How To AFK In Minecraft Without Getting Kicked? (Easy Tricks)

Hey there, Minecraft players! Are you looking for an easy way to AFK in the game without getting kicked? If so, then this article is for you! We’ve put together a comprehensive guide on how to AFK in Minecraft without any issues.

In this article, we’ll cover the basics of AFKing and provide some helpful tips and tricks that will make your experience with it much smoother. So if you’re ready to learn how to stay online while away from your keyboard or controller, let’s get started!

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Reasons For Afk In Minecraft

Minecraft is an incredibly popular game, enjoyed by millions of players worldwide. It can be a great way to relax and disconnect from the stresses of everyday life.

But sometimes you might need to step away for a few minutes or even hours without getting kicked out of your server. That’s where AFK comes in!

AFK stands for Away From Keyboard, and it allows you to remain logged into your Minecraft session without actually playing the game. This can be useful if you’re waiting on a friend to join your world or if you just need some time away from the screen.

But how do you go AFK in Minecraft without getting kicked? Most servers have an AFK timer that will kick you off after a certain amount of time has passed with no activity.

To prevent this from happening, there are several methods available depending on what type of gameplay experience you’re looking for. One popular option is setting up an automated fish farm which will keep your character occupied while you’re away.

Alternatively, other techniques such as utilizing boats and minecarts can also work well when trying to stay AFK in Minecraft without getting kicked.

Whatever method works best for you, being aware of these tricks will help ensure that your gaming session isn’t interrupted unexpectedly due to being booted offline!

1. Minecraft AFK Pool Method – Best Option

Moving on from the previous section, the best way to AFK in Minecraft without getting kicked is through the use of a pool method. This requires you to build a small pool or fountain and stand in it while playing.

You’ll need to make sure your feet are touching the water so that they do not dry out, which is important because if you get kicked, your character will be moved outside of the area where you were standing.

The size of the pool should also be large enough for your character’s body to fit into; otherwise, you won’t be able to move around properly without being kicked again.

By using this method, you can stay logged in and away from other players while still enjoying all aspects of the game.

The main advantage of this method is that it allows you to remain undisturbed as long as possible. As mentioned before, once your feet leave the water then your character will immediately be removed from the server.

So by keeping them submerged at all times, no one else can come along and disturb your gaming experience.

Another benefit is that when you return after a few hours (or longer) of AFKing, you won’t have missed any progress due to not moving around like normal players would have done during their time online. Instead, everything remains exactly how it was before leaving; allowing for uninterrupted gameplay!

However, there are some disadvantages associated with this technique too – such as having to constantly monitor your character’s position within the pool or fountain every few minutes since even if just one block moves out of place then they could potentially become vulnerable to attack by mobs or other players depending on what type of environment they’re playing in.

Additionally, this method may require more materials than simply standing stationary somewhere since building an entire structure takes up space and resources which might not always be readily available later down the line when needed elsewhere in-game.

Finally, setting up a minecraft AFK Pool Method isn’t difficult but does take some planning ahead especially since most servers don’t allow these types of structures inside their boundaries – so make sure you check beforehand if yours does or doesn’t accept them!

If it does though then go ahead and start creating one today – it might just end up becoming your favorite way to keep yourself safe from getting booted off by someone else who wants access faster than allowed normally!

2. Minecraft Water Bucket Method

I’m sure most of you have experienced the frustration of being kicked from a Minecraft server while AFK. But don’t worry, there’s an easy trick to help you stay in the game without getting kicked out!

The Water Bucket Method is a great way to keep yourself safe and sound while still enjoying your time in the world of Minecraft.

To get started, all you need is a bucket of water and some blocks or items that can be placed down on top of it. Place your items or blocks on top of the water and then right-click the bucket with empty hand; this will cause the bucket to fill up with water.

Once filled, right-click again and place the full bucket onto any other block – this creates an ‘AFK zone’ where players cannot enter nor interact with you. As long as you remain within this area, you won’t be kicked from the server for being inactive.

The best part about using this method is that you’re free to do whatever activities you want inside your AFK zone – chat, build structures, watch YouTube videos – anything goes!

Just make sure not to leave this spot, because if you do so, then chances are high that your character will be automatically logged off by the system due to inactivity.

So next time you find yourself needing a break but don’t want to log out completely, try using this nifty little trick! It’ll ensure that even when AFK, you won’t miss out on any important events happening on your favorite servers. Now let’s move onto another useful technique: The Minecraft Fishing Method!

