ACNL vs. Welcome Amiibo – What’s The Difference?

Hey there, Animal Crossing fans! If you’ve been keeping up with the series, you know that New Leaf and Welcome Amiibo are two of the most popular games.

But do you really know what sets them apart? I’m here to give you an in-depth look at the differences between these two beloved titles – so let’s dive right in!

In 2013, Nintendo released Animal Crossing: New Leaf for the 3DS platform. It was a huge hit among players of all ages, especially since it gave us more control over our towns than ever before. You could customize your house, decorate your town, go fishing or bug catching — and even become mayor! The possibilities were endless.

Fast forward three years later and we have Animal Crossing: Welcome Amiibo for both Wii U and 3DS. This game took things to a whole new level by introducing amiibos — small figurines which allowed players to unlock special content like mini-games and exclusive items.

So now that we’ve got some background information out of the way, let’s get into comparing these two classics!

Overview Of Animal Crossing Series

Did you know that the Animal Crossing series has sold over 30 million copies since its launch in 2001? That’s an amazing number of people enjoying this fun game! It all started with a single GameCube title, and it was so popular they followed up with two more.

The latest version, Welcome Amiibo, is available on both Nintendo 3DS and the Wii U.

The Animal Crossing games are based around living life in a village populated by animals.

As a player, you move into the town as mayor or resident, performing tasks such as fishing, decorating your house, collecting furniture and clothing items, interacting with other villagers, playing minigames and more. These activities will keep you busy for hours.

Animal Crossing also offers something unique: real-time play. Depending on what time it is where you live that determines when shops open and close or when special events take place within the game world. This allows players to feel like they’re really part of their own Animal Crossing community.

This innovative concept has made Animal Crossing one of Nintendo’s most successful franchises ever created. Now let’s take a look at New Leaf Overview…

New Leaf Overview

Animal Crossing: New Leaf, released in 2013 for the Nintendo 3DS, was a major update to the Animal Crossing series. This game provided players with an expanded town and more customization options compared to previous installments.

From public works projects to new hairstyles and clothing styles, this game gave fans of the series plenty of ways to express their creative side.

The most noteworthy feature of New Leaf is its use of real-time gameplay mechanics; as time passes in-game, so too does it pass within the real world. Players can interact with NPCs on holidays or change the look of their town depending on the season. Here are some key features that set Animal Crossing: New Leaf apart from other games in the franchise:

  • Public Works Projects – With these projects, you can customize your town by adding bridges, fountains, benches, etc., making each player’s experience unique!
  • Special Events – The player will receive special visitors during various times throughout the year who may even give rewards when interacted with!
  • Hairstyle & Clothing Customization – A wide array of hair styles and clothes are available for purchase at shops or through catalogs which allows players to make their character truly theirs!
  • Gyroid Storage – An item storage system which gives players access to items they have placed inside it no matter where they go in town. It also holds mail sent between characters!

Overall, Animal Crossing: New Leaf provided a great balance between fun exploration and complex customization tools allowing fans old and new alike to find something enjoyable about this particular installment.

As such many people still enjoy playing this version today despite later updates being made to newer versions. Now let’s move onto examining what makes Welcome Amiibo different from New Leaf….

Welcome Amiibo Overview

Welcome Amiibo is an update to Animal Crossing: New Leaf that adds a ton of new features and content. It’s like hitting the reset button on your game, with plenty of surprises in store!

To kick things off, you can now invite villagers from other versions of Animal Crossing into your town using amiibo cards or figures. You can even use existing amiibo figures for special furniture items within your home. This gives players unprecedented freedom to customize their towns however they want.

Adding onto this, Welcome Amiibo also introduces the campground – a public space where visitors arrive every day in search of something new.

Players have the chance to chat with them, trade items, and more all while building relationships! The campground also provides access to mini-games that help increase friendship levels and unlock rewards such as clothing, tools, and even rare fossils.

The update brings several exciting additions to gameplay mechanics as well; most notably being the ability to craft furniture and clothing pieces by collecting materials around town or trading with villagers.

