How To Fly In Skyrim: Unlocking The Skies On Your Adventure

Skyrim is a vast and beautiful world filled with mountains, forests, and ancient ruins. Exploring this world can be a thrilling adventure, but traveling by foot or horse can be a slow and tedious process. Fortunately, there is a way to unlock the skies and soar above the landscape. In this article, we’ll explore how to obtain and use the flying spell in Skyrim.

Obtaining the Flying Spell

Flying in Skyrim offers several benefits, including the ability to travel quickly, bypass obstacles, and experience the world from a new perspective. To begin, you’ll need to obtain the flying spell. This can be found in a spell tome called “Dragonflight,” which is available at certain vendors and in specific locations.

To find the tome, visit the College of Winterhold and speak with the expert-level Alteration trainer Tolfdir. He will direct you to the ruins of the ancient Nordic city of Labyrinthian, where you can find the spell tome on a pedestal. Be prepared for a challenging journey, as the ruins are filled with traps and powerful enemies.

Once you have the spell tome, you can learn the spell by reading it or by using a spell tome. The flying spell requires a high level of Alteration skill, so be sure to level up this skill before attempting to use the spell.

Preparing for Flight

Before taking to the skies, you’ll need to equip your character with the right gear and choose a suitable location. Equipping a lightweight outfit and boots with the Muffle enchantment can help reduce noise and make it easier to avoid enemies. You’ll also want to have plenty of magicka potions on hand to sustain the spell.

Choosing a location with a high vantage point is ideal for taking off and landing during flight. The top of a mountain or a high tower can offer a good launch pad. Additionally, using shouts such as Whirlwind Sprint or Become Ethereal can help you navigate through tight spaces and avoid obstacles.

Taking Flight

To cast the flying spell, open your magic menu and select the Alteration tab. Locate the Dragonflight spell and select it. Once cast, you will begin to rise into the air. You can control your flight using the WASD keys or the joystick on a controller.

While in flight, it’s important to maintain control and avoid collisions with obstacles such as trees and rocks. Keeping your eyes on the horizon can help you avoid accidents and stay on course. If you do encounter an obstacle, using a shout or a spell like Ethereal Form can help you pass through it unharmed.

Final Thoughts

Unlocking the skies in Skyrim can add a new level of excitement and freedom to your adventures. With the right preparation and equipment, you can explore the world from a new perspective and discover hidden treasures and locations. Taking flight also offers a unique opportunity to appreciate the stunning landscape of Skyrim and admire the stunning views from high above.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can experiment with different flight paths and explore new areas of the map that are difficult to reach on foot. The flying spell is a great tool for speedrunning or for completing quests more quickly.

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