How To Get Maki Roll In Stardew Valley? – Quick Guide

Low on energy while farming in Stardew Valley? A Maki Roll is more than just a delicious dish; it’s a stamina booster and a money-maker.

Wondering how to craft this in-game delicacy? We’ve got the straightforward steps for you, using ingredients that are likely already in your inventory. Trust us; it’s simpler than you might think.

In a hurry? Here’s a quick & short answer that will help you out!

To get a Maki Roll in Stardew Valley, you can either cook it yourself or purchase it. To cook it, you need a kitchen in an upgraded farmhouse or a Cookout Kit, and the recipe, which can be bought from Gus at the Stardrop Saloon for 300g12. The ingredients are any fish (1), seaweed (1), and rice (1). Alternatively, Maki Rolls may appear randomly in Krobus’ shop on Saturdays or in the Stardrop Saloon’s rotating stock.

Acquiring the Maki Roll Recipe

Here’s the deal, folks – you’re just a few steps away from mastering the art of making Maki Roll in Stardew Valley! To make sure you’re on the right track, let’s start off by focusing on how to get your hands on this delicious recipe.

First, you need to upgrade your farmhouse and add a kitchen. This is where all the magic happens. You can do this at Robin’s Carpentry Shop for 10,000 gold and 450 pieces of wood. A bit pricey? Maybe, but totally worth it!

Now comes the exciting part – acquiring the Maki Roll recipe. The Queen of Sauce television channel airs a cooking show every Sunday and reruns on Wednesdays. Keep an eye out for these days! The Maki Roll recipe will be broadcasted on Summer 21st of your second year in Stardew Valley.

And there you have it! With some patience and dedication, you’ll soon be making delicious Maki Rolls in no time. Remember to keep checking that TV regularly so you don’t miss out on this yummy recipe!

Crafting the Maki Roll: Ingredients and Process

Crafting the Maki Roll is a simple process that requires gathering the necessary ingredients. These components are quite common in Stardew Valley. Here’s what you need:

  • Fish (any will do)
  • Seaweed
  • Rice

To make your Maki Roll, follow these steps:

  1. Go to your kitchen.
  2. Click on the kitchen counter to bring up the cooking menu.
  3. Select ‘Maki Roll’ from the list of recipes.

Your ingredients will be used automatically if they’re stored in your fridge or inventory.

For fish, you have a few options:

  • Catch them using a fishing rod at any body of water around town.
  • Buy from Willy’s Fish Shop.

To obtain seaweed, you can:

  • Find it by fishing.
  • Purchase it from Krobus in the Sewers.

Lastly, for rice:

  • Buy it from Pierre’s General Store.

Crafting food like the Maki Roll is beneficial as it restores energy and health when consumed during gameplay.

This is essential for those long days working on your farm or exploring caves! So get those ingredients ready and start rolling!

Where to Find the Maki Roll Ingredients

Did you know that in a recent player survey, around 70% of gamers had to search around for where to find key ingredients like fish, seaweed, and rice? Let’s look into the specifics of each one.

For fish, head over to any body of water in Stardew Valley with your fishing rod. You’ll see a small animation when a fish bites; reel it in fast! Each area has different kinds of fish based on the time of year. Don’t worry if you don’t catch anything rare; even common carp will do!

Seaweed is another item you can get while fishing. It’s not as common as fish, but keep trying! Alternatively, check out Willy’s Fish Shop occasionally. He sometimes sells seaweed.

Rice might be a bit trickier. It isn’t found naturally within the game world. The good news is Pierre’s General Store and JojaMart sell rice year-round. Always make sure to stock up whenever possible.

Remember these handy locations next time you’re planning on making maki rolls! With effort and patience, finding these crucial ingredients becomes a less challenging and more enjoyable part of your farming experience in Stardew Valley!

Selling and Gifting the Maki Roll

Now that you have all the ingredients ready, let’s discuss what you can do with your homemade sushi: selling and gifting!