Plus there are extra shops like a garden center, animal hospital, and museum shop for obtaining exclusive items not found anywhere else!

Finally, brand-new characters move into town offering unique services like fortune telling which further enhance the experience. With these updates combined together, Welcome Amiibo offers an entirely fresh take on what it means to play Animal Crossing: New Leaf.

Gameplay Mechanics

Moving on from the Welcome Amiibo overview, let’s take a closer look at how Animal Crossing: New Leaf and its Welcome Amiibo edition differ in terms of gameplay mechanics. The two games have certain similarities but also distinct differences that make them stand out from one another.

Animal Crossing: New LeafWelcome Amiibo Edition
Build your own home/townCreate and customize an RV to travel with friends
Nook’s Homes for customizationAmiibo support & exclusive content unlocks
Kicks’ Shoe Shop for customizing shoesRV Campground where you can meet other campers including special NPCs such as Wisp or Gulliver!
Museum exhibits filled with collectibles

In the original game, players are tasked with building their own homes and even creating their own towns by renovating buildings around town and inviting new villagers, while there is no traveling element involved.

With the Welcome Amiibo version however, players can now create and customize their very own RVs which they can use to explore different islands with friends.

Additionally, Kicks’ Shoe shop has been introduced so that players can further customize their characters through footwear designs.

And lastly, when visiting the Museum – one of the most iconic locations in all of Animal Crossing- gamers will find lots of interactive displays featuring rare items from across the series.

But it doesn’t stop here; welcome amiibo brings something else entirely to the table – amiibo compatibility!

By scanning compatible amiibos (sold separately) into your game you will unlock exclusive content such as clothing options based on popular Nintendo franchises like Zelda or Splatoon plus brand new furniture sets for decorating your house.

To top it off, a new kind of campsite called “The RV Campground” has been added where you can encounter otherwise inaccessible characters such as Wisp or Gulliver who offer unique rewards upon completion of specific tasks.

Now that we’ve covered the changes made to Animal Crossing: New Leaf via its Welcome Amiibo edition let us delve deeper into visual aesthetics and audio design elements which set this iteration apart from its predecessor.

Visuals And Audio

The visuals and audio of Animal Crossing New Leaf and Welcome Amiibo are like day and night. The former is bright, vibrant, and colorful while the latter takes on a more muted palette with an emphasis on subtlety.

New Leaf features classic 8-bit sound effects that bring you back to simpler times when video games were in their infancy. It has an upbeat soundtrack that enhances the cheerful atmosphere of the game.

Meanwhile, Welcome Amiibo’s music is softer and sweeter – perfect for lazy days spent fishing or exploring. Its sound effects are also much improved from its predecessor; they’re clear and crisp without being overwhelming or intrusive.

The graphics have been completely overhauled as well. While New Leaf still looks great after all these years, it can’t compete with Welcome Amiibo’s level of detail: textures look sharper, characters move more naturally, and lighting is used to create beautiful scenes at different times of day. Overall, players will be impressed by just how far the series’ visuals have come since its debut in 2001.

Welcome Amiibo offers a unique experience compared to what came before it – one where every pixel matters and each element contributes to creating a living world full of life.

With this update, Animal Crossing has become even more immersive than ever before – making it easier than ever to get lost in this delightful virtual universe! And speaking of getting lost…it’s time to delve into the wonderful world of characters & villagers!

Characters & Villagers

In Animal Crossing: New Leaf, there are a variety of villagers to interact with. These include cats, dogs, and other animals. They all have unique personalities and can be interacted with in different ways. You can give gifts, talk to them, trade items or even play mini-games together.

On the other hand, Animal Crossing: Welcome Amiibo also has its own set of characters to meet and befriend. In addition to the original villagers from New Leaf, you can now find special visitors like Isabelle’s brother Digby as well as various new amiibo characters who visit your town every day!

Here is a list of differences between these two games when it comes to their Characters & Villagers:

  • Animal Crossing: New Leaf includes only regular animal villagers while Animal Crossing: Welcome Amiibo introduces additional amiibo characters that appear randomly in your village each day.
  • The personality types found among the villagers in both games differ; for example some villager types such as cranky are exclusive to Welcome Amiibo.
  • Special visitors like Digby and Kapp’n only appear in Welcome Amiibo – they cannot be found in New Leaf.

