How To Get Obsidian In Minecraft Without A Diamond Pickaxe?

Hey there Minecraft fans! Have you ever wanted to get Obsidian in your game but didn’t have a Diamond Pickaxe? If so, you’re not alone. 

Many players run into the same issue and can often feel frustrated trying to find an alternative way to obtain it. Well, I’m here to tell you that it’s totally possible! In this article, I’ll walk you through how to get Obsidian without a diamond pickaxe.

It may seem like an impossible task at first, especially if you’ve been playing for awhile and never figured out another way of doing things. 

But don’t worry – with some trial and error, as well as following my instructions carefully, you’ll soon be on your way to collecting Obsidian in no time! I know from personal experience that once you understand the process, it becomes much easier than expected.

By the end of this article, you’ll know exactly what steps are needed and will gain all the confidence necessary to go out there and start collecting Obsidian with ease. So let’s dive right in – ready or not, here we come!

To obtain obsidian in Minecraft without a diamond pickaxe, use the “bucket method”: create a mold by digging a 1×2 trench, pour a lava bucket into it, then quickly pour a water bucket onto the lava to solidify it into obsidian. Although you can’t mine the obsidian directly, you can continuously recreate the mold and form obsidian blocks for construction purposes.

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Understanding Obsidian In Minecraft

Obsidian is a special and rare block in Minecraft. It can be found deep underground or created through certain methods that require certain materials. This black, glass-like material is both alluring and mysterious – it draws players in with its captivating dark hue and invites them to discover its secrets.

But what exactly is obsidian? What makes this block so desirable? Many players are surprised to learn that the highly sought after resource has no use if you don’t have a diamond pickaxe! 

So how do we get our hands on this precious stone without one of these tools? That’s what we’ll explore next: ways to obtain obsidian without a diamond pickaxe.

What Is Obsidian?

Now that we understand what Obsidian is, let’s focus on how to get it. One of the best ways to obtain Obsidian in Minecraft without a diamond pickaxe is by using an enchantment called Silk Touch. 

This particular enchantment will allow you to mine Obsidian blocks and bring them back with you as they were before being mined. 

With this enchantment applied to your pickaxe, all you need to do is locate a pool of lava or water near some exposed bedrock. Then simply break the block nearest to the source block and watch as the entire pool turns into obsidian!

Another way to acquire Obsidian without having a diamond pickaxe is through explosions caused by TNT or creepers. Although this method may not be preferable for those who don’t want their worlds destroyed, it can still prove effective if used correctly. 

All one needs to do is build a wall around where the desired obsidian lies, then ignite either creeper or TNT at its base – this should cause enough destruction so that the obsidian appears within range of reachable blocks.

If neither of these methods work for you there are other options available such as using flint and steel or trading emeralds with villagers; however both require resources which might take time and effort to gather up beforehand. 

Finally, many players also choose to use mods which add new items such as ‘obsidianshards’ which can be crafted together with stone blocks into regular obsidian – although using mods isn’t exactly part of vanilla gameplay, users have found it helpful when trying to acquire larger amounts of obsidian quickly.

With all these different methods for acquiring obsidian in mind, now we can consider where it can actually be found naturally occurring in-game…

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Where Can Obsidian Be Found?

Finding obsidian in Minecraft can be difficult. It is the strongest block, so it must be mined with a diamond pickaxe to obtain it. However, there are several places where obsidian can still be found without one.

The first place you should look for obsidian is underwater in lava pools and rivers. These locations have been known to spawn large amounts of this valuable resource. You will also find smaller amounts scattered around these areas too. This makes scavenging for it much easier than mining underground for it.

Another great source of obsidian are strongholds and abandoned mineshafts. Strongholds often contain chests full of useful items such as diamonds, iron ingots, and even gold blocks! 

Abandoned mineshafts also provide an opportunity to search for precious resources like coal, lapis lazuli ore, and even redstone ore! The farther away from the entrance that you explore, the higher your chances of finding some rare materials including obsidian blocks.

Finally, Nether fortresses provide an excellent chance to find more obscure resources like nether quartz ore and ghast tears which can then be used to craft nether wart blocks which may lead you right into a room filled with Obsidian blocks! 

With careful exploration and luck on your side you could easily stock up enough material here alone to build whatever structures or tools you need without ever having to mine down deep underground yourself.

Methods Of Obtaining Obsidian Without A Diamond Pickaxe

Getting obsidian in Minecraft without a diamond pickaxe is like trying to climb a glass wall – it can be tricky. But, with the right techniques and tools, it’s possible! In this section, we’ll discuss various methods for obtaining obsidian without needing a diamond pickaxe.

A good way to get obsidian is by using buckets of water and lava. To do this, you need two buckets: one filled with water and one empty bucket. 

