How To End Werewolf Form In Skyrim: A Step-By-Step Guide

Are you tired of running around Skyrim as a scary werewolf? I know I was! Sure, it’s cool at first to have all the extra strength and speed, but after a while, it can get kinda old. Plus, let’s be real – the citizens aren’t exactly fond of having a giant furry beast roaming their streets.

So if you’re like me and want to end your werewolf form for good (or maybe just take a break), this guide is perfect for you.

By the time we’re done here, you’ll be able to move through Skyrim without scaring away every person in sight or worrying about angry mobs coming after you with torches and pitchforks. It’s time to say goodbye to your inner wolf and embrace life as a regular ol’ Dragonborn again.

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Werewolf Form In Skyrim

In Skyrim, some players can become werewolves with special powers. This is called Lycanthropy. Becoming a werewolf has its benefits and drawbacks. Understanding what it means to be a werewolf in Skyrim is essential before deciding if you want to cure lycanthropy or embrace your wild side.

Werewolf form gives players extra strength and speed, making them more powerful in combat. When you’re a werewolf, enemies will have difficulty keeping up with you because of how fast and strong you are.

Plus, being able to transform into a giant wolf creature looks cool! However, some downsides come with having such great power. For example, while in werewolf form, you won’t be able to use any spells or access your inventory items like weapons and potions.

There are consequences for staying in your werewolf form too long as well. If others see you transforming or running around as a giant beast, they might get scared and try to attack or avoid you altogether.

This could lead to trouble with townsfolk and guards who may not trust someone capable of turning into such a fearsome creature.

Additionally, when playing as a werewolf character in Skyrim, it is essential to balance the time spent between human and beast forms so that no one becomes suspicious of your secret identity.

With all these pros and cons considered, it’s crucial for gamers who choose the path of lycanthropy in Skyrim to think carefully about their decision.

There may come times when they wish they had chosen differently – perhaps wanting more control over their lives by curing lycanthropy instead of embracing the thrilling yet risky life as a supernatural creature.

Becoming A Werewolf In Skyrim

One must first embark on an exciting journey to gain the wondrous skill of transforming into a powerful creature.

This adventure commences with joining The Companions, a legendary group located in Whiterun. After proving your worth and completing several tasks for them, you’ll be offered to partake in a sacred blood ritual that will bestow upon you the unique gift of lycanthropy in Skyrim.

During this special ceremony, Aela the Huntress will share her werewolf blood with you by slicing open her palm and allowing it to drip onto a stone slab.

With eager anticipation, place your hand upon the same spot as Aela’s blood and watch as your body undergoes an incredible transformation. Congratulations, you can now shift into Hircine’s favored beast – the mighty werewolf.

Now that you’re officially a werewolf in Skyrim, there are some essential elements to remember about your new abilities. Werewolf transformations can only occur once daily without using external aids such as Hircine’s Ring or waiting 24 hours.

To manually trigger these formidable powers, navigate to the Powers menu and select “Beast Form.”

However, beware! While transformed into a fearsome monster under the influence of Hircine’s call, strict control is necessary; otherwise, innocent bystanders may unintentionally become victims of your heightened strength and aggression.

As amazing as becoming a werewolf might seem at first glance, there are even more spectacular benefits awaiting those seeking additional guidance from Hircine himself through his precious artifact – Hircine’s Ring.

The Benefits Of Hircine’s Ring

Now that you’ve discovered how to become a werewolf in Skyrim and joined the ranks of the Companions, it’s time to explore some cool abilities available at your disposal.

One such power comes from Hircine’s Ring, which offers several unique benefits for those who embrace their inner beast. In this section, we’ll dive into these perks and show why obtaining this magical item is essential for any aspiring lycanthrope.

There are four main advantages associated with Hircine’s Ring:

  1. Unlimited transformations: Typically, becoming a werewolf can only happen once per day. However, wearing Hircine’s Ring grants you the ability to transform as many times as desired within 24 hours.
  2. Enhanced skyrim werewolf abilities: With the ring equipped, all your powers will be significantly boosted during transformation periods—making you an even more formidable force against enemies!
  3. Control over transformations: Without Hircine’s Ring, your character may involuntarily change form when they’re stressed or angry; but by equipping it, you’ll gain full control over these shifts.
  4. Optional daily quest reward: Wearing the ring also presents an opportunity to receive small daily rewards by completing quests for Daedric Prince Hircine himself.

Eventually, there might come a time when you want to end your journey as one of Tamriel’s ferocious beasts and return to human form permanently. Stay tuned because our next segment will cover the curing process to help you leave your werewolf days behind.

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How To End Werewolf Form: The Curing Process

Now that you’ve done all the hard work of getting through the Purity quest and defeating your inner beast, it’s time for the actual curing process.

This is an important step because no one wants to be stuck as a werewolf forever. So, let’s get straight into how to end werewolf form in Skyrim.

First things first, we’re going to need those Glenmoril Witches’ heads we talked about earlier. You should have at least one head from completing the Companions questline.

If not, don’t worry – just go back and make sure you finish that up before moving on. With Witch’s head in hand (or inventory), find the Flame of the Harbinger inside Ysgramor’s Tomb.

Now that everything is set up toss that witch’s head into the flame. Your character will then start transforming into their human form – good riddance to werewolf life. But hold on; some residual beast might still be lingering within you.

To fully cure yourself of lycanthropy, approach Kodlak Whitemane’s spirit near the flame after tossing it in the witch’s head. He’ll guide you through fighting your inner beast one last time so that you can truly leave behind your werewolf days.

With this process complete, congratulations—you’re cured. However, there might be other werewolf friends who need help too.