Each game offers its own distinct experiences when it comes to meeting and interacting with its characters and villagers which adds another layer of fun for players looking for something different from what they’ve already experienced before. Moving on from this topic let’s take a look at customization options available in both versions of the game…

Customization Options

In Animal Crossing: New Leaf, players have the ability to customize their character and shape the town as they see fit. Everything from your clothing style and hair color can be changed to suit your preferences. There are also options for decorating the inside of homes, planting flowers in gardens, purchasing furniture items and more!

Welcome Amiibo takes that customization even further by introducing amiibo cards which can summon special villagers with unique personalities.

Players now have the chance to expand their towns with new characters who offer exclusive dialogue and gifts. The game also includes fun activities like fishing tournaments or bug-catching contests where players can win coins or rare items depending on how well they do.

Players will find plenty of ways to express themselves in both games but Welcome Amiibo offers additional opportunities with its amiibo cards system.

With these cards you can invite animals into your town who each come with their own house designs and accessories so you really get to put a personal touch on everything around you.

The wide array of customizations available makes it easy for anyone to create an ideal village tailored specifically to them. From selecting what type of buildings are constructed right down to deciding which outfits villagers wear – there’s something here for everyone!

Transitioning into the next section, both New Leaf and Welcome Amiibo feature special events & holidays throughout the year adding extra fun into each game’s atmosphere.

Special Events & Holidays

In Animal Crossing: New Leaf, special events and holidays occur throughout the year. During these times, there are various activities that players can participate in to earn rewards or items.

Depending on the holiday, different tasks may be available such as fishing competitions during Fishing Tourney days or working together with villagers to complete a task during Harvest Festival day.

Special event furniture is also available for purchase at Nookling Junction during these times.

Welcome amiibo takes this one step further by adding upgradable content exclusive to each holiday. For instance, when celebrating Toy Day, players will find special presents hidden around their town which they must then bring back to Jingle – a reindeer villager who appears only once per game year – in order to receive a reward.

Furthermore, certain characters from previous games have been added into Welcome amiibo specifically for events like Bunny Day or Halloween where you’ll need their assistance if you want all of the goodies!

With both versions of Animal Crossing, players get the chance to enjoy seasonal festivities and take part in fun activities with their fellow villagers.

But it’s clear that Welcome amiibo offers more chances for unique experiences and exclusive rewards you won’t find anywhere else!

From visiting new characters and collecting limited-time items to taking part in extraordinary adventures; there’s nothing quite like playing Animal Crossing: Welcome amiibo during its festive occasions. With that said, let’s move on to look at what upgrades await us…

Upgradable Content

When it comes to upgradable content, Animal Crossing: New Leaf and Welcome Amiibo both offer plenty. In New Leaf, you can upgrade your house with a variety of styles and design options.

You can also customize the outside of your home with fences, flowers, paths and more. With Welcome Amiibo, these same features are available but there’s even more to choose from.

The campsite is an additional feature that allows players to invite villagers to their town or host special events. Plus, the game now includes amiibos which allow users to unlock items and clothing exclusive to certain characters.

The other major difference between the two games is in the furniture selection. While New Leaf offers a wide range of furniture for interior decorating, Welcome Amiibo has taken this further by introducing new interactive items such as fortune tellers and toy sets.

This adds extra fun elements for players who want something extra out of their gaming experience. Additionally, both versions have seasonal items so you can spruce up your town during different times of the year!

In terms of customization tools available within each game, both titles provide similar options but those found on Welcome Amiibo tend to be slightly more advanced than its predecessor’s offerings.

For example, while New Leaf provides various landscaping options like ponds and fountains; Welcome Amiibo gives players access to more detailed structures such as bridges and gazebos.

Furthermore, whereas New Leaf only featured pre-set designs for buildings; Welcome Amiibo enables gamers to construct custom layouts for shops or residences in addition to standard patterns already provided in-game.

