How to Get Specific Villagers in Animal Crossing: New Leaf?

In order to increase the population of your village or town, you need good villagers. They play a very important role and help you to move ahead in the game. In this article, you will learn how to get specific villagers in Animal Crossing: New Leaf.

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Villagers in Animal Crossing: New Leaf

While the basic premise of the game is that you should help the villagers by completing missions, villagers can cause havoc by destroying the town’s infrastructure and stealing goods from shops. 

This is where the Ordinances can come in handy. By enacting Ordinances, players can make their towns more prosperous by encouraging citizens to plant more flowers. The game will also let you make town businesses open earlier.

More common interactions between players and villagers occur when the player is talking to them. The villager can either ask you a question or make a request. In some cases, you’ll need to give them a reason to stay in town. A villager can also threaten to move if you try to talk to them. These villagers will only tell you if you spot them, and they’ll talk to you for a limited time.

Getting a Villager to Move in Animal Crossing: New Leaf

In Animal Crossing: New Leaf, you will need to talk to a villager to convince him to move to another part of the farm. If you are unsure of what to say, you can try wishing them well on their new journey or attempting to persuade them to stay. Some villagers are more difficult to convince. These types of villagers will see your lack of concern as a sign that they should stay.

To recruit villagers, visit the villages in the game. Often villagers will show thought bubbles over their heads, and you can encourage them to stay by selling them hats. However, you may want to recruit a villager to stay permanently, which isn’t possible until they’ve reached the requisite population level of eight. In Animal Crossing: New Leaf, you will have to wait until the villagers reach this point before you can convince them.

Once you have recruited a villager, he will offer to move to your island. You’ll have to convince him to move in by talking to him multiple times and then choosing which one to boot, to make room for the new arrival. However, if he’s more interested in camping, you can recruit him to stay permanently at your campsite. 

After you’ve completed all of the quests in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, move to build the campsite. The campsite is where you will find a random non-resident villager. The villager may end up being a permanent resident of your town. You must build the campsite from scratch.

You can try to convince a villager to move in by lowering their friendship rating. If they are hesitant, gift them garbage or a hat. This will speed up the process. If they still refuse to stay, try talking to them. Once you’ve persuaded them to stay, build the campsite and invite them again.

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How to Get Specific Villagers in Animal Crossing: New Leaf

There are many ways to get specific villagers in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. The first step to getting specific villagers is to talk. If they’re walking up to you, they’re likely planning to move. If you’d like them to stay, try persuading them to stay by offering a hat. If they say no, you can tell them to leave and move on.

Secondly, you can also invite them to move into your town. Depending on the villagers’ moods, you can also force them to move to your island. They’ll begin the move process the next day. However, you must first have a plot of land to sell.

Thirdly, using amiibo. If you’ve got a certain amiibo, you can choose which villager you’d like to invite to your town. This will unlock specific villagers for that amiibo. 

You can also befriend specific villagers while you’re participating in an event. If you don’t complete the event, you won’t be able to get desired villagers. 

Another trick to get specific villagers is to invite them to your island, but you must make sure you visit the island when the ‘For Sale’ sign is on it. Otherwise, the plot will remain empty. In the meantime, you can always buy them some new clothing, so that they can try it out and wear it. You can also recruit specific villagers during the Mystery Island Tour. 


So, if you want to get specific villagers in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, all you need to do is talk to them and convince them to move in. You can also use amiibo to get specific villagers. It is a time taking process to either recruit or invite a specific villager. 

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