Optional: Curing Other Companions

You’ve done it. You’ve ended your werewolf form in Skyrim. But wait, what about your fellow companions? Remember Aela the Huntress, Farkas, and Vilkas? They might still be suffering from their beastly curse.

In this section, we’ll guide you through curing other companions of their lycanthropy.

Before we start, remember that some characters may not want to be cured at all. For example, Aela the Huntress embraces her werewolf nature and refuses cure attempts.

That’s cool, too; everyone has their own choice. On the other hand, if a character is interested in getting rid of their werewolf side (like Farkas and Vilkas), follow these simple steps:

  1. Complete The Companions questline.
  2. Speak with the companion who wishes to be cured.
  3. Collect a Glenmoril Witch Head for each companion you wish to cure (you can get them during the “Blood’s Honor” quest).
  4. Bring your friend to Ysgramor’s Tomb and perform the ritual by throwing Glenmoril Witch Head into the ceremonial fire.

Your friends are now free from their werewolf forms, just like you are. It feels good to help others break away from the limitations placed on them by supernatural curses, doesn’t it? Now they can enjoy life as humans again without worrying about turning into beasts under the full moon.

So there you have it: a complete guide on ending werewolf form for yourself and your beloved companions in Skyrim. With this newfound knowledge, feel empowered to explore Tamriel without fear of losing control or causing harm due to lycanthropy ever again.

Now let’s think about restoring your human form.

Restoring Your Human Form

Now that you’ve learned about curing your fellow Companions let’s move on to the main event: restoring your human form.

Just follow these simple steps and say goodbye to your werewolf-ness for good.

Step 1Step 2Step 3
Collect a Glenmoril Witch HeadReturn to Ysgramor’s TombDefeat Your Wolf Spirit

First, if you haven’t already done so during “The Cure for Madness” quest or while helping other Companions, make sure to collect a Glenmoril Witch head from one of the witches in Glenmoril Coven.

These witch heads are the key ingredient needed to break free from Lycanthropy. Once you have it secured in your inventory, travel back to Ysgramor’s Tomb – this is where all the magic happens.

Upon arriving at Ysgramor’s tomb, locate Kodlak Whitemane’s ghost, who will await you. He’ll help guide you through the ritual required to cure yourself of being a werewolf.

All you need do is toss the Glenmoril Witch’s head into his fire pit as he instructs, just like when you helped others get cured. After doing this, prepare yourself because things are going to get intense!

A wolf spirit version of yourself will emerge from the flames after tossing in the witch’s head. Don’t panic; this represents your inner beast trying desperately to not lose power over you.

Once victory has been claimed against your wild doppelganger, congratulations – you’re now cured of Lycanthropy and back to being a regular human.

Can I Become A Werewolf Again?

Once you’ve hung up your werewolf claws and ended your moonlit prowls, you might miss the thrill of being a supernatural creature. It’s natural to wonder if there is any hope for you to howl at the moon again.

You can become a werewolf once more after curing your lycanthropy in Skyrim. To do this, you only need to head back to the Companions’ headquarters in Whiterun called Jorrvaskr.

Speak with Aela the Huntress – she will give you another chance at becoming a fearsome beast by offering you her blood as part of a ritual known as “The Gift.”

However, remember that this second opportunity doesn’t come without its limits. After accepting The Gift from Aela and transforming into a werewolf again, be aware that there won’t be any more chances to cure or reacquire lycanthropy.

This means that once you decide to go down this path, make sure it’s what you truly want because there’s no turning back.

So now we know that saying goodbye to our inner wolf isn’t always permanent – just like magic, anything is possible in the world of Skyrim!

But wait…what about shedding fur for fangs? Can one become a vampire after curing their lycanthropy? Let us explore further into these mystical transformations and uncover whether having both powers within reach could be achievable.

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Can I Become A Vampire After Curing Lycanthropy?

So, you’ve cured your Lycanthropy and are no longer a werewolf in Skyrim. That’s awesome! But now you might wonder if it’s possible to become a vampire after getting rid of the beast.

Good news – yes, you can do that. Becoming a vampire is pretty cool because it comes with its own set of special powers and abilities.

To turn into a vampire after curing Lycanthropy, follow these simple steps:

  1. Find a Vampire NPC: You need to locate an enemy who is infected with the disease called Sanguinare Vampiris.
  2. Get bitten: Let this vampire attack you until they use their special “Vampiric Drain” ability on you.
  3. Wait for symptoms: After being attacked by a vampire, wait for about 72 in-game hours or three days for the infection to take full effect.
  4. Embrace vampirism: A message will appear notifying you that you have become a creature of darkness!

It’s important to remember that once you’re undead as a blood-sucking fiend, things may not go back so easily if you want to return to normal life again, like before when we were talking about ending lycanthropy but don’t worry.

There are ways out, too; remember, every choice has consequences.

There are also some drawbacks to becoming a vampire, though, just like how being a werewolf had its issues as well. Some people won’t even talk to you, while others may try attacking straight up; sunlight would hurt quite badly.

And then feeding off humans kinda becomes necessary, which might make me feel a bit guilty at times, but the perks outweigh the negatives, especially since I get wicked rad magic skills & way more powerful than they used to be.

So yeah, turning into a vampire is possible after ditching your werewolf skin and embracing the dark side offers new opportunities, and adventures await!

Just remember, it’s not just about power but also responsibility (and having fun too). Get ready for this amazing transformation, and enjoy your time as a supernatural creature in Skyrim!


Ultimately, it’s up to you whether or not you want to continue embracing your inner beast in Skyrim. Remember that great power comes with great responsibility; being a werewolf can have pros and cons.

If you choose to cure yourself of Lycanthropy, know there are other paths to explore in Skyrim, like becoming a vampire! The world is vast and full of adventure, so whatever decision you make, just enjoy the journey and embrace your character’s destiny.

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