Overall, when comparing upgradable content found in Animal Crossing: New Leaf versus Welcome Amiibo – there are certainly some key differences between them that make each version unique yet still enjoyable nonetheless!

With improved customization capabilities present in the latter title plus bonus features like Fortune Teller machines; upgrading one’s village is sure to be an entertaining process no matter what edition they decide upon playing first! Moving forward then let us take a look at how multiplayer & online features fare across both iterations…

Multiplayer & Online Features

Animal Crossing New Leaf and Welcome Amiibo both allow you to play with your friends, but they differ in their multiplayer features.

In Animal Crossing New Leaf, up to four players can explore the town together using local wireless or online connection. You can also communicate with other players by trading items or sending messages through the Nintendo 3DS chat feature.

Welcome Amiibo ups the ante on multiplayer by allowing eight players to connect simultaneously over a local network. You can invite visitors into your town and have them join various activities such as fishing tournaments or even just goofing around with each other.

Additionally, there is a special mode for two-player co-op exploration of an island paradise called Harv’s Island which has its own unique mini-games.

Online connectivity is also improved in Welcome Amiibo. Players can now upload photos directly from the game to social media sites like Twitter and Facebook, as well as exchange images via StreetPass – something that wasn’t possible before this version was released.

There are also new options for connecting to friends over Wi-Fi so you can visit each others’ towns more easily than ever!

The best part about these upgrades? They don’t require any extra hardware – all you need is a copy of Animal Crossing: Welcome Amiibo and a Nintendo 3DS system! Next up we’ll take a look at how amiibo integration adds another layer of depth to gameplay…

Amiibo Integration

Ready to take your Animal Crossing experience up a notch? With the introduction of amiibo integration, players can now unlock exclusive rewards like new items and customization options. This adds an extra layer of depth to the game that will keep you coming back for more!

To give an example, scanning a compatible amiibo character card or figure at the Nook Stop terminal in any town hall gives you access to special furniture based on the character you scanned. You can also invite certain characters from other Animal Crossing games into your town by using their amiibo cards.

The table below outlines some of the benefits associated with unlocking these rewards:

New Customization OptionsLimited Availability
Unique Items & FurnitureCostly Amiibos
Invite Characters From Other GamesScanning Can Be Tedious

Using amiibo integration is an easy way to get more out of your Animal Crossing experience without having to buy expensive expansion packs. Plus, it’s fun trying to collect all the different type of figures and cards available! So what are you waiting for? Get ready to explore everything this feature has to offer!

Expansion Packs

The most notable difference between Animal Crossing New Leaf and Welcome Amiibo is the expansion packs. In New Leaf, players can purchase additional content to customize their game with new items and characters.

This includes a variety of costumes, furniture sets, hairstyles, accessories, buildings, and other decorative elements. Players also have access to special events like birthday parties and fishing tournaments that are only available through this extra content.

Welcome Amiibo introduces yet another type of expansion pack – amiibos! By purchasing these figures or cards at retail stores or online outlets, players can unlock special rewards in-game such as clothing items or even secret hideaways.

These bonuses often depend on which character you scan into your game so be sure to check out what’s available for each one before buying them all!

Another major addition in Welcome Amiibo is the ability to visit other islands using amiibos. You can invite villagers from your own island over to another player’s world by scanning an amiibo card or figure associated with that particular character.

It adds a whole new level of interaction with friends and family who play Animal Crossing together by offering visitors unique experiences in different towns.

This exciting feature allows for more exploration than ever before! And it really opens up opportunities for creativity as well – imagine designing a dream vacation spot solely based around someone else’s favorite villager! Moving onto the next section about how unlocking secrets…

Unlockable Secrets

It’s like two parallel universes, each with their own secrets to uncover. In Animal Crossing New Leaf, players are in charge of a small village filled with villagers and other fun activities.

But when it comes to unlocking new content, the game is completely different from Welcome Amiibo. For example, if you want to unlock more items or buildings for your town, you have to complete specific tasks or collect special cards – something that isn’t possible in Welcome Amiibo.

