How to Buy a Mortar Strike From a Shop In Warzone 2?

You’re in the throes of Warzone 2, with a hefty $12,000 in your virtual wallet. What’s the ultimate game-changer? The Mortar Strike.

This isn’t just a tool of destruction – it’s your path to triumph. In this guide, we will discuss how you can procure this potent weapon from Buy Station 2.0 and use it tactically to take over Ashika Island.

Let’s reveal the secret to raining devastation on your enemies and completing challenging missions like Death From Above.

In a hurry? Here’s a quick & short answer that will help you out!

In “Call of Duty: Warzone 2 DMZ,” players can acquire Mortar Strikes by visiting a Buy Station on Ashika Island with at least $12,000 cash. Each Mortar Strike costs this amount, and players can use them to complete specific missions like “Death From Above.” The Mortar Strikes can be called in on densely populated locations on the map to achieve kills, aiding in mission completion.

What is the Buy Station 2.0 in Warzone 2?

The Buy Station 2.0 in Warzone 2 is your go-to spot for acquiring items like a Mortar Strike. Each station is unique and offers a variety of items for purchase. You can locate these stations across the game map, marked by shopping cart symbols.

To buy a Mortar Strike, you need a minimum of $12,000. Once at the station, interact with it and select ‘Mortar Strike’ from the available options.

Once you have this potent weapon, your strategy is critical. Utilize it in areas with high enemy concentration or surprise an enemy squad – timing is crucial here! However, keep in mind: Mortar Strikes can only be used once. So, ensure every shot is effective!

Always be on the lookout for chances to replenish your inventory at another Buy Station 2.0.

How to Buy Back Squadmates in Warzone 2

The option to buy back your squadmates is easily accessible at the menu’s peak when interacting with the station. This feature is crucial in Warzone 2’s Buy Station 2.0, offering you the opportunity to revive your fallen team members at a cost. Be aware, each revival comes with a $4,000 price tag, so proper fund management is key.

Essential points to bear in mind include:

  • Team members must qualify for revival.
  • The revival cost remains unchanged throughout the game.
  • You must have sufficient funds before attempting a purchase.

How to Buy Gear from Buy Station 2.0

Purchasing gear from Buy Station 2.0 is straightforward. Locate the symbol on your map and engage with the station to view available items.

Keep an eye on the shop limit – it dictates the amount of items accessible at each station. To make a purchase, select the gear option from the menu. Quality gear can provide you with a much-needed advantage in Warzone 2.

Let’s discuss mortar strikes – they significantly alter the game! They can be purchased for $12,000 and should be used strategically on areas with high AI population or expected helicopter landing zones for maximum impact.

However, availability can vary due to shop limits. So plan your strategy and be prepared to adapt when required – this is crucial in Warzone 2!

How to Buy Weapons in Warzone 2

To get your hands on new weapons in Warzone 2, you need to find the Buy Station icon on your map. This is your source for a variety of guns for sale.

Simply engage with the station and click on the weapons option to see what’s on offer. It’s crucial to remember that each buy station only has a certain amount of weapons, and this stock level is controlled by the Shop Limit.

Here are some vital pointers to keep in mind:

  • The price of weapons can change, so check you have enough in-game currency.
  • Certain weapons offer strategic benefits such as increased range or damage.
  • Buying a Mortar Strike can be very effective for taking out enemy bases.

Mortar Strike in Warzone 2

Understanding the potency and strategy behind the Mortar Strike in Warzone 2 is crucial. This particular item has the potential to turn the tide of the game when used wisely.

To acquire it, you must first secure $5000 (on Resurgence). The availability of this item, however, can change at each Buy Station.

To purchase the Mortar Strike, locate a Buy Station on your game map and interact with it. Go through the options and select ‘Mortar Strike’ if it is listed under the killstreaks.

The use of Mortar Strike requires careful timing and placement. It is most effective when used against a group of enemies. So, it’s advisable to wait until you see a group of enemies before you use it.

This allows you to cause maximum damage from above! However, keep in mind that there may be limits and conditions at the shop that could limit your purchase or use of this item.

With regular use and practice, you’ll become proficient at using the Mortar Strike, enabling you to make a significant impact in Warzone 2.


Here it is – the essential details on acquiring a Mortar Strike from the Buy Station 2.0 in Warzone 2.

Remember, investing your hard-earned money wisely can dictate the outcome of your game. Purchasing that Mortar Strike might appear challenging because of its cost, but keep in mind its immense value when deployed tactically.

Armed with this information, you’re prepared to unleash havoc on Ashika Island!

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