Selling maki rolls can be a great way to make some extra money. You can sell them for 220g each. While it might not seem like a lot, every bit counts when you’re trying to build up your farm.

 Maki Roll
Sell Price220g
Health Recovery+100 Energy
Stardrop Saloon Price300g

Gifting maki rolls is another great option. Many villagers in Stardew Valley really appreciate this item, like Sebastian, Jodi, and Kent. Giving gifts can help you to make friends and open up new dialogues with these characters.

Sebastian, Jodi & KentLove
All other villagers (except Haley)Like

Don’t underestimate the power of a well-timed gift! Keep an eye on what each villager likes – it could make a big difference in how quickly you make friends in Pelican Town. So go forth with your maki roll – sell it or gift it – either way, you’ll definitely reap the rewards!

Using Maki Roll in Tailoring

In the incredible world of tailoring, a sushi surprise awaits you – your homemade delicacy can be transformed into a fashion statement! You might be wondering how to incorporate food into fashion. Well, in Stardew Valley, it’s possible with the Maki Roll.

To make this happen, you need two things: a sewing machine and your maki roll. The sewing machine is found in Emily’s house. She allows you to use it after you’ve completed the ‘Rock Rejuvenation’ quest.

Now let’s get down to work. Approach the sewing machine and interact with it. A window will appear, asking for two inputs: cloth and an item that defines the design of your new clothing piece. For cloth input, you can either buy one from Emily or craft it using wool at a loom.

For the defining item – yes, you guessed right! Use your Maki Roll! After these are put in the right places (cloth in left slot and Maki Roll in right), click the start button below them and there you have it! Your new food-inspired outfit is ready for showing off in Pelican Town!

Keep this in mind when planning your wardrobe; don’t just eat sushi – put it on too!

Maki Roll in Quests and Bundles

You’ve been fashioning outfits with sushi, but have you considered its role in quests and bundles? In Stardew Valley, the Maki Roll is more than just a culinary delight. It’s also critical for completing certain tasks.

A notable bundle where Maki Roll comes into play is the Field Research Bundle at the Community Center. You’ll need this tasty roll to successfully complete it. In addition, it plays a key part in ‘Pam Is Thirsty’ – one of the special orders from Qi’s Walnut Room.

Here’s a quick table to help remember:

Bundle/QuestUse of Maki Roll
Field Research BundleRequired item
Pam Is ThirstyReward

Your success in these quests can elevate your status within the community and even earn you some valuable rewards. So do keep an eye out for opportunities to use or gain Maki Rolls.

Remember, every element in Stardew Valley has its own importance – even something as seemingly small as a sushi roll can be essential. The next time you see that delicious looking maki roll on your cooking menu, think about how many possibilities it could open for you!

How Much Can I Sell a Maki Roll for in Stardew Valley?

Finding an extra Maki Roll in your inventory could provide you with a little extra cash if you decide to sell it. But how much can you actually expect to get for your Maki Roll?

The base price for one Maki Roll is 220 gold. If you have the ‘Tiller’ profession (meaning you’re leveled up as a farmer), you receive an additional 10%, which adds up to an extra 22 gold.

You can also increase this amount by using quality ingredients when creating the roll. A silver-starred Maki Roll will bring you 275 gold, while a gold-star version will net you 330 gold.

If your goal is to make money, it’s worth considering that the time spent fishing and cooking could be used for farming or mining, which might yield higher profits. However, if you have spare fish and rice on hand, creating Maki Rolls could be a fun and profitable way to spend your time.

So, to sum it up, selling Maki Rolls in Stardew Valley can be a great way to add to your wallet.


So, you’ve managed to learn the art of crafting Maki Rolls in Stardew Valley! It’s just like riding a bike – once you get it, it becomes natural.

Keep in mind, these yummy rolls can net you 220g each or make great gifts for villagers.

The world of Stardew Valley is now your sushi bar – so roll up your sleeves and start turning those fish into profits!

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