On the other hand, Welcome Amiibo offers up an entirely different approach. Instead of having to do certain things to unlock rewards, players can instead purchase amiibo cards at select stores which grant them access to exclusive characters and features within the game. This makes discovering new places and people much easier than ever before!

The differences between these games don’t stop there either. While both allow users to customize their towns with items they’ve collected throughout gameplay, New Leaf requires players to visit shops while Welcome Amiibo also allows them to craft furniture using materials found around the world. Additionally, New Leaf has its own currency system where Bells must be earned through various activities while Welcome Amiibo relies on tokens instead which can only be acquired by completing quests given out by villagers.

The ability to choose how one plays the game is part of what makes these titles so unique and exciting; no matter which version of Animal Crossing is chosen, there’s always something new waiting around every corner for eager adventurers! Transitioning into the next section about platform availability: With such varied experiences available across multiple platforms, Animal Crossing provides hours of entertainment for fans regardless of their device preference…

Platform Availability

Moving on from the unlockable secrets of Animal Crossing New Leaf and Welcome Amiibo, let’s take a look at their platform availability. Both games are available for Nintendo 3DS, but if you’re looking to play them on your phone or computer – that won’t be possible. The only way to experience either game is through the 3DS device.

The two versions also differ in how they’re sold. Animal Crossing: New Leaf is just one game cartridge which can be purchased physically or digitally.

On the other hand, Animal Crossing: Welcome Amiibo consists of three different amiibo figures with cards, each containing its own unique content. You’ll have to purchase all these items separately to get the full version of the game.

Another thing worth noting is that while both titles can be played by multiple players, only Animal Crossing: Welcome Amiibo supports online multiplayer gaming over Wi-Fi connection.

This means you can visit other people’s towns or invite friends over via an internet connection as long as everyone has a copy of the same version of the game installed on their 3DS devices.

In terms of differences between the two versions, there’s quite a bit more than meets the eye when it comes to platform availability; so deciding which one would suit best for yourself depends solely upon personal preferences and needs.

As far as final thoughts go though, keep in mind that whichever version you opt for will still provide hours upon hours filled with fun activities such as fishing and bug catching! Moving onto some gameplay features now…

Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, Animal Crossing: New Leaf and Welcome Amiibo are both great games. While they may have some similar features and mechanics, each game has its own unique charm that sets it apart from the other.

With all this in mind, I can confidently say that these two titles are both worth playing if you’re looking for a fun and relaxing experience.

The main difference between the two is the extra content found in Welcome Amiibo. The inclusion of amiibos and additional mini-games adds an extra layer to this title, making it more immersive and diverse than its predecessor. Furthermore, the fact that new villagers can be welcomed with amiibo cards makes this version stand out even more.

On the flip side, New Leaf does provide a simpler yet still enjoyable experience for those who don’t want too much complexity or distractions when playing. Despite having fewer activities to do compared to Welcome Amiibo, there’s no denying that it is still a great game on its own merit.

At the end of the day, whether you choose one or both of these titles depends entirely upon your preferences as a gamer. All I know is that whichever game you decide to play will definitely give you hours upon hours of entertainment!


In conclusion, Animal Crossing: New Leaf and Welcome Amiibo are two great titles in the long-running series. Both have their own pros and cons that should be taken into consideration when deciding which game is right for you.

New Leaf offers a more traditional experience with its core mechanics of gathering resources and building relationships with villagers being integral to the gameplay. The visuals and audio evoke an old school charm that will put you in your happy place as soon as it starts up. On top of this, players can purchase expansion packs to further enhance their experiences.

Welcome Amiibo on the other hand provides a more modern spin on the formula by introducing amiibos into the mix – allowing you to use them to access unique content like mini games and unlockables. Plus, if you’re looking for portability then this title has got you covered; available across both Nintendo 3DS systems and mobile devices, so no matter where you go they’ll always be there along with your trusty townspeople!

All things considered, either one of these titles could easily take center stage in any player’s library – so time travel back through history or plunge forward into a new world full of surprises – whichever path you choose, I’m sure you won’t regret it!

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