How To Get More Warframe Slots? – Quick Guide

Warframe is an enjoyable online game incorporating melee combat, quick shooting, exceptional character movement, mission-based advancement, thrilling multiplayer battles, and stunning sci-fi graphics. It’s full of thrilling situations, so if you’re searching for an action-packed Videogame, don’t pass it up.

Warframe is, without a doubt, one of the best free-to-play games of all time. It’s been quietly chugging along close to the top of the Steam rankings for years. Warframe, like most games that don’t charge a registration fee, has other ways to make money. 

They are primarily obtained by purchasing Platinum, the game’s premium currency. Warframe, on the other hand, is a little different. It’s not at all welcoming to new players. There are a lot of complicated systems in the game, and it’s easy to lose your Platinum earlier than usual. 

Our guide will show you the best ways to get Warframe slots without wasting much Platinum.

To get more Warframe slots, purchase them from the in-game Market using Platinum, Warframe’s premium currency. Each slot costs 20 Platinum. To acquire Platinum, either buy it with real money, trade valuable items with other players, or occasionally receive it as a login reward or promotional giveaway. For a deeper understanding and detailed steps, continue reading our comprehensive guide.

Most of them can be bought as blueprints and built over time using credits and resources. A full Warframe requires 3 days to complete after grinding for all of the components. However,  you can pay a tiny amount of Platinum to accelerate the process.

Color Palettes, numerous cosmetic goods, and weapons slots are among the few things that may only be acquired via platinum. Slots directly impact gameplay by enabling players to store a variety of warframes and weapons to build unique combinations. 

If a player’s weapon/warframe slots are full, they must either purchase another slot or trade one of their warframes/weapons for credits to clear up a slot. You only have a limited amount of weapon and Warframe slots, so if you don’t want to clear your old stuff, you’ll have to spend some Plat.

Here are some price comparisons:

  • For two weapon slots, you’ll have to pay 12 plat.
  • For one Warframe slot, you’ll have to pay 20 plat.

If you want everything to be complete, having sufficient slots for all of the weapons and Warframes in the game will set you back 3000 Platinum (USD 170).

You can only have a limited amount of weapons and Warframes in your collection at first. After all, your inventory only has so many slots. You’ll want to try and collect new weapons and Warframes as you progress. Unless you buy more slots, you need to get rid of the gear you already have to make room for them. 

Of course, you can get that specific equipment again, but it will cost you time, resources, and credits.

If you plan on playing Warframe, we strongly advise you to spend your first Platinum on weapons or Warframe slots. If you are wondering how to get more Warframe slots, don’t worry, we will explain it thoroughly in the next section.

Getting More Warframe Slots

Kubrow stasis slots, Sentinel slots, Weapons slots, and Warframe slots, unlike everything else in Warframe, can only be obtained using Platinum.

You may exchange blueprints and rare mods for platinum if you are avoiding spending platinum on Warframe.

Follow these procedures to purchase the slots:

  • Open the main menu when aboard the Liset (your ship).
  • Proceed to Equipment, then Inventory.
  • The “Buy slots” button is in the bottom left corner, close to the Exit button.
  • Each Warframe slot costs 20 Platinum.
  • The cost of two weapon slots is 12.
  • The cost of two Sentinel slots is 12.

How To Fix “Insufficient Space In Inventory” Error In Warframe?

Slots restrict the number of particular items you may have in your inventory. Two Warframes, eight weapons (melee, primary, and secondary), eight Sentinels or their weapons, and two Kubrows are all available at the start. 

You’ll see a message when you attempt to claim another item after you’ve used up all of yours. You may now sell items from that category to free up spaces or use Platinum to buy more slots. By hitting ESC, then Equipment>Inventory, you may buy slots.