How To Get Bees Out Of Hive In Minecraft | Expert Guide

Have you ever been wandering around in Minecraft, minding your own business, when suddenly an angry swarm of bees comes buzzing out of nowhere? You may be wondering how to get them out of their hive. Don’t worry! I’m here to help with this expert guide on getting bees out of hives in Minecraft.

To get bees out of a hive in Minecraft, place a lit campfire directly beneath the hive or within a 5-block radius. The smoke from the campfire will calm the bees, causing them to exit the hive without becoming aggressive. Make sure to wait a few moments for the bees to fully emerge before interacting with them to avoid angering them.

In this article, we’ll cover the basics for safely removing bees from their hives without taking damage. We’ll also discuss some tips and tricks that will make it easier for you to remove the bees quickly and efficiently. So if you’re having trouble managing those pesky critters, read on to learn how to get rid of them once and for all!

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Minecraft Bees And Beehives

Minecraft bees are one of the most beloved mobs in the game. They’re quite passive and easy to manage, but they have certain behaviors that must be understood before attempting to get them out of their hives.

First, it’s important to know the difference between a bee nest and a beehive; both are found naturally within Minecraft biomes, each containing different types of bees. The nest generally comprises smaller clusters of honeycomb blocks, while the hive contains larger sections connected by wooden planks.

When collecting honey from these structures, players must first understand how taming bees work in-game. To do this, you’ll need an empty bucket for harvesting honey and flowers nearby as bait for attracting wild bees.

Once you’ve acquired these items and located a hive or nest, simply use your hand or another item (e.g., shears) on the structure until all of its inhabitants become agitated – then quickly grab your bucket and start collecting!

Knowing how to interact with Minecraft’s bee population properly is key when removing them from their hives safely and efficiently. With the right tools and materials, you can easily accomplish this task without any hassle whatsoever.

Necessary Tools And Materials

Before attempting to attract bees out of their hive in Minecraft, it’s important that you have the right tools and materials.

First, you’ll need a silk touch axe or pickaxe – this will help ensure that the bee nest remains intact while the honeycomb is harvested. You’ll also need some flowers; Minecraft has several types of them, including roses, dandelions, lily pads, lilacs, and azure bluets. Collecting these can be done by simply searching for them around the world.

Next up is a campfire – this will serve as bait for the bees to come closer so they can collect nectar from the surrounding flowers. Place the fire near the bee nest but not too close since heat may damage it. Lastly, you’ll want to stock up on glass bottles that are used to store collected honeycombs to craft recipes with them later.

With all these items ready and handy, you can begin attracting bees out of their hives.

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How To Attract Bees Out Of The Hive

Attracting bees out of a hive in Minecraft is an important step to make sure the bee population stays healthy. Various methods can be used to draw them away from their home, such as providing attractive food sources and creating additional hives nearby.

One way to attract bees out of their hive is by giving them something sweet to eat. This could include flowers or other sweet items like sugar water or honey blocks, which will draw the bees away from their current location and into yours.

You can also create another beehive near your existing one; this will provide more space for the bees to explore and increase the chances of drawing them away from where they currently reside.

The next step is making sure you approach the beehive safely so you don’t get stung. Wear protective gear like gloves and long sleeves, and keep some distance between yourself and the nest when attempting to remove the bees. Additionally, it’s best to do this during daylight hours when most of the bees are active and working on collecting pollen outside of their hive.

How To Safely Approach The Beehive

When approaching a beehive in Minecraft, caution is of the utmost importance. It’s not as easy as just walking up and grabbing whatever you need. If you’re not careful, you could get hurt or worse – have an angry swarm of bees after you! Here are some tips for safely approaching a beehive:

First, ensure that your armor is on and your weapon is equipped. There is no way of knowing how many bees there may be inside the hive, so it’s always best to come prepared with protection from their stingers. Also, don’t forget to bring a pair of Shears; these will help you remove any bees blocking the entrance without harm.

Second, approach the hive slowly and cautiously – keep at least five blocks from its entrance. This will give the bees time to settle down before entering the area.

Also, ensure that there isn’t anything near or around the hive which can attract them; this includes food sources like crops or animals nearby.

Finally, if possible, build a wall between yourself and the hive while collecting honeycomb and honey. Doing so will provide extra protection against any unexpected swarms that may arise during your harvesting process. A little bit of preparation goes a long way when gathering items safely in Minecraft!

Collecting Honey And Honeycomb

Now that you’ve successfully removed the bees from your hive, it’s time to collect some honey and honeycombs! To start, make sure you wear protective clothing when harvesting.

You don’t want any stings. Next, locate a mature bee nest with plenty of honey-filled combs. A honeycomb is typically found at the top or lower level of the hive. Be gentle as you remove the comb; if done improperly, it could cause damage to the bee population in your area.

Once you have harvested the combs, place them in an airtight container like a Mason jar. This will help keep the honey fresh until you’re ready to use it. To extract the honey from each comb, use either a mechanical separator or a cut-comb method.

The former involves using a centrifugal force while spinning; this helps separate out all of the wax and impurities, leaving behind pure honey for consumption.

Alternatively, you can use the cut-comb method, which entails cutting off pieces of wax containing raw liquid honey and placing them into another container before straining out any remaining particles through cheesecloth or a sieve.

With these two methods, you’ll be able to easily harvest delicious natural honey from your hive without harming any of its inhabitants! Now let’s move on to taming bees and expanding your beekeeping skills…

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Taming Bees And Expanding Your Beekeeping

Taming bees in Minecraft is a great way to produce honey and expand beekeeping capabilities. First, you’ll need to locate a hive and approach it carefully.

When you get close enough, the bees will swarm around but won’t attack unless provoked. You can then use any of the following methods to tame them: breeding with flowers, using a campfire, or singing near the hive.

Breeding with flowers involves placing two types of flowers nearby and waiting for a bee to come to pollinate them; when they do they become tamed and docile towards you.

Using a campfire produces smoke which calms the bees down, making them easier to handle; just make sure not to startle them. Singing near the hive also calms the bees and effectively captures their attention without agitating them too much.

Once tamed, these friendly little insects are incredibly useful for collecting pollen from other plants and producing high-quality honey that can be used for crafting recipes or even eating straight out of the jar! With some patience and care, your beekeeping skills will improve drastically, allowing you to collect more honey faster.


When it comes to beekeeping in the world of Minecraft, there are a few things you need to know. You must have the necessary tools and materials to get started and understand how to approach beehives and attract bees out of them safely. Once you’ve gathered your honey and honeycomb, you can tame bees for further activities.

Beekeeping is an exciting activity that allows players like Steve to explore different farming aspects in Minecraft while forming meaningful connections with nature within the game itself.

So if you’re looking for a fun challenge that will help improve your skills as a player, why not try beekeeping in Minecraft? Who knows – maybe one day you’ll become an expert beekeeper too!

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