more deadly.

To enhance Alice’s potential in battle, you’ll want to prioritize boosting her Magic stat first and foremost. This will increase the overall damage output for both Megidolaon and Die For Me!

One way to do this is by using Incense items found throughout Persona 5 or obtained as rewards from certain requests in Mementos.

You can also use Skill Cards obtained from various sources like negotiation or Electric Chair executions to teach Alice passive abilities.

Such as Spell Master (which reduces the SP cost of magic skills) or Concentrate (which increases the next magical attack damage). These passives not only help conserve SP but also boost the power of her existing spells.

Additionally, consider equipping accessories that increase Magic or provide useful combat bonuses.

Items such as the Crystal Skull (which increases all stats) or the Omnipotent Orb (which nullifies all non-Almighty attacks) can greatly improve Alice’s survivability and effectiveness during battles.

Moreover, don’t forget about strengthening your bond with Confidants who have Arcanas matching Alice’s Death Arcana—this helps unlock additional experience points.

During fusion while providing access to powerful support abilities like Endure (automatically surviving fatal blows once per battle).

By investing time and resources into maximizing Alice’s potential, you’ll find her becoming a cornerstone of your team’s success in the many battles that lie ahead in Persona 5.

Utilizing Alice in Battles and Strategy

How To Make Alice In Persona 5

Harnessing the full power of this fearsome Persona can truly turn the tide in any battle, leaving your enemies trembling in defeat.

Alice is a powerful and versatile Persona, capable of dealing massive damage while also providing strong support to her fellow party members.

To make the most of Alice’s abilities during battles, you must first understand her strengths and weaknesses and devise a strategy that plays to those strengths. Here are three strategies to consider:

Exploit elemental weaknesses:

One key aspect of utilizing Alice effectively is targeting your opponents’ elemental vulnerabilities. Alice excels at using Dark (Curse) magic attacks such as Eiha or Maeigaon.

Which can deal significant damage to enemies weak against these elements. In addition, she possesses access to Almighty spells like Megidolaon that bypass enemy resistances.

Utilize status ailments:

Aside from her offensive capabilities, another area where Alice shines is inflicting debilitating status ailments on her foes with skills like Dormina (Sleep) or Tentarafoo (Confuse).

This not only disrupts enemy tactics but also creates opportunities for additional damage through follow-up attacks or technical hits.

Support the team with buffs and healing. Lastly, don’t forget about Alice’s supportive side! She has access to skills like Diarahan for full HP restoration and Dekaja.

For negating all stat increases on foes, making her an invaluable asset in keeping your team healthy and ready for anything.

By incorporating these three strategies into your battles with Alice by your side, you’ll be sure to dominate even the toughest opponents.

Remember that each situation may call for a different approach; adapt your tactics accordingly based on what best suits the needs of your party at any given moment.

With practice and perseverance, you’ll soon master the art of harnessing Alice’s full potential, paving the way toward countless victories across Persona 5’s captivating world!

Exploring Alice’s Role in the Persona Universe

Diving into the rich lore of the Persona universe, we’ll uncover the fascinating role Alice plays as a powerful and enigmatic figure in this captivating world.

As a recurring demon or persona across multiple games, Alice’s character is derived from Lewis Carroll‘s iconic creations, Alice and the Queen of Hearts from “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.”

In Persona 5, she takes on a haunting appearance with her signature move “Die for Me!” which can instantly kill all enemies on screen.

Within the series, Alice represents various themes and concepts that resonate with fans who have ventured through these enthralling stories. Here’s a quick breakdown of some key aspects of her character:

DesignMixture of an innocent girl & macabre featuresReflects twisted nature; fusion of childish innocence & darkness
MovesetPrimarily focused on dark magic & instant-kill abilitiesEmphasizes her deadly power despite seemingly harmless appearance
SymbolismRepresents curiosity, temptation, and dualityEncourages players to explore their own inner struggles

The enigmatic presence that Alice brings to Persona 5 draws us deeper into our subconscious desires for belonging while questioning our moral compasses.

Her dualistic nature—both innocent and malevolent—adds complexity to how we perceive ourselves within the game’s narrative.

By embodying our desire for exploration yet simultaneously presenting danger alongside it, she creates an irresistible pull toward understanding not only her character but also our place within this immersive world.

As we peel back the layers behind this sinister yet enchanting figure in Persona 5, it becomes evident that Alice serves as more than just another powerful persona at our disposal in battles.

She stands as a symbol of self-discovery amidst conflict, offering both temptations and consequences that ultimately shape our journey through the game’s narrative.

It is this depth of her character that allows Alice to transcend her role as a mere tool for gameplay and become an integral part of the Persona universe.

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As I finally bring Alice to life in Persona 5, the eerie juxtaposition of her innocent appearance and devastating abilities creates a thrilling sensation.

This powerful companion, born from my dedication to mastering advanced fusion techniques and strengthening her skills, becomes an indispensable ally.

Together, we’ll cut through the shadows with ease and unravel the twisted narratives that lie ahead.

With Alice by my side, the world of Persona 5 unfolds before us like a beautifully macabre tapestry.

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