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3. Minecraft Fishing Method

The water bucket method was certainly a great way to AFK in Minecraft without getting kicked, but fishing is an even better strategy. Fishing can be done anywhere and requires no tools or materials, making it the perfect AFK technique!

You’ll need to locate a body of water, such as a lake or river, and make sure that you have some bait handy – either worms or fish eggs will do.

Once you’re ready to start fishing all you have to do is cast your line into the water by holding down the left mouse button until your rod has been fully extended. Then just wait for something to bite – if nothing does after a few moments then don’t forget to recast your line!

Once something bites you’ll see it on your screen and hear a distinct sound effect; this means that you’ve caught something. Just keep reeling it in until the item drops from the sky onto the ground near where you were standing when casting your line.

This could be anything from food items like salmon or cod, useful resources like string or leather, and even rarer items like music discs or enchanted books! Regardless of what you catch, though, one thing’s certain: AFKing while fishing won’t get you kicked out of any server.

4. Minecraft The Crop Farm Method

The crop farm method of AFK in Minecraft is one of the easiest and most effective ways to stay away from getting kicked. All you need to do is set up a simple wheat farm and make sure your character stays near it.

You can even use an automatic harvester so that your character doesn’t have to actively harvest the crops. Doing this will allow you to keep your character still while they are harvesting the crop, which prevents them from being kicked off the server due to lack of activity.

It’s also important to note that you should always check back on your farm periodically just in case there are any issues or changes that need attention. This will ensure that everything runs smoothly when you’re not around.

Another great way to AFK without worrying about being kicked is by using an auto-fishing mod for Minecraft. With these mods, all you need to do is put down some bait and let your character fish automatically.

As long as you don’t move too far away from the fishing spot, then no one else will be able to kick you off either because of lack of activity or simply just because they don’t like how much time you’re taking up with fishing activities.

Finally, if neither of those methods work for whatever reason, then sometimes setting up a bed nearby can help prevent kicks too. By sleeping in a bed close enough for other players to see it means that they won’t think twice about kicking someone who appears inactive since they already know where they are supposed to be at night.

Plus, this also allows players who take longer breaks than usual (for example during holidays) without having their characters randomly get disconnected due to inactivity!

Transition: While staying afk on servers has its advantages, understanding why it’s important is key in order for players really benefit from it properly.

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Importance Of AFK In Minecraft

At the end of the day, being AFK in Minecraft is essential for success. As the saying goes, “Time spent away from your game can be as important as time spent playing it”.

To make sure you don’t get kicked off while AFK-ing, there are a few easy tricks that will help you stay connected with the game and remain unkicked.

First and foremost, avoid using third party programs to auto click or fish on your behalf when you’re away from your computer. This behavior is usually detected by server admins and can result in getting banned from some servers.

Additionally, try to move around within a reasonable distance periodically if possible so that it doesn’t look like you’re just standing idle at one spot.

In addition to these tips, make sure to keep an eye out for any suspicious activity on your account or anything else that could potentially get you flagged as someone who’s cheating or breaking rules while AFK-ing.

You should also refrain from engaging in activities such as mining valuable ores without permission or trying to steal items from other players’ bases while AFK-ing since this can quickly lead to getting reported and kicked off servers.

Finally, remember that being AFK isn’t always necessary – but when used correctly, it can be quite useful! By following these simple tricks and keeping an eye out for potential issues, you’ll be able to enjoy more of what Minecraft has to offer without worrying about getting kicked off due to idling too long.


AFK in Minecraft can have its benefits and drawbacks. Being away from the keyboard (or “AFK”) for too long can result in getting kicked out of servers or missing out on important events.

However, with a few simple tricks, you can easily stay AFK without getting kicked. The most popular methods are using an AFK pool, a water bucket, fishing, or setting up a crop farm.

My advice is to find what works best for you – everyone has different needs when it comes to AFK-ing! Taking breaks while playing games like Minecraft is essential to maintaining your mental health.

Plus, it gives you more time to explore new areas of the game that you might not otherwise get around to trying. So take some time out of your day to relax and just enjoy being AFK in Minecraft!

Lastly, remember that there’s nothing wrong with taking a break from gaming every now and then; even if it means sacrificing some progress in the game.

Not only will this help keep your mind fresh and engaged but also give you much needed rest and relaxation – something we all need more of these days!

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