Then find some source blocks of lava that are exposed on the side of a mountain or hill. Place down your water bucket next to the lava block and then dip your empty bucket into the now cooled-down obsidian block. You will have successfully created an obsidian block which you can place anywhere else in the world.

Another method involves using TNT and flint and steel. First craft yourself four pieces of TNT and place them onto any type of solid surface such as dirt or stone blocks where they won’t go off prematurely due to gravity or other nearby explosions. 

Once they’re placed safely, use your flint & steel (or fire charge) to ignite the TNT from afar so all 4 pieces detonate simultaneously creating 1-4 Obsidian blocks depending on how close each piece was to each other.

Finally, you can also obtain Obsidian by combining flowing water sources with stationary lava pools. To do this simply create a channel connecting a body of water with a pool of standing lava until both liquids merge together thus forming Obsidian blocks in between them wherever their paths cross each other along its course making for an easy harvestable resource at no cost whatsoever! 

With these methods, getting Obsidian in Minecraft without having access to a Diamond Pickaxe isn’t impossible after all! Now let’s move onto our first method: using Water and Lava Buckets…

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Method 1: Water And Lava Bucket

Getting obsidian without a diamond pickaxe can seem like an impossible task. But with the right tools, it’s actually quite easy! One way to get obsidian is by using water and lava buckets. 

First of all, you’ll need two buckets – one for the lava and one for the water. Fill both buckets up from their respective sources, then head over to the area where you want your obsidian block.

Next, pour out your lava bucket first. Make sure that it covers a 3×3 square space so that when you put in the water bucket it will create an even layer of obsidian blocks on top. 

After pouring out your lava bucket, quickly pour out your water bucket directly onto the middle of the now-melted stone blocks. This should cause a reaction between the two liquids and will result in nine individual obsidian blocks spawning in its place!

Be careful not to stand too close to this process as it can be dangerous if done improperly. You may also want to make sure there are no flammable materials nearby since this method involves working with fire and liquid elements at once. 

Once everything has settled down and cooled off, simply break up each of these newly formed obsidian blocks with any tool other than a diamond pickaxe and you’re good to go!

This is just one of many ways to obtain obsidian without having access to a diamond pickaxe; next we’ll look at another procedure involving creeper explosions…

Method 2: Creeper Explosion

Now that you know how to get obsidian with a water and lava bucket, let’s look at another method. This time, we’re using creepers! Creepers are hostile mobs in Minecraft that spawn naturally in most environments. 

They have the ability to explode when provoked or damaged by players. The blast radius of their explosions is enough to break obsidian blocks into smaller pieces. To use this method, simply find an area near some obsidian and set up your creeper trap. 

You can do this by luring them close with any item such as wheat or carrots and then hitting it once with your sword or bow so that it explodes on impact. Make sure you stay far away from the explosion so you don’t take damage yourself! Once the creeper has exploded, check out the broken-down obsidian blocks around you – these can be collected easily without a diamond pickaxe! 

Now that we’ve talked about two methods for getting obsidian without a diamond pickaxe, let’s move onto our next option: trading with piglins.

Method 3: Trade With Piglins

The third way to get obsidian in Minecraft without a diamond pickaxe is to trade with Piglins. Piglins are hostile mobs that can be found in the Nether and its various biomes. They drop items such as gold ingots, rusty armor, and even blocks of obsidian when killed. 

You can also try trading with them by offering up some of your own items for theirs. To do this, you’ll need to have an item they desire – like golden tools or carrots – which will make them more likely to accept your offer. 

If they’re willing to trade, they may give you blocks of obsidian in exchange for what you’re offering them! It’s worth noting that this method isn’t always reliable or easy; sometimes it takes patience and luck before finding a willing trader. 

But if you keep trying, eventually you might get lucky and come away with some valuable obsidian blocks. So don’t give up hope just yet – there are still ways to get the materials you need without a diamond pickaxe!


It’s hard to deny the power of obsidian in Minecraft. This material is essential for many crafting recipes and can be used to build powerful tools like enchanting tables and Nether portals. 

So how do you get this valuable block without a diamond pickaxe? Thankfully, there are several methods out of this sticky situation that don’t involve breaking your bank with an expensive tool upgrade.

Using water buckets and lava buckets or relying on creeper explosions are viable strategies for obtaining obsidian from natural sources. 

You can also try trading with piglins if you’re lucky enough to find one; they often carry blocks of obsidian as part of their wares. All these options ensure you won’t have to time-travel back into the past just to purchase a diamond pickaxe!

If you’ve been struggling with getting obsidian in Minecraft, hopefully this article has given you plenty of ideas for overcoming this tricky problem. 

Although finding obsidian without a diamond pickaxe may seem daunting, rest assured that there are still plenty of ways to get your hands on some sweet, sweet obsidian – so why not give them all